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I had an unexpected meeting with Leort, but that alone did not hinder my writing Rather, I received momentum and continued the story.

‘Here’s the Earl of Castlerock shouting.
He says that a nation is the people.’

There was one famous movie in my past life – the story of a lawyer who desperately protests for the victims of the military regime.

In particular, I can vividly remember seeing the famous scene.
It was so immersive that I wondered if it was really acting.

‘As Leort said, I’ll get a little bit of hate, but…’

A conflict between Xenon, a commoner, and aristocrats, was unavoidable.
Because the factions that originally held vested interests were extremely wary of someone taking their place.
A story that could actually happen.

It doesn’t matter though.
As the saying goes about carrots and sticks, it will be okay if I show the good side of aristocrats too.

Even more so, if it is a fair criticism, it will be tolerated to some extent.
After listening to Leort’s words, I looked for books in the library and there were indeed satires directed at the nobility.
Although it was a shame that there was no direct critique.

”As for the exterior of the steam locomotive… let’s just draw a picture.
I can draw it in my notebook for practice.’

The episodes of Xenon’s conflict with the nobles were from the beginning to the middle of Book 8.
After that, he goes to the land of the dwarves to rest and get newspapers, and there he meets a geeky dwarf who wants to invent a ‘steam locomotive’.

Xenon helps the geek dwarf invent something that everyone thought was impossible, and after a lot of misjudgment and trial and error, he finally invents a steam locomotive. 

The story of Volume 8 ends by suggesting a new path called ‘mechanical engineering’ rather than ‘magic’.

‘Isn’t this a supply wagon?”

There was no need to explain the importance of supply in all wars, whether on Earth or in a fantasy world.
Even in a fantasy world, the army needs to eat well in order to advance.

You might wonder if you can replace the steam locomotive using magic like teleport or warp without inventing it, but it was impossible.
This is due to the fact that the distribution method of teleport or warp was extremely inefficient and dangerous magic.

It was fine to use it for oneself, but problems arise when you move something other than yourself.
It takes a massive amount of mana to complete, and if it fails, it will disintegrate like a grain of sand.
It is only used in situations that are important enough to warrant such a risk, and aside from that, mostly wagons are used.

‘Except for demons of course.
If you look closely, they are a fraudulent race.’

One of the reasons why Helium, the country of the demons, became a great power that even the Minerva Empire could not touch was because of its ridiculous transportation capabilities.
When other countries use wagons to supply supplies, the demons use magic to ignore distances.

This is all thanks to the ability to use magic like breathing.
To them, magic is more like a ‘power’ that makes everything happen if you imagine it.

Even though I’ve never seen magic before, it sounds awesome.

‘It’s magic…’

I placed the completed manuscript on the desk’s edge and checked my watch.
It was 10:30.
It is better to sleep now, for tomorrow’s sake.

After a quick wash, I threw myself on the bed.
The fluffy sensation was transmitted down my back.

‘Tomorrow there is only humanities, magic, and… anthropology.’

I already had an idea of ​​what major to take.

Humanities, Magic, History, Theology, Alchemy, Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration, Military Science, and International Studies.

There were a total of 11 subjects like this, and if you don’t know anything else, you’ve probably heard of ‘Alchemy’ for the first time.
Simply put, it is the chemistry of the world.

Even on Earth, Alchemy was called the father of modern chemistry, and although this may be a fantasy world, alchemy had greatly advanced.
You don’t have to go far to understand that potions are crafted using alchemy.

‘It’s not as established as chemistry, but it’s still interesting.’

Whether it is an atom or a molecule, it has not been established in detail, but maybe someone will establish it in the distant future.
I looked up at the dark ceiling and quietly closed my eyes.

As classes begin in earnest, I was both nervous and excited.
Taking 11 majors was already a headache, but I have no choice but to work hard to avoid failing.

The fortunate thing is that it is not a relative evaluation, but rather an absolute evaluation.
If I put in the effort, I can get a perfect score.

‘Xenon’s biography… I will only write it on weekends for the time being… all…’

Is it because I was lying on the bed? As I closed my eyes, in total darkness, I felt my consciousness sinking and fell asleep.


When the next day came, I skipped breakfast and headed straight to the lecture room.
Entering the classroom, the sight of familiar faces – Marie, Cecily, and Rina – greeted me.

It seemed to shine on its own as I watched the beauties, each with their own distinct personality, gather and talk about themselves.

Are they all studying humanities together? I noticed something strange while looking around the empty seats.

‘Are there no seats?’

Students sat on either side of the three women.
I was suspicious because no one had been near them until last week.
Even more so when you consider the number of empty seats in the front.

I sat without hesitation in an empty seat, but I returned my gaze because my question had not been answered.
And as soon as I turned my head, my eyes met with Marie, one of the three people who were cheerfully chatting.

“Ah! That’s Isaac.”

As soon as Marie shouted, Cecily and Rina followed and looked at me.
I made eye contact with them and greeted them by waving my hand.

“But why doesn’t he sit next to us… What? When was it full?”

“Huh? That’s right.”

Listening to them, it appeared that they had finally realised what was going on around them.
I looked at those three perplexed people, and my gaze was drawn to the boy sitting to their right.

Was his name Jackson? He was, after all, the one who had been smitten with Cecily and Rina from the first day.
He raised one corner of his mouth as soon as he made eye contact with me.

I could sense the mean smile indeed.
That’s what that guy did.

It seems that he was jealous because the women who had insulted him were paying attention to me.
I’m not sure if he recruited the students or if they knew each other from the start, but it was very pathetic.

‘Are factions forming already?’

He said that he was the son of a wealthy Count, so there is a high possibility that he bought it with money.

‘You’re not a kid, what are you doing… No.
If you’re 17, you’re a kid.’

I turned my head forward because I didn’t want to get caught up in troublesome things.
I want to enjoy a smooth academic life as much as possible.

“Oh, my.”



As soon as I turned my head forward, someone sat down next to me and greeted me warmly.

Marie, the white-haired beauty, was looking at me with a smile.

I blinked a couple of times as she sat down next to me.
She was sitting there.
I wonder why she came here to sit next to me.

While I was thinking about it, Marie said with a sad expression on her face.

“Won’t you accept my greetings?”


Only then did Marie nod her head in satisfaction.
I looked at her and then behind her.

Cecily narrowed her beautiful brow as if she was uncomfortable somewhere, and Rina next to her had a subtle expression.

One last look at Jackson’s side, he was full of annoyance.
I felt refreshed because he unintentionally ate shit.

“What did you do over the weekend?”


“I went around here and there with my brother.
There were many interesting things.
What did you do?”

“I read books in the library.
There were many interesting books.
And I went with my sister to the arena to look around.”

“Do you have a sister?”

“Not only an older sister, but I also have an older brother.”

“So, you are the youngest too? Now I see.”

I was able to talk with Marie about a variety of topics before class.
It felt much more natural talking to Marie than to anyone else.
She was free of authoritarianism and had an easygoing personality, so I could speak freely with her.

Rather, just talking to a beautiful woman with strong characteristics like Marie was enough to be grateful.
Also luckily, the conversation code worked well.

“Didn’t Isaac say he only read up to Book 5 of Xenon’s biography? I could lend it to you.”

Occasionally, there were instances that made me terrified.
Fortunately, it was the expected question, so I was able to answer it with ease.

I was chatting with Marie, not realizing how much time had passed when the professor walked into the classroom.
Beerus, the humanities professor, of course.

“Hello, students.
Then, we will start our classes in earnest from today.”

When the lecture began, the students applauded, as they had done the previous week.

As the applause died down, Professor Beerus coughed and began the class in his distinctive calm tone.

“Last week, I explained about ‘knowledge’.
Then what are you learning in this class? It’s simple.
Just tell me what kind of knowledge you got from a book or experience.
Is it too sudden? Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of time.”

The professor set the time limit to be exactly 40 minutes.
In an instant, the students hollered, but Professor Beerus deftly ignored them.

“Oh, and I’ll give you bonus points if you present a book or experience other than Xenon’s biography.
Of course, I’ll give you extra points if the presentation is great even if it’s related to Xenon’s biography.
However, please specify what kind of knowledge you obtained.

Start! As the professor shouted, the students began to organize their thoughts in their prepared notes or mumble quietly.

I also jotted down my thoughts in a notebook that I had prepared ahead of time.
I was confident because of the many books I had read and the knowledge I had gained from them.

“I… Isaac?”


Then Marie quietly called me.
I looked at her with an expression of what’s up?

As I looked, Marie seemed a little hesitant and then asked with a shy smile.

“…Can you lend me a notebook? I only brought a magic pen…”

“If that’s the case.”

I gladly ripped up a piece of paper and gave it to her.
When I readily handed her the paper, Marie expressed her gratitude with a bright expression on her face.

It was around the time I received Mari’s thanks and focused on my notes again.

“Huh? Hey.
What is this?”


Marie showed me the back of the paper that I had given her.
As soon as I saw the picture she showed me, I couldn’t help but scream inside.

At the same time, Marie asked me with her curious eyes.

“Did you draw this by any chance?”

On the back of the page was a steam locomotive that I sketched yesterday for practice.

{T/N:- I shall pray for our MC.
Talk about raising flags.}

– – – End of Chapter – – –

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