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If you were to ask me what I’ve been interested in since being reincarnated here, I’d say ‘History.’

Consider this.
It was filled with new histories, not the ones I had grown up with.

World War I or World War II which changed the fate of the earth had disappeared, and there was no General Yi Sun-sin and King Sejong who overturned the fortunes of the Republic of Korea.

In fact, rather than saying no, it was a phenomenon caused by the planet itself, but it is still very interesting.
In my previous life, I used to look up the history I was interested in not only on the internet but also in books.

So when I was at home, I read novels, and if I couldn’t stand it, I read through history books several times.
Unlike novels, history has clear causes and effects, and although it was subjective, it contains various contents, so it was enough to arouse interest.

‘There are a lot of books in the library.
I want to read them quickly.’

Just like in my previous life, it was Tuesday today, the day after Monday.

While waiting for the history class to begin, I jotted down my notes.
Thanks to yesterday’s mistake, I brought my lecture notes today.

The history of the world, which I had organized separately, was analyzed in the lecture notes, but it was not just the history of a single country.

In terms of past life, it was an analysis of what happened during ‘World War II,’ what battles took place, and who was involved.

And, just like World War II on Earth, there was a ‘Tribal War’ in this world as the conflict between tribes intensified.
This is a major event that occurred exactly 300 years ago, and it was fought regardless of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Beastmen, or Demons.

‘It’s hard to analyze because it’s a war between races and not between humans.’

Despite having superior abilities to other races, elves are often self-sufficient due to their unique ideology of selection, ignorance, and arrogance.

The reason the dwarves sided with humans was simple.
Because the human population was overwhelming, they bought the most Dwarf weapons and had a strained relationship with the elves.

At that time, the beastmen were treated as a slave by humans and allied themselves with the elves, while the demons were divided into two factions, ‘Anger’ and ‘Temperance’, and fired magic at each other.

What the two races had in common was that they had suffered great damage from humans.
After that, the relationship between humans and beastmen deteriorated further, and even after the generation of elves changed, they were still on the wrong side.

But, of course, the most complex of these were human beings.
Although it may seem like they were colluding on the outside, there were many cases where all kinds of politics and conspiracy tricks were rampant on the inside, and there they ate their own flesh.

In addition, a ‘Hero’ who always appears in difficult times appeared and made a mark in history.

‘Each race suffered significant damage, but the Dwarfs, unsurprisingly, benefited the most.
Because they made a lot of money and had few casualties.’

What if the other race touched Dwarves? Perhaps the tribal war would have very likely tilted to one side, and not ended with a draw with scars.

‘But what the hell happened to the elf that collapsed on its own? Did I look down on them too much?’

There were several large-scale battles in the tribal war, and there are books containing the process leading up to the battle.
As I read these books,  I couldn’t help but have a lot of questions.

Unfortunately, however, most of the history books I read were written from a human point of view, so all sorts of speculations abounded, and I couldn’t figure out why the elves collapsed.
However, it was clear that it was related to the generational change that occurred immediately after the end of the war.

‘That’s probably why Aiker, who was the main force of the elves, was suddenly arrested.
Anyway, no matter where you go, the old man is the problem.’

After 10 long years, the war came to an end.
Since the war had been going on for 10 years, with the exception of the Dwarves, there was enormous damage.
In particular, on the human side, some kingdoms could not overcome financial difficulties and went bankrupt or were absorbed by the Minerva Empire.

The war between races was over, but the war between humans was not over.

‘If you look at it this way, it means that all places where humans live are the same.’

Just as the Cold War broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II ended in my previous life, this world had gone through a similar process.
The only difference is that magic developed rapidly, and not science or engineering.

The problem is that it has developed at this level now.
In the past, you can roughly see how high-order abilities were in magic.
Humans would have literally only been able to use the chosen ones.




While my concentration was slightly disrupted by my concerns, I belatedly noticed that someone was staring at me.
I raised my head slowly, taking my gaze away from the notebook.

I was finally able to reach the face beyond the slim waistline and the chest that reveals my presence, and I met the green eyes full of curiosity beyond the round glasses.
I blinked before I could make out who the face was.


Professor Elena Heavensinger, the Professor in charge of History.

Professor Elena was a beautiful woman with light green hair tied up and wearing glasses, giving off an intelligent image, but her biggest feature was her long, elongated ears.

As you may have realized by this time, Professor Elena was an ‘Elf’, a race known to be the incarnation of beauty and chosen by God among various races.

You might ask why the Elves are at Halo Academy, but it’s not really that strange.
As I said before, a generational change took place in the Elves after the Tribal War, and that generational change included active exchanges with other races.

That’s why she’s able to work as a professor at Halo Academy.
In addition to Professor Elena, there are also Elf freshmen and a Professor in Martial Arts but unfortunately, there are no Elf freshmen in Literature.

“Did you write all of this?”

Professor Elena pointed to the notebook and asked me while I was blinking to grasp the situation.
I moved my gaze along the finger she pointed.

Perhaps because of my concentration, I didn’t even know who was watching right in front of me.
Still, it wasn’t a note about Xenon’s Saga, so there was no big problem.

I nodded my head to answer her question.
Professor Elena looked back and forth between my notebook and me with her hand on her chin, then she quietly opened her mouth.

“Can you show it to me for a minute?”


I gave her the note and checked the time, and there were about 10 minutes left until class started.
She came about 20 minutes early last week too, so there’s nothing particularly strange about it.
It just makes me a little embarrassed to show interest in my notes.

While I waited with a bit of trepidation, Professor Elena looked at my notebook carefully.
She occasionally rolled her eyes or caressed her chin, as if she was thinking about something.

After that, Professor Elena, who read through the last page, came up with a brief critique.

“The analysis is pretty well done.
The situation between each race is well explained within the framework of the tribal war, and the cause and effect are clear.
Wouldn’t it be good to submit it as a thesis?”

Professor Elena, who was giving the critique, corrected it with an ‘Ah’ as if she realized something too late.

This isn’t written in the form of a thesis in the first place, right? And yet, this is incredible.
You’re really good at writing.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“Isaac, right? Who taught you these things? Your writing skills are unusual.”

Professor Elena asked me, pointing a finger at the notebook.
I pondered on what to answer and came up with an answer as if embarrassed.

“I learned it myself.”



I can’t even talk about what I learned at the university in my previous life.
Elena nodded her head at my answer, and she opened her mouth in a voice of surprise.

“Last week and today, sitting in the front row, it seems that you are very interested in history?”

“It’s fun.”

If nothing else, these words were sincere.
I liked history in my previous life, but now the more I dig into it, the more stories come out, stimulating my imagination.

Professor Elena also looked at me with a curious expression as if she could sense the sincerity in my answer.

“Wait a minute.”

She returned the notebook to me and left the classroom with only those words.
For a moment, I was able to come to my senses with the voice I heard from the left.

“Seeing that the professor also praised him, I guess Isaac has excellent writing skills.

It was Rina.
She was staring at me with her chin resting on her hands, her blue eyes full of interest.

I flinched slightly at her question for a moment, then smiled awkwardly as I stroked the pen-hook protruding from my middle finger.
Rina smiled brightly at my foolish laugh.

“Does Isaac know the history of us demons as well?”

This time on the right.
Following the voice, I shifted my gaze to meet red eyes that were the perfect opposite of Rina’s.
Cecily, of course.

I listened to her question, pondered it, then shook my head.

Unfortunately, the demons maintained a closed stance until the publication of Xenon’s Saga, so there was very little information.

Even if there were history books about demons, they were all from a human point of view, so it was very subjective.

I don’t know much about it, except for the indiscriminate massacre of demons during the founding process of the Kingdom and the Savior Church.
As you know, demons hardly ever interacted with the outside world until a few years ago.”

“Um… well that’s right too.
So can I bring some books? I can ask father later.”


I looked at Cecily, eyes wide open at her unexpected favor.
Cecily grinned at my reaction and opened her mouth with her playful tone.

“Of course.
Instead, there is one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Call me Big Sister.”

{T/N:- more like Noona.
And if you have read Pornhwas, you would know this doesn’t stop MC from doing all that stuff.}


While I was dumbfounded by her absurd conditions, Cecily pressed on to me while still maintaining a playful tone.

As she pressed on, I couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment.

“Big Sister, Try.
Why? Are you shy?”

“Sister Cecily.”


“Did you?”

Now it was Cecily’s turn to panic.
I’m not sure what kind of reaction she wanted to get from me, but I’m used to calling people older than me brother or sister.

{T/N:- now that’s an Uno Reverse.}

What’s difficult when you already have a brother and sister?

Cecily pouted after my simple answer, putting on an expression that wasn’t like this.
Then she turned her head around, grumbling, clicking her tongue.

It’s not funny.
Come to think of it, didn’t you say you have a real sister?”


While Cecily grumbled, Rina, watching the situation, let out a small laugh.  She was natural, but there was no reason Cecily couldn’t hear it.

“Huh? Rina.
You’re also laughing at me?”

“No? Maybe Cecily heard it wrong?”

“I don’t think so…”

I waited for Professor Elena to come while the two women between me chatted.
For your information, the reason Marie wasn’t in the classroom when Rina and Cecily were already there was that she hates history.
She trembles when it comes to history.

Even that Jackson guy, who tried to insult me in the humanities class yesterday, wasn’t here.
Obviously, History was boring, and unless you’re interested, it’s the same everywhere.
Maybe that’s why there were only about 30 people sitting in the classroom.

Here’s the book.”

“…What is this?”

After a while, Professor Elena returned to the classroom and handed me a thick book.
It was an old book that smelled of musty paper, but there was no title on the cover.

When I asked her about the book, Professor Elena answered her.

“It’s an interpretation of the history books of the Elves in their common language.
Elves tend to write books in their own language.”

“Huh? G-, really, this is…”

That’s right.
It’s a history book seen through the eyes of an Elf, not a Human.
I also found it by accident in the library.”


I glanced at the worn-out book with twinkling eyes.
Although it looked old and unsightly, it was a more valuable treasure to me than any other item.

Through this history book, I can decide what kind of race the Elves in this world were, and what settings to add to the Elves that will appear in Xenon’s Saga.
I was still thinking about how to describe the Elf, but Professor Elena helped me in a timely manner.

“Thank you, Professor.
What should I do with this grace…”

“I don’t really need the thank you, are you taking another class after this class is over?”

Then she continued with a friendly smile.

“If not, I want to ask if you can come and visit me for a moment.”

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