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“My name is Marie.
Marie Hausen Requilis.
What about you, redhead?”

Marie, the white-haired girl, Marie, introduced herself as she positioned her buttocks close to me.
Until just now, she was alone, drumming and doing well, but now she was friendly again.

Although the event from yesterday was the result of a misunderstanding, she appeared to have a hot temper but her personality itself didn’t seem bad.  Anyway, she introduced herself first, so I should do it too.

I gazed silently at her smiling face and opened my mouth in a calm voice.

“Isaac Ducker Michelle.”

“Ducker Michelle? You are, as expected, the son of a nobleman.”

“You look like a noble too.”

“That’s right.
I’m the daughter of the Requilis family.

I didn’t ask.
As I thought to myself, Marie gave herself a triumphant response, raising her chin.
She seems to be proud of her family.

By the way, it’s the Requilis family.
They were neither a count nor a marquise, but a duke which was the next-highest status after the emperor, 

I was well aware of how famous the Duke of Requilis was.
When I was educated by my mother in the past, I even learned the history of the Minerva Empire, so it was only natural to know.

Anyway, to explain, the Duke of Requilis was one of the founding contributors to the Minerva Empire.
Furthermore, since ancient times, it has practiced ‘noblesse oblige’ and had a stellar reputation among the populace.

[T/N: Noblesse Oblige refers to the unwritten obligation of people from a noble ancestry to act honorably and generously to others.]

Of course, there were occasions when a bastard appeared, but if caught, the family register was dug up and they were expelled.

‘I wish all the nobles were like this.’

After the emperor, the duke personally practiced noblesse oblige, but what about the other nobility? Unfortunately, that was not the case at all.

In the world I once lived in, there were many people who abused their high position of authority, but this was a world where classes exist.
It was difficult to leave evidence because there were no smartphones or computers.

Because of this, nobles still had a propensity to treat commoners differently.
Even outright persecution could dispel power.

I gave Marie a quick look before speaking.
I made sure to speak courteously and respectfully, just in case.

“You were the daughter of the Duke of Requilis.
I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.”

“…just speak informally.
I hate things like that.”

Marie’s pretty face crumpled when I spoke formally.
As the rumor has it, she seemed to hate authoritarianism.

So I started speaking informally as she wanted.
Marie chattered as if comfortable with that.

“How many books of Xenon’s biography do you have? I only have five.”


I have the draft.  I barely managed to hold back these words as they nearly reached my throat.

I pondered my response and decided to use a lie to persuade her.

“I don’t have anything in my possession, but I know the story.
My mother lent me to read it”

“Really? Well, there were a lot of people like that.
My brother didn’t even lend it to me.”


“He’s a man who takes his stuff terribly.
Even my family hates touching his stuff.”

If it’s her brother, is it the white-haired man who gently comforted Marie yesterday? I glanced at the grunting Marie, and then a question came to mind and I asked her.

“By the way, yesterday, I overheard your brother say that a gang was arrested for hoarding Xenon’s biography?”

“Huh? You didn’t know… Oh, you don’t know.
It’s been caught recently, so it’ll take some time for the news to appear in the newspaper.
Maybe in two days.”

As expected of a ducal family, the speed of obtaining information was unmatched.

When I looked at her with eyes that it was great, Marie shrugged as if she had read my mind.
Her nose was just as high as the sky.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.
This is the most basic thing in our family.”

“But that’s great.
My house is a rural village, so I only have a newspaper to get news from.”

“Rural Village? Puhat.
You’re so funny.”

Deureureuk –

While chatting with Marie, I heard the sound of the front door of the classroom opening.
As soon as the sound was heard, the lecture hall, which was roaring, quickly became quiet.


An old man walked towards the center in front of a blackboard large enough to fill a wall.
His hair was a mixture of turbid gold and white, and his mustache was nicely grown, but he looked somewhat stubborn.

The clothes were exactly what professors were supposed to wear.


Finally, the old man standing in the center of the blackboard coughed and looked around the crowd.
All of the students, including myself, waited for his mouth to open.

When the old man’s gaze moved from the right to the left, his tightly closed mouth opened.

“Nice to meet you.
My name is Beerus Artristan, a professor of humanities.”

His voice was gentle and relaxed, and it entered my ears one after the other.
The professor, who introduced himself as Beerus, bowed his head as the students applauded.

Then he straightened his back and said in his unique relaxed tone.

“First of all, welcome to the Halo Academy, and to literature.
Especially this year, special people have entered the Halo Academy.”

While looking at Rina and Cecily, he shifted his gaze and looked at Marie.
Even if she was not an imperial princess or the demon princess, Marie was a very special person because she came from a ducal family.

“…what do you mean?”

Of course, Marie grumbled when she was pointed out.
Meanwhile, the professor continued in a gentle manner.

“First of all, I’ll tell you what your life will be like in the future.
In literature, you take a common class for two years, but after that, you have to find your own way.
People interested in medicine will take medicine, administration for public administration, politics for politics, and humanities for humanities.
From then on, you can choose the path you want.”

I listened to the professor because I had little knowledge of the academy, especially literature.
My older brother and older sister were all ignorant, so there was nothing they could teach me.

“Well, then you’ll have questions here.
What should I do if I can’t find my way for two years? You do not have to worry.
It’s only natural at your age to wander around without finding your way.
We can wait.”


“Most of the people come to literature because they want ‘knowledge’.
It doesn’t matter if you want knowledge without having to find a way.”

So whether you find your way or not, you can graduate.
Will I just get my diploma or go into it as an intern?

In fact, in a world close to the Middle Ages, ​​such an idea in itself was remarkable.
I clenched my chin and waited for the professor’s next words.

“Today is your first history class, so I’ll ask you a simple question.
What do you think ‘knowledge’ is? If you give a good answer, I will give you extra points.”

The class started at the same time as the first question.
As soon as I heard his question, a quote came to my mind.

‘Knowledge is power.’

If this were Earth, this would be one of the most well-known phrases that everyone would have heard at least once.
However, I did not raise my hand.
Born and raised in South Korea, it was very difficult for me to raise my hand and announce myself.

While I was still, a student raised his hand.
Surprisingly, it was Rina.

As soon as Rina raised her hand, Professor Beerus looked at her and held out his hand.

“Your name is… Rina, right?”

“Yes, professor.”

“What do you think knowledge is, Rina?”

Even the princess of the Minerva Empire seemed to be nothing more than a student for the professor.
As if Rina didn’t even care about that, she got up from her seat and answered in her oriole-like voice.

“I think it’s something necessary for a person to go higher.”

“Hmm… Please explain in detail.”

When the professor asked for an additional explanation, Rina began to bring up the explanations one by one, as if she had expected it.

“From techniques that circulate the mana inside the body, to magic, auras, and architecture to rebuild civilization.
All of this is possible only with knowledge.
Without knowledge, people can do nothing.
I think it will take you to a higher place.”

“Very good.
Applause everyone.”

Clap, clap, clap, clap!

When the professor urged to applaud, loud applause filled the classroom.
As I was clapping along with others, I glanced sideways.

Marie was clapping with a sullen face.
Seeing one side of her mouth pouting, she looked somewhat displeased.

“As student Rina said, knowledge can take a person to a higher place.
But that’s not the answer I’m looking for.
Can anyone explain more briefly here?”

“… …”

Even when the professor asked again, no one raised their hand.
It should, of course, abbreviate the princess’ answer.

If you make a presentation and give a strange answer, you will certainly be laughed at, and if the professor is satisfied, it is a problem.
Because it will be taken in several ways.

‘A bloody class society.’

I clicked my tongue inward.

Perhaps everyone was inwardly praying that time would pass.
It would be more frightening to be caught by others rather than disappoint the professor.
At least Cecily and Marie should present it to have less impact.


As soon as I thought about it, Cecily, who was sitting next to Rina, carefully raised her hand.
She looked diffident and insecure.

Of course, the professor was happy to have another student present.
Professor Beerus opened his mouth with a smile as soon as Cecily raised her hand.

“Oh! I think the name is…”

“Ce-, I’m Cecily…”

Student Cecily.
What do you think knowledge is?”

Contrary to when she spoke confidently, her voice now was quite depressed.
Unlike the speech, her confidence disappeared because maybe she was not sure.


Cecily looked around and patted her chest as if trying to convince herself.
She then rose from her seat and answered in her voice, which regained her confidence.

“I think it is something necessary for people to live like humans.”

It was indeed a demon-like answer.
Professor Beerus also slightly pointed out his face and asked her seemingly interested.

“Can you elaborate?”

As Rina announced, knowledge is essential for a person to advance to a higher place, but I think it is possible only when he or she is a ‘person’ before that.  He who has no knowledge will be a beast without any possibility of development.”

“That’s a very primitive answer indeed.
But it’s great.
Applause, everyone!”

Like Rina, thunderous applause filled the classroom.
I looked at Cecily’s back, who hurriedly sat down in her seat with a strange expression.

When she, who was not a person but a demon, came up with such an answer, it felt like something touching

“Both students came up with very good answers.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t the answer I was hoping for.
Do any other students want to present?”

There’s no way.

After Cecily has presented, there would be no more applicants for the presentation.
I can assure you.

I wish it would end like this, but…

“If there are no more students to present, I will nominate them myself.”

As expected, the professor was similar to those from my previous life.
I lowered my head so as not to make eye contact. 

‘Please don’t catch me.

But the ominous premonition was always true.

“The redhead student with his head down there? The student should answer.”

I blamed my father for giving me red hair for the first time in my life.
It’s a color that stood out wherever you go.

“Hey, I think the professor is talking about you”

“…I know.

I muttered fifty thousand swear words to myself and raised my head.
When I lifted my head, dozens of eyes were looking straight at me.

I wanted to be nervous about what I was looking at, but I stood up with a tight squeeze.
Professor Beerus asked as soon as I reluctantly rose.

“Red-haired student.
What is your name?”

“…My name is Isaac.”

Student Isaac.
What do you think knowledge is?”

What should I answer? I tried to come up with a different answer as much as possible, but only the sayings from my previous life were spinning around in my head.

Now that this has happened, I pretended to be troubled and opened my mouth in the calmest voice possible.

“…I think it’s power.”


What’s that exclamation and why are your eyes shining?

As I mumbled inwardly, the professor asked me in an excited voice unlike before.

“Why do you think so? That’s an interesting answer.”

“… …”

As soon as I heard the professor’s question, I looked at the seats where Rina and Cecily were sitting.

A pair of blue eyes and a pair of red eyes were looking straight at me with curiosity.
I barely managed to open my mouth, feeling the anxiety rising in real-time.

“…from ancient times, knowledge has been used to develop civilization.
Like how to make a fire, how to farm, how to build a building, and what kind of knowledge you need to catch monsters.
This shows that knowledge has more power than strength.”

“You summarized Rina’s presentation.
What do you think of Cecily’s presentation?”

This is it.

Regardless, the professor’s eyes became even brighter.
I sighed and replied as if it was going to be okay.

“…there is clearly a limit to the knowledge that you can get on your own.
So you can interact with people, or you can rob them through fights.
And being human… cannot be defined as one thing, so I’ll stop here.”

I really had nothing more to say, so I sat down without delay.
At the same time, silence fell in the classroom.

I noticed something unusual when the silence fell and looked at the professor.
The professor is looking at me with an expression of appreciation for my presentation.

It was clearly different from when Rina and Cecily presented.

Then the professor exclaimed in an excited voice.

“Really! It was a perfectly wonderful answer! You said Isaac, right?”

“…That’s right.”

“I will give extra points to student Isaac! Please give a big round of applause!”

Clap clap clap!

“… …”

Don’t do this to me.
Damn it.

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