My impression of seeing the newspaper could be described in one word.

Even if something was wrong, it’s been wrong for a long time.

I was just writing a book for killing time, and the world was already in chaos.
In this world, science was not well established, and there was no radio, let alone a smartphone, so only newspapers informed the world of news.

However, the theme of the book I wrote had made headlines in this newspaper.
I couldn’t help but be bewildered.

“Hahahaha! As expected, my eyes weren’t wrong! Good Job! Our youngest son”

While I was reading the newspaper with a stupid look on my face, I heard a loud laugh in front of me.

I took my gaze away from the newspaper and raised my head in a dazed frenzy.

Red hair that had grown like a mane and a well-kept beard.
Golden eyes gleamed like a raptor.

Hawk Ducker Michelle was the name of this middle-aged man who exuded masculinity like a veteran warrior.

He was my father.

“Yes indeed.
I have already told you.
Isaac excels as a scholar rather than a knight.”

A beautiful woman clapped Hawk’s thick arms and made a fuss next to me.

Long indigo blue hair down to the waist and doll-like facial features.
Her eyes were unusually purple.

Everyone would have noticed at this point, but the woman who only appeared to be in her early 30s was my mother, Anna Ducker Michele.

“My Isaac is great too.
Everyone says they are looking for you.”

My mother smiled gracefully as she congratulated me with a happy expression on her face.

‘I’m sorry, Mother.
That doesn’t help me at all.’

The words above rose up my throat, but I barely suppressed them.
Because I didn’t want to ruin this peaceful atmosphere for nothing.

I just laughed awkwardly like an idiot.

“…Can’t you keep it anonymous?”

But shouldn’t there be a last line of defense? In a timid tone, I inquired of my parents.

It was possible because my parents assisted me in publishing my novel anonymously.

I’m telling you right now that I don’t want to get caught up in a noisy environment.
Even the newspapers are making a big deal about it right now, but I have no idea what’s going on outside.

If you want, I’ll do it, but your identity will be revealed sooner or later.”


“Even if your father is a nobleman, he’s just a baron, and with the imperial family looking for you, how long do you think it will go on?”


My father’s explanation made sense to me.
My father was a Baron, the lowest among the five ranks, no matter how noble he was.

Furthermore, my father was a common knight who rose to aristocracy through a couple of serious achievements, making it difficult to say that he was a proper aristocrat.

So, if you’re determined to find me from above, it means I’m helpless.

“But, don’t worry too much.
I understand your worries.
Your father will put an end to this as soon as he can.”

My father softly smiled and patted my head, as if he had read my worried mind.
The calluses felt rough and hard to the touch, but my mind was at ease.

“Mom will also investigate the situation as thoroughly as possible at the tea party.
Mom wants Isaac to have a good life.”


How warm was this warmth? With an emotional expression, I looked at my parents.

The reason why I was able to recognize them as parents were because of this warm warmth.

Then my mother smiled and said to me in a gentle voice.

“So Isaac.
Can mother ask this one thing?”

“What is it?”

“When is the next episode coming out?”

“… …”

“Your mother is waiting for Lily and Jin to get together.”

It drained all of my enthusiasm.

I lowered my head, wistfully looking at her smiling face.

Her emotions were touching, but there was something I couldn’t bring myself to tell my mother.

‘Jin is the final boss, Mother.’ 

There were supporting actors who rode a love line among the characters in Xenon’s biography.
These were ‘Lily’ and ‘Jin’ mentioned by my mother.

For reference, Jin was a demon, and Lily was a priest who was also revered as the next saint.

Looking at it alone, it may appear to be a passionate love line, but in my previous life, I was called a professor at Satan University.

In the final act, Jin will accept the remnants to completely destroy the Great Evil and establish himself as the story’s final boss.

The main character, whose mental state has been shaken, is defeated, but the fact that he desperately seeks Lily through his will is an added bonus.

‘…it’s really fucked up.’

It was okay for my family to read my novel.
However, when I hear it from their mouth, my heart trembles.

Should I change it to a happy ending now? That’s what I thought, but I can’t do that because I have a lot of double-track and bait that I had done so far, making it impossible.

I have time left until the ending anyway, so my life will be stuck until then.

“Honey, don’t put too much pressure on Isaac because he’s going to enter the academy soon.
What if the story goes awry?”

“Oh, writer Isaac? I’m sorry if did something wrong…”

“Oh, come on!”

In the end, when I shouted out of shame, my parents burst into laughter that matched their personality.
On the other hand, my face was reddening in real-time.

“I’m sorry, dear.
Anyway, are you going to enter the academy with literature rather than martial arts?”

My father stopped laughing and asked me.
I calmed my excitement and thought of the academy I would attend in the future.

The Academy, or ‘Halo Academy’, was the best educational institution in the country.

As the best educational institution, it boasts a huge curriculum, just like the universities of my previous life.

It was divided into two categories: martial arts, which emphasized strength, and literature, which emphasized intelligence.

‘Why would I go into martial arts?’

Because monsters existed in this world, there were monsters like tigers, lions, elephants, and other ‘like’ monsters.
And, like the main characters in other novels, I have no talent for raw strength.

In the past, my father trained me harshly to become a knight like him, but he gave up because I was so mischievous.

I prefer literature to martial arts.”

“Hmm….I see what you mean.
Instead, daily physical training is essential.

“Of course.”

I did physical training on a regular basis.
Because physical exercise improved not only physical strength but also patience.

Previously, I was able to concentrate on writing for 3 hours after only 30 minutes in front of the computer.
As a result, I was able to publish one book per month.

However, because I wrote with a pen tip now, calluses were deeply etched, but I didn’t have to be concerned.

“Do you intend to continue writing after you go to the academy?”

This time, my mother asked me a question.
She looked worried that I might enter the academy and focus on my studies.

As a child, it was natural for me to focus on my studies, but my mother, on the other hand, was more concerned about my novel.

It was a bit absurd, but considering the ripple effect of my novel, it was understandable.

“Well… I have to write.
It’s not like I don’t have a break.
Instead, I think one book every month or two would be better, even if it’s short.”

“It’s a shame.
But focus on your studies.
You have your siblings there, so call them if you need to.”


Halo Academy was a must-attend for nobles, and so had my siblings.

However, not only as a student but as a teaching assistant.
A teaching assistant was a position that only a few outstanding students could hold.

In addition to that, they could be said to be among the talents that many knights are already paying attention to.

“By the way, it’s amazing.
Your brother and sister are all knights, but you’re a writer.”

“It must be like me.
I was also quite good at writing when I was young.”

“Then shall we have another child? I wonder what will happen this time?”

“Oh, my gosh.
Isaac? Dad and Mom are going out for a while, so see you in a little bit–“

My parents left my room hand in hand.
I bl

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