Chapter 1.10

Ning Wan’s office was always open for the convenience of residents coming for consultation.
By the time the sound of footsteps finally reached her door, she was already looking up with a smile.
When the door opened, she saw a face she had seen not too long ago…


Her handsome neighbor on the train.


The other party was also obviously taken aback in surprise, but then he quickly calmed down, “I’m looking for Ning Wan.”


Ning Wan took a look at the other party, “I am Ning Wan.
Do you have any legal issues that require a consult?”


The other party was surprised for a minute and then looked at Ning Wan again.
He looked calm and self-confident, “Hello, I’m Fu Zheng.”


Fu Zheng? The @̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲ who took Chen Shuo’s position?


This shocked Ning Wan once again.
She had been travelling next to him the whole time!


Because of Chen Shuo’s incident, when she looked at Fu Zheng again, her impression of him completely changed all of a sudden.
When checking out Fu Zheng, she instantly got a bad impression of him, because of how he f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲d̲ over Chen Shuo.
Just look at his clothes, he was dressed like a celebrity ready to walk down the red carpet.
He didn’t even look like a lawyer! He looked more like a gigolo who would begin stroking his hair back coquettishly at any time…




If it were not for him, she would not have lost such a reliable helper as Chen Shuo, nor would Chen Shuo have lost a long-awaited grassroot level job opportunity.
Moreover, the district would also be able to get better legal services with the arrival of Chen Shuo instead of someone with only good looks with zero intellectual ability.
Such a person would only cause trouble, nothing else!


Thinking up about it made Ning Wan really angry.
She decided to take an initial show of strength.
However, Fu Zheng broke the silence before she could even speak.


He smiled at Ning Wan, “Did you eat fried chicken just now?”


There’s nothing wrong with eating fried chicken.
If she was asked by someone else, Ning Wan would even enthusiastically bring out the fried chicken and share it with them.
However, she was

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