Chapter 1.5

Director Ji’s voice was just like a wily old fox who was pushing the responsibility to someone else, “I think I have to trouble you later.
Remember, first calm him down with good words.
Don’t refute.
Once you refute, he will become more ill and insane.
Follow his words, coax him and then ask him where he is.”


He advised, “Ning Wan, just think of it as your work.
Don’t feel embarrassed.
You  should say some terms of endearment.
By any chance, if he was stimulated by your indifference, became more ill and caused more disputes, are you going to deal with the aftermath?”




Ning Wan massaged her temples and took a deep breath after hanging up the phone.


Zhang Zichen was a resident of the Yuelan district and was 17 years old this year.
He was usually a shy boy but he inherited a mental illness that ran in his family.
Once he was stimulated and became ill, his behavior was completely unpredictable.
He caused several disputes in the district.
In the end, Ning Wan came forward to mediate and they gradually came to know each other.
After he took the medicine, he was a polite and gentle boy.
However, once he became ill, he became more bold and unrestrained… Previously, he caused trouble whenever he went out but last time he went out and…


Called Ning Wan for wooing her…


Just as Ning Wan was having a headache, a call from the source of the trouble, Zhang Zichen, came.


Ning Wan glanced at her mobile phone.
She first turned on the laptop, clicked on the《Cheesy Pick-up Lines Comprehensive Collection》folder, then took a deep breath as if she would be facing death with equanimity.



Fu Zheng had been regretful since he got on the train.
Gao Yuan originally said that he would send an Uber to pick him up but Fu Zheng hadn’t returned to China for a long time.
He wanted to experience the public transportation and enjoy the ambience of the city.
In the end, he decided to take the train but all the economy class seats were sold out so he bought a first class seat.


At the beginning, the railway station was bustling with activity which brought him a novelty feeling.
However, soon, this feeling turned into regret, endless regrets.
Although it was said that it was first class, the environment was not much better.
Furthermore, there were even those who did not buy a ticket and willfully occupied someone’s seat.
As if it was not enough, his seatmate started talking endlessly on the phone.


“Yes, yes, I really love you.
When have I ever lied to you?”


“Zichen, have I ever told you that your smile is so intoxicating that I don’t need any alcohol to be drunk?”


“Ah? You said you are not attractive? How is that possible! You are, it’s just not obvious.
Yeah, this must be it.
You are so handsome.
How can you have no dimples? I like men with dimples.
If you don’t believe me, just take a look in a mirror.
By the way, where are you? Is there a mirror nearby?”


“No, no, why did I coax you? My biggest weakness is you.”


“Do you know? I want to buy a piece of land recently.
You ask me where? Haha, of course, it’s in your heart and soul.”

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