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What are some examples of when time seems to pass quickly? Everyone has different standards, but there are two main cases.

The first is when doing something you enjoy or find fun.
The adage ‘time flies when you’re having fun‘ is accurate in that people lose track of time when they’re engrossed in something.
They may later be remorseful and blame it on a lack of time.

The second case is when someone is stuck in a daily routine.
This case is slightly different.
The process is tedious, but when you look back, you realize how quickly time has passed.

And I am experiencing both of the aforementioned phenomena.
The lectures I wanted to listen to were enjoyable, and the time definitely flew by, while the boring lectures flew by because I was too dazed.

As a result, it seems like just yesterday when I bought my suit with my sister, but it was already Friday.
I didn’t take economics, the last lecture on Friday, so all my classes were over at 3 o’clock.

“Today’s lecture ends here.
I hope you have a good time at tomorrow’s gathering, everyone.”

As the professor with short hair bowed politely, the classroom erupted with applause.
I also responded with strong applause to his excellent lecture.

The lecture I just listened to, ‘Military Studies’, was nothing more than a lecture to get credits, but the professor explained it so well that I naturally became interested in it.
When I asked questions based on my previous life history knowledge, the professor explained things in a way that I could understand.

“And student Isaac?”


As the applause grew louder, the professor called my name.
I stopped applauding at this point and paused.

The professor maintained his unique stern expression and spoke with a tone that seemed to emphasize, “As I said before, naval battles on the sea are completely different from ground warfare.
As the student said, even if there is an ‘incarnation’ involved in the battle, the power that comes from the overwhelming difference in the physique cannot be overcome.”

“Ah, yes.”

“But it was a pretty good question.
How to use command strategy alone to turn around an unfavorable battle situation in the absence of troops armed with noticeable force.
However, a wise commander would not have gone into that battle in the first place.
Well then…”

The military science professor gave a concise explanation and left the classroom.
Even after he left the classroom, I couldn’t help but feel dazed.

‘Then how did they win the Battle of Myeongnyang?[1]‘ I wondered.

The topic I asked about during the lecture was related to ‘The Battle of Myeongnyang.’ It was the achievement of Admiral Yi Sun-sin and a historical fact that no one in Korea could not know.
Of course, I did not explain the historical context in detail, I merely adapted a version of the story to fit this world.
Even at the Battle of Myeongnyang, the Joseon navy was understaffed, but the specifications were excellent, so I didn’t leave anything out.
For this one class, I sat quietly listening to lectures for two weeks before finally asking this question today.

The professor of military science, however, cut it short and concluded It is possible to cause significant damage to the opponent, but it is ‘impossible’ to win—even if the commander is a chosen ‘incarnation’ of God.

‘Did I make the analogy too strange? If that’s not the case…’

Even if Earth and this world are different, it is impossible to discern whether the Joseon navy’s victory was a fluke or if the existence of Admiral Yi Sun-sin himself was beyond common sense.

The original situation according to Earth’s historians was even worse than the situation of the naval forces I described to the professor.
Even though I made the background and the situation a little better just in case, the professor still concluded that it was impossible.

“Why are you looking so serious? Such a naval battle as you described doesn’t even make sense to me.”

While I was agonizing over how to portray it in a more realistic way for this world’s experts to understand, Marie, who was sitting next to me, chuckled.
I put my thoughts aside and looked at her.
Marie raised one corner of her mouth, making a face that told me she wanted me to say something more sensible.

“…Do you think so too?”

“Of course.
With only 12 ships, how can you defeat an armada of over 100 ships? If it were me, I would have cut off the head of the commander who was planning to fight like that.
It’s better to preserve that force and combine it with other forces.
In that case, there won’t be any useless deaths.”

And yet, according to Korean history, Admiral Yi Sun-sin was victorious.
He was half-abandoned by the King and Won-gyun ruined the military he had built with his own hands.
But these words never came out of my mouth.
I just laughed like an idiot and agreed with her.

“Hahaha… As expected, right? It doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“Sometimes you have a geeky side.” Marie rose from her seat as she said so.
I also got up from my seat to return to the dormitory.

“Are you going back?” Rina, who was sitting behind us, asked softly as we rose from our seats.
Also, Cecily, by the way, was sitting next to Rina.

Originally, Cecily had planned to sit away from Rina until she finished reading the 8th volume of Xenon’s Saga, but that was no longer the case.
I believe she read the 8th volume already.

“Come on, you know that Isaac and I don’t take economics.
Why bother asking?” In the meantime, Marie answered Rina with a harsh tone.
I’d felt it before, but Marie became increasingly uncomfortable with Rina over time.
She acted wary before, but now she was openly harsh.

Rina, on the other hand, simply shrugged her shoulders.
The small smile on her lips indicated that she was unconcerned about Marie’s behavior.

“I’m just disappointed.
I wanted to talk with you guys a little longer.”

“Can you stop saying things you don’t mean? Let’s go, Isaac.”


“See you both at the gathering tomorrow.” Before I could move on, Cecily smiled brightly and waved at me.
As if bewitched by her greeting, I waved back and hurriedly followed Marie.
I didn’t forget to greet Rina while following Marie.
Rina’s smile widened when I greeted her with a nod.

That smile made me uneasy, but I managed to shake it off.

[1] In the Battle of Myeongnyang, on October 26, 1597, the Korean Joseon Kingdom’s navy, led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, fought the Japanese navy in the Myeongnyang Strait, near Jindo Island, off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula.

With only 13 ships remaining from Admiral Won Gyun’s disastrous defeat at the Battle of Chilchonryang, Admiral Yi held the strait as a “last stand” battle against the Japanese navy, who were sailing to support their land army’s advance towards the Joseon capital of Hanyang (modern-day Seoul).

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