o this place for the time being.


I suggested that it would be better to collect the food in the cafeteria and the medicines in the infirmary before completing the barricade, but Mr.
Sasaki seemed to be a little indecisive.

To summarize his story,


“There are a lot of emergency equipment, so you can use any of them freely, but I don’t know if you can take out anything else.”


Indeed, it seems that this school has a sufficient amount of preserved food and disaster prevention equipment, including drinking water, biscuits and cup noodles.

This is not a small amount, and it seems that if there are about 40 people here, they can spend a month with plenty of time.


‥.Well, I don’t think this case will be settled in a month though, it seems that everyone else, including myself, has a common understanding.


Without having to say anything myself, Rika’s dad and Mr.
Asaka told me that I could use the equipment in the cafeteria and infirmary.


―Electricity is no longer available since this morning.

―Some of the stored food will go bad anyway.

―In that case, you should use it.

…They said those.


A curry party will be held in a hurry.


Although our high school cafeteria is in the annex, you can enter it by going down the corridor from the second floor.

The cooking seemed to be done by all the wives consisting of more than a dozen people.


When I searched all over the school building for supplies, the smell of curry drifted around.


At that time, the contents of my backpack were full.


I’ve looted a large amount of sweets.


As expected, I couldn’t go around all the rooms, but I can find a lot by just searching the places that I noticed.

As a self-proclaimed person with high morals (laughs), I haven’t tried to imitate them (because when I go home I could eat all I want without worrying about it from my stockpile), but unexpectedly everyone hides sweets secretly.

In particular, the cultural club room was a treasure trove.

Because I found so many sweets, I ended up going back and forth three times.


“…If the case is settled, I need to inspect my belongings again …”


That is the words of Mr.
Asaka when he saw a pile of sweets spread out on his desk.


I’m sorry everyone.

With that out of the way, I would like to thank you for the sweets.

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