Chapter 1.6

Fu Zheng couldn’t bear it anymore.
If it wasn’t a high-speed train, but just a normal car, he might really consider jumping off.


Fortunately, his mobile phone rang.
Gao Yuan’s call successfully diverted his attention.


“Hello, Fu Zheng, where are you?”


Fu Zheng pursed his lips.
Just as he was about to answer, he heard his seatmate suddenly raise her voice and said in an artificial coy and tender voice, “Aren’t you ashamed to ask where I am? Of course, I have already reached you.
I’m in your heart!”




The sound was transmitted from Fu Zheng’s mobile phone and then to Gao Yuan, who was on the other line.


Gao Yuan never expected for something like this to happen and he was stunned on the spot, “Fu Zheng, are you alright?”


Even before Fu Zheng had time to answer, his seatmate’s loud voice once again sounded, “Yeah yeah, of course I’m fine.
Like you, I’m busy keeping my chlorophylls synthesized recently.
Rest assured that after a few more days I’m gonna bloom as well! The two of us, heart to heart, combined under one love will bloom together! Where are you? I’m coming to you.”




If he hadn’t seen the lawyer’s certificate in her bag, Fu Zheng would not believe that such a person was actually a lawyer.


He felt that he would really jump off the train if things continued to proceed like this, “Gao Yuan, it’s not convenient for me to talk right now.
I will call you later after I get off the train.”


Fu Zheng hung up with a straight face.
He then put on his headphones grumpily and turned the piano rock’n’roll on to its maximum volume.
The effect was deafening, but Fu Zheng felt that being deaf was better than listening to the terrible love words beside him.



Fortunately, the train was fast and it didn’t take long to get to the station.
Fu Zheng almost couldn’t wait to disembark the train and get rid of his seatmate who was full of drama.


Gao Yuan said he would come to pick him up at the station.
Fu Zheng immediately recognized Gao Yuan in the crowd as he walked to the exit.
The two of them were fellow classmates in a civil undergraduate course.
Although they had not seen each other for many years, they still had a good relationship.


Gao Yuan gently punched Fu Zheng as a greeting.


He was enthusiastic and actively advised Fu Zheng about his situation, “In short, China’s legal environment is completely different from that of the United States.
Although you have practiced in the United States for many years, it is very different from China.
Even if you pass the National Judicial Examination, as you haven’t been an intern in China yet, you need to have a year of internship in the institute if you want to practice independently.
Besides, China’s judicial internship may not be what you think.”


Fu Zheng didn’t take Gao Yuan’s earnest and well-meaning advice seriously.
He raised his eyelids and said, “So you ‘exiled’ me to the grassroot level to do internships?”


(T/N: ‘Grassroot Level’ means the most basic level of governance like local government in towns or cities.
You can read more Here.)


Gao Yuan couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “What do you mean by ‘exiled’? You are the senior partner whom we sincerely invited to join.
You are also going to get a salary increase this year.”


“It took me a painstaking effort to arrange this internship for you.
Although community lawyers are at the grassroots level, it is where you can come into contact with the most authentic legal environment.
There are many legal disputes in this area and it’s not easy to deal with them.
It is the fastest training ground.
I have arranged for you to be a three-month intern lawyer in Yuelan (Work) Community, which will allow you to adapt to the domestic living environment and legal environment at the fastest speed.”

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