Chapter 50 – A New Journey


“And because of that, I’ll be going on a journey.” I told them.

It was early on the morning.
We were in the third classroom of the second grade.

Surrounded by adults, I made such a declaration.

“… I see.” Mr.
Asada Gouzou groaned.

I already told them all that I needed to, so there should be no room for rebuttal.

“A voice in your head… It’s hard to believe it.” Mr.
Sasaki commented.

“Same here.” Mr.
Norio said.

“Well… I think.
If you want to, you can still stay here.” Mr.
Asada said.

“But…” I started replying.

“We have all acknowledged that you’re quite special, and we have relied way too much on you, who are still a high school girl.

“But rest assured.
Even if you lose this special power, we’ll still accept you, just like before.” Mr.
Asada explained his reasoning.

“I see…” I folded my arms while muttering that.

Well, even if I pretend to be thinking about it, I’ve already made my decision.

At this point, Mr.
Norio raised his hand, “It’s just my opinion, but I think that if you are faced with some kind of trial, you should face it head on.

“Until now I never thought that there might be some kind of god ruling over this world, but… After hearing all this, don’t you think it might be for the best to follow the will of this god?”

“Hold on, we don’t know if there is any divine will at hand here.” Mr.
Sasaki replied.

Norio just shrugged at that, “It’s fine to just call it an alien or whatever.
The important part is that some type of force is changing this world and giving instructions, so I think it might be better to follow its instructions… For now.”

There were some implied feelings behind his words… It was easy to notice it.
The hatred towards whatever created the current situation…

Isn’t this the kind of punch line that eventually leads to confronting god itself…? I don’t want that.
I want to live quietly.


“Well, in any case, the choice is still yours to make.” Mr.
Sasaki concluded.

In that case, “Then I’ll be leaving right away.” I told them.

“Already? That’s so sudden.” Mr.
Sasaki commented.

Our supplies have already been replenished though, so there is no reason for me to stay here.

“I don’t know what are the exact conditions for a quest failure, and zombies are not a real threat to me anymore, so it’s better to leave already.” I replied.

“Well… Let’s have a farewell party then?” Ms.
Suzuki suggested.

I shook my head though, “No need.”

This kind of gloomy event is no good.

Then, after a moment of silence, all adults stood up at once.

First, Mr.
Asada Gozou came in front of me and held my hands tightly… He didn’t say anything in particular.

After that, I started holding each person’s hands one by one… Is this an idol’s handshake event?

Finally, Ms.
Suzuki Asaka hugged me tightly, “I can’t really articulate my thoughts process, but… Don’t lose, okay?”

“Roger that.” I replied.

“Let me also give you my contact information in case we need to leave the school.” Mr.
Asada said.

After that, Mr.
Norio and Ms.
Suzuki also gave me memos with addresses and maps on them.

“This is a family home of the Hibiya family in the Shiga prefecture.
It’s not impossible to live a self-sufficient life there, and it should be possible to prevent the invasion of immortals in that location.” Mr.
Norio told me first.

“My parents’ house is in Osaka, and it’s a pretty luxurious mansion.
It also has a shelter in the basement, which is probably tough enough to survive even a nuclear war… If you need to, feel free to use it, whenever you want.” Ms.
Suzuki said that.

I nodded, then stood up.

The necessary items have already been put in my backpack.

“Then, I’ll be off.” I told them.


As soon as I went out into the corridor, I met Kimino Asuka.

“Hello, Senpai.” She said.

“We’re the same age, so stop calling me senpai…” I replied.

“But Senpai is Senpai.” The same exchange as always.

Asuka smiled, “Are you leaving?”

“Oh… You heard that?” I asked.

“Of course.
I overheard everything.” She didn’t even try to hide it.

Good grief… The meeting was held early in the morning exactly to avoid this kind of trouble.

“Then, please try finding a nice way to explain it to everyone for me?” I asked.

“Eh? That’s a seriously responsibility.
Ritsuko will strangle me even.” Asuka replied.

While we talked about that, we kept on moving towards the main gate.

“Oh yeah.
There is a steel sword in my room, so please use that.” I told her.

“Ooh! I’m the heir to the legendary sword!” She exclaimed.

“It’s not that much of a big deal… It’s just an ordinary sword.
It’s double-edged though, so be careful when handling it.” I replied.

“It’s still an unexpected gift! Getting up early was well worth it!” She said.

Well, I still did write down at my usual classroom who would receive each gift, so she’d get it anyways.

“There is also a steel gauntlet for Kousuke, the Meat Grilling Set for Rintarou, and some Ninja clothes for Ritsuko.
Can you deliver those to them?” I asked.

“Got it.” As soon as Asuka said that…

–Congratulations! Your level has risen!

Oh? This was lucky… Does this also count as helping others?

We ended up not talking about anything else, and by the time I realized it, I was already at the main gate.

“When will you be back?” Asuka asked me.

“I don’t know, but I’d like to get back home as soon as possible.” I replied.

After staying that, I was about to start climbing over the main gate, but…

“Just stop for a moment!” Asuka exclaimed.

“… Yes?” I stopped.

“It’s a big deal, alright? I just… Need a bit of a talk before saying goodbye.” Asuka told me.

I tilted my head at that, “Even if you say that…”

Asuka seemed to be searching for the right words to say for a bit… For like, dozens of seconds even.

Eventually though, she seemed to have found them, “Don’t die.”

The words that came out of her month were simpler than what I expected.

“Of course.
I have no plans of dying.” I replied.

Asuka shook her head before continuing, “Not that, Senpai.
When I say ‘don’t die’, I don’t simply mean that.

“I’m telling you to prioritize your life over the lives of others.”

“The lives of others?” I asked.

“If necessary, kill someone and live.” She stated, “I’m sure there are plenty of decent people among the survivors in this city, but there might also be some crazy people out there.

“If you are attacked, kill them without hesitation.
I will forgive you no matter what.”

“You’ll forgive me…” I gave a troubled smile to those words.

“Perhaps we have always been like this even before the world became this messed up… Tens of thousands of people die around the globe all the time, and we don’t even think about it.

“But the death of someone close to us is much sadder… When we weight our lives against the lives of others, ours always end up winning, doesn’t it?

“What matters above all else is the life of the people I care about.
I don’t care about how many lives of others you have to take.
Don’t lose.” Asuka’s feelings were coming out one after another… It seemed hard for her to say it, “So…” Her eyes looked really sincere right now, “Please remember that there is a friend who wants you survive even a million of lives are lost in the process.

“They don’t matter as much as you.
That’s it.” Asuka heaved a sigh after saying all that, “I thought hard about what to say to you as my goodbye, but in the end, it was all improvised… Still, I’m sure everyone else feels the same.” Then, Asuka winked and raised her thumb up, “Have a good day!”

I nodded, then jumped over the main gate, “Then, I’m off!”

Our parting words were said with the same ease as what you’d say to someone who was just going to the convenience store for a bit.

“Ah, I forgot to ask for the goodbye kiss!” Asuka exclaimed.

Then, without replying to those words, I left the Miyabigaoka High School.

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