Chapter 25 – Just for today, let’s have a slow life


This is troubling… What do I do now? It’s a bit past dawn, and I’m covered by the electric blanket… My movements are sealed.

This is so bothersome.
I don’t wanna go anywhere.
I want to stay here forever… I really felt that from the bottom of my heart.

I stayed on the bed as if I was tied to it… This is all due to the electric blanket! It’s not my fault!

And because it was too warm right now, I couldn’t expose my skin to the cold morning air… Yeah, it can’t be helped.
I can’t get up right now, I’ll have to stay on this bed reading some detective mangas that I found on the house.

And like this, many hours passed.

Truly, even when the world is ending, reading manga is still fun.
I hope the author is still safe, so that they can eventually finish this story.

By now, my stomach was complaining a lot, so I figured I had to get up to eat something.
I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, taking out the items that seemed like they’d spoil the fastest.

Eggs, vegetables and… Let’s have beef too.
I don’t plan on staying for long anyways… Maybe.

And now, to show the secret technique of someone who lives alone.
Anything can have a decent side-dish taste if you stir-fry it and use the sauce of the grilled meat as seasoning!

Though I also made some miso soup and rice to accompany the rest of the meal.
It felt like a bit too much for breakfast, but my body really demanded a lot of nourishment right now.
I wonder how does this much food even fit inside me, must be the fault of the Auditory Hallucination.

Still… Happiness.
This simple meal is the very definition of happiness.
I really want to stay here forever after all.

After finishing my meal, I went back to bed, napped for a bit, read a bit more of the detective manga, then had a wild idea.
An absurd bold idea that would be blasphemous when considering the current state of the world.

… Let’s take a bath.

While the school still has a fair amount of water, the supply was cut, so everyone is saving.
I was only allowed to shower twice this week, and it was a cold shower… We’re right now at the end of February, so everyone was almost crying while having to shower in this kind of weather, while at the same time being happy for being actually able to shower for the first time in a while.

In those circumstances, doing something as extravagant as taking a bath would be absurd, but… All the more reason to do it.
There’s enough water in the store, even if it was supposed to be used for drinking, so… Yes, I’ll do it.

I used the cassette stove and an electric kettle to heat up the water, then threw my clothes in the washing machine, covering myself with only a towel.

It took a whole hour to prepare everything.
The bathtub was filled with hot water at the same time that the washing machine finished.

While still half-naked, I put my clothes to dry, then went to the bathroom to take my bath.

Ah… This is bliss.
This is the kind of luxury that I might never have access to again.
This happiness is irreplaceable.

And then… There was some strange noise and the lights were turned off.
I must have used too much electricity, because trying to flick the switch yielded no results.

Well, that’s alright.
It’s the push I needed to get out of here.

Once I finished my bath, I made one last lunch with what was left on the refrigerator, wore my clothes, as they had finished drying by now, then secured water, food and whatever other essentials that were available and that weren’t bulky.

It’s been a whole day since I entered this drugstore… Let’s come again at some point.
Deep inside my heart, I decided to do that.

But now, I should go back to school.
If I take too long, some people might try risking themselves to rescue me, and I’d rather avoid that… Kousuke in particular, who has a strong sense of responsibility, might come even before his foot finished healing.

I took a deep breath.
My mind and body were refreshed, and I was glad I was able to stay some time here to rest.
Could this be the bliss reserved to the true allies of justice?

While giggling at this silly thought, I climbed to the building’s roof and unsheathed my sword.

Below me, about a dozen zombies were groaning and trying to find a way inside.

With my free hand, I took out the music sheet with the ‘Song of the Death God’… I felt that I might actually be able to defeat those zombies even if I didn’t use this now, but I’d rather not.
I want to go back to school while being as clean as possible.

Because… Well, I’m a girl, that’s why.

And so, I took a deep breath, spread my hands out as if I was a sword-wielding idol that was standing on a stage, and said, “Everyone, please listen! Luululala, lulalula, die die die and fall into hell, everyone please drop dead!”

… Huh? Why did nothing happen? Did I get the lyrics wrong? Or did it not count as singing because I’m too bad at it?

Absurd! I’m very proud of my loner karaoke singer skills! I sing to myself all the time, there’s no way that this doesn’t count as a song!

Then, the ears of the zombies started exploding.
Lots of blood spurted everywhere, and the drugstore’s signboard was all dirtied up.
Nobody would like to enter such a dirty drugstore.

–Congratulations! You earned the achievement: ‘Terminator’!

An achievement? Is this because I killed too many zombies in one go?

Well, I can check what this means later.
Right now I should prioritize going back to school, so let’s choose the rewards later.

I’m going!

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