Chapter 53 – In Battle


–The Justice Martial Artist is showing hostility.

–Kill her or make her surrender.

Calm down, calm down… Let’s calm down while thinking of prime numbers.
The poor lonely numbers that can only be divisible by 1 and themselves.

Give me courage… Give me courage to get through these troubling battle times…

Just what is this situation though!? Justice!? Martial Artist!? Showing Hostility!? There are too many terms there that I didn’t see before! Please give me an explanation!

“Let’s go! Exploding Hundred Fists!” Something like a golden wave came out of the girl’s hands.

I’m not sure why, but I felt like it would be very dangerous to stay in front of her, so I hurriedly dodged sideways.

Then, the high-class bed that I was in just a small while back exploded.
The feathers flew all around.

I couldn’t see it that well, but I think the girl created an energy wave of sorts, and that is what caused the explosion?

“W-w-w-wait a minute!” I exclaimed.

“Hah!? What for?!” The girl replied.

“Just why are you attacking me!?” I asked.

“Listen to your own heart for that! Lightning-!” The girl started saying.

“Wait!” I said again.

She frowned and stared at me, “Just what is it?”

“Let me just prepare myself for the battle first.” I told her.

“Prepare?” She asked.

I used a string to tightly tie my sword to its handle, “There, it should be okay now.”

“Huh? What are you even doing?” She asked next.

“I’m making sure I won’t kill you.” I replied.

“…Huh?” The girl seemed in disbelief.

Hopefully this can reach her heart and stop this… I really hoped for that result from this action…

“D-don’t look down on me!” She exclaimed.

Seems like it had the opposite effect…

“Lightning Bullet!” As the girl said that, a dozen or so balls of light appeared in front of her palm.

I have a bad feeling about this…

“Go!” As she said that, an almost unavoidable amount of lightning bullets pierced through the store’s window.

I tried deflecting some of them with my still sheathed sword, but I still took some damage.

“Next up… Hungry wolf’s thousand fists!” Before I realized it, the girl was right in front of me.

A dull pain went through my abdomen.
Each of her punches hit me with a bullet-like speed.

Suddenly, I was falling through the window of the second floor of the store.

Luckily enough, there were a few zombies down there that served as cushion.
That, paired together with Skin Strengthening and Bone Strengthening made the damage not be too high.

“Thanks for saving me.” I told the cushion zombies, who only groaned in response, of course.

It felt like they were saying something like, ‘Don’t worry.
Are you injured, young lady?’ though of course, this was just my imagination.

In any case, I brushed the dust off, stood up, then looked at the second floor of the store.

“How about that!?” The girl laughed out loud as she said those words.

“I’ll surrender, so please forgive me.” I said honestly.

“I’m sure you’ll do something wrong again, so no! I’ll hit you a hundred more times!” The girl exclaimed.

There seems to be some serious misunderstanding here…

“A hundred times…” I muttered.

I don’t like this, but… I guess it can’t be helped.

Let’s then spend the level ups I had saved up for the fight against the Evil Slave Master.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Special Sword Skill I

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

–Skill Appraisal

I went inside the first floor of the store and hid.

“For now, show me the job skills.” I told the Hallucination.

–Please choose the Job Skill you want to acquire.

–Attack Power I

–Defense I

–Magic Resistance I

“Effects, please.” I said.

–Attack Power I will increase the attack power of all your actions.

–Defense I will reduce the power of all attack actions you receive.

–Magic Resistance I will reduce the effectiveness of some magical effects you receive.

As expected, the description is about as useful as Magic’s description.

There aren’t many options in this case though.
I can’t get Attack Power because I don’t want to kill that girl.

I do have some six levels stored, so should I put everything in defensive skills?

“Defense I.
And can I postpone acquiring Achievement rewards?” I told the Hallucination.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Special Sword Skill I

–Fighting Technique (Beginner)

Oh, so I can do that! I hadn’t tried it before because I never needed it.

I guess I should separate getting level and achievement rewards from now on… Or well, I’ll do that if I can overcome this situation at least.

In any case, let’s keep on getting Job Skills.

–Please choose the Job Skill you want to acquire.

–Attack Power I

–Defense II

–Steel Clothes

–Magic Resistance I

Ah, a new skill appeared… For now, let’s ignore it and get Magic Resistance I though.

–Please choose the Job Skill you want to acquire.

–Attack Power I

–Defense II

–Steel Clothes

–Magic Resistance II


“Effects of Steel Clothes and Silence, please.” I told the Hallucination.

–Activating Steel Clothes will make your clothes have the same defensive power as a steel armor for one minute.

–If you successfully land an attack with Silence active, you’ll be able to paralyze your opponent’s vocal cords for a few minutes.

I see, so one temporarily increases my defensive power and the other seals magical chanting.

Neither of them seems too hard to use at least.

But well… How do I win this?

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