Chapter 1.7

“Hey! Don’t look at me that way.
This is a rare opportunity.
Although it will be hard and tiring, it’s like fighting monsters and upgrading.
You will get in touch with some interesting people.
Besides, you have to change your cold temperament if you want to become a successful lawyer in China.
The legal awareness of domestic clients is not as high as in the US.
Maintaining clients is not as simple as in the United States.”


“Of course you can join us as a partner directly, but I suggest that you still practice in the community for three months.
There is no harm.
You have just returned to China so you should take things easy for a while.
You can also spend more time taking care of auntie.”


Fu Zheng was originally a commercial lawyer in the United States and had a bright future.
From the perspective of his career, he should not have returned to China.
However, his mother was seriously ill, and as the only child, he did not want to have any regrets about his family relationships, so he returned to China.


Although there was a big difference between China and the United States, the commercial world was still the same.
Gao Yuan couldn’t help asking his doubts, “I just don’t get you.
Although there is a big gap between Chinese and American laws, you could still be a commercial lawyer here.
Why do you want to try civil law?”


“Oh, the legal disputes in the commercial field are no longer a challenge for me.
Now that I have adjusted my career plan and chose to return to China, I should simply try new areas and continue to dig out my full potential.”


This sounded completely like “I am unbeatable in the field of commercial law, so I choose a new challenge.” If someone else said this, Gao Yuan would have thought of it as bragging.
However, since it was said by Fu Zheng, it’s just a simple fact.


“Then it is even more necessary for you to go to the community undercover as an intern.
Currently, Yuelan community is our contracted community.
The lawyer in charge there is called Ning Wan.
I suppose the community thinks highly of her.
Although she is younger than you, she has been working as a lawyer since she graduated from university and has rich experience at the grassroots level.
You should be able to learn something and get familiar with domestic situations.”


Gao Yuan added with a smile, “I’m afraid that if I tell her your true identity, she will feel uncomfortable around you, creating a communication barrier between you two.
You won’t learn anything from her if that happens.
Therefore, I concealed your identity.
You don’t mind, right?”


“I don’t mind, but I don’t think I can learn anything from her.
After all, who wants to go to the community as a lawyer?” Fu Zheng sneered twice, “Those who are transferred to the community must be the people whose professional abilities are marginalized.
Tell me, what can I learn from her?”


“You shouldn’t think so.
There is still competition for your place in  the Yuelan Community.
Originally, a young man from our institute applied to go to the community and follow Ning Wan.
However, I used my connections and gave this opportunity to you.
It could be said that I robbed someone of their cherished thing for you, okay?”




“Forget it, let’s not talk about work and talk about something else.
How do you feel so far about your decision to return to China?”


Fu Zheng thought of the scenes that took place on  the train and said sincerely, “Not so good.” He then asked with a frown, “Can someone with mental problems become a lawyer nowadays?”

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