Chapter 10 – Feeling of Relief


After locking the back gate, I and the female teacher went around the premises just in case, and then returned to the entrance.


As a result of that, we found that our high school is surrounded by fences, and sturdy iron gates, therefore the possibility of “zombies” invading is quite low.

It seems that many schools are basically designed to block outside invasion, and it seems that choosing this as the first destination was the correct answer.



Well, that’s why.


I will introduce the survivors!


Though well, no one is so weird.


According to the story, the total number of people who have evacuated so far is 43.

There are many people from children to the elderly who have managed to avoid danger, but it seems that there are many students and their families at this school.

It may be natural, but everyone seemed exhausted and many were injured.

The most seriously injured was an old man sitting in a wheelchair.
As a result of falling down the stairs along the way, he seems to have hit his body, and blood is oozing from the top of the bandage.

Fortunately, thanks to his caring son and wife who take good care of him, it seems that he managed to come this far…


Well, I can’t introduce all 43 people one by one in such a condition, so I will introduce only the main people here.


First, Rika-chan’s dad, Asada Gouzou.

Asada, who I have a slight impression of, is still a police officer.

For the time being, it seemed that the leader of this group was Mr.


Next, Professor Sasaki You.

The teacher was at the school from the beginning.
Thank you for coming to work on the weekend.

It seems that it was Mr.
Sasaki who invited the people seeking help to the school.


And it was Mr.
Asaka Suzuki, a female teacher, who went to close the back gate with me.

At that time, the reason why we did not share our names with each other was because I was “not very interested”.

Though the other side said, “I thought you knew my name.”

Apparently she thought all the students knew her name.

…A little excessive self-consciousness?

Well, that’s fine, though.


For the time being, these three people played a central role, and this community seems to be in order.

Sasaki is an adult advisor.

Asaka is a consultant for children (more than half of the people here are teenagers).

It was Rika’s Papa, Mr.
Asada, who arranged it.



Everyone didn’t seem to have the courage to go out of the school building yet, but it seemed that they were quite relieved because they were able to secure safety on the premises.


After finishing my job, I started to eat the calorie mate (chocolate flavor) I brought with me in the corner of the classroom of the 2nd year and 3rd class, which was a temporary meeting place.

It’s too delicious.

Ideally, I’d want milk too.


Originally, I wasn’t a big eater, but it seems that I was quite hungry because I moved my body a lot today.

Two packages disappeared in an instant.


If you eat something, you start to feel sleepy.


I think it’s a few days at the longest… Anyway, it’s not that much of a fuss.
It should be settled soon.




I was dozing off when I noticed that there was an uncle nearby who was telling his family such things as trying to hypnotize them.





I heard someone’s voice.

When I raised my head to look, there was a little girl in front of me.


“Sister, are you strong?”


Her gaze was focused on the keepsake sword I was holding.

When I was wondering how to respond,


“I apologize.”


Her mother appeared and grabbed her little daughter away.


I finally noticed it.

Apparently, I’ve distanced myself from the surroundings.

Well, because I have a real sword, I think it’s a reasonable action.


I intended to keep my breath shallow so that I wouldn’t get much attention from the others, but it seems I’m conspicuous here.


As soon as I start to be conscious of it, others’ gazes start to hurt.


I pretended to go to the bathroom and decided to sleep somewhere where I could be alone.


I was wondering where to go, and it was my class, 3rd grade, and 3rd class that I naturally went to.


Climb the stairs to the top floor.

The class was right in the middle of the school building.

When I went inside, there was a classroom that I was used to seeing, but looked a little different.

I was wondering what was wrong with it, but it seems that it was the first time I came to the classroom with my outdoor shoes.
It doesn’t really matter now though.

I sat down for the time being.

It is quiet.

It was so quiet that I could see the entire city at once when I opened the window to kill some time.


Black smoke is rising from some places.
It seems that the fire is rising in the distance, but I can’t see the source.

When I turned to the road, “zombies” were wandering around as a matter of course.

The figure of living people cannot be seen anywhere.

Only dead people are walking.


I thought again that it was an unrealistic landscape.

My hand still has the feeling of cutting off flesh and bones.

In some respects, it seemed like I was in a dream.




And then.

From the door, I heard Rika’s voice.

When I looked at it, I could see Kousuke too.

A normie couple appeared in front of me.


“Are you in trouble?”


Rika shook her head, and sprinted around, moving her desk and lining up her contents there.

A box of chocolate and several cans of juice.


Sasaki said that he found a lot of sweets in the staff room.
Why don’t we eat them together?”


“With pleasure.”


Although I had just finished eating, I was hungry again for some reason.

Maybe this is a side effect of the skills I got.


Rika laughed and told me.


“Senpai, did you eat Calorie Mate in front of everyone?”


“So what?”


“That’s why everyone finally realized.
They’ve escaped here and haven’t eaten anything yet.”




While responding casually, I felt a little gloomy as if the gluttonous character had already taken root.


“Though eating right after killing zombies, you’ve got strong nerves, Senpai.”


It was Kosuke-kun who said that.


Kou, choose your words.”


Even though I smiled outside, I was having cold sweat in my mind.

Now that I think about it, it may have been a little insensitive behavior.

In the summer of my second year of high school, as a result of playing too many games without drinking and eating, I had the experience of being overworked and overwhelmed.

It was the result of not making the same mistake…


I take a moderate amount of food and eat.


“Where did you get that sword?”


Kosuke asked with interest.
I don’t have to hide it, so I’ll tell you what it is.


“It’s a memento from your grandfather huh… It’s cool…”


It is unclear which part of my story he found “Cool”, but he seems to be impressed.


“See, sure enough.
Who said she stole it from the yakuza again?”


Rika pouted.


“Wait a minute.
Did I look like a yakuza?”


When asked, the two shook their heads in a hurry.


“No, no.
I just thought you weren’t an ordinary person.
Besides, your ability was too professional… Asaka-sensei said.”


That female teacher, doing that kind of thing behind my back…


Well, that’s fine, though.


It’s not unreasonable to think as such.


“I’m a very ordinary high school girl who likes games.”


“That’s right.”


Rika nods as if she had seen it.

Well, I’m starting to become inhuman since this morning though.


Therefore, I remembered the original reason for coming to school.

Information gathering.

Why is the situation like this?

What is the cause?

How is the country dealing with it?

How soon will the situation be settled?


Unfortunately, none of the questions gave me a satisfactory answer.


After all, they also seemed to be greatly surprised.


I hear that things started three days ago, but I’m just surprised at how carefree I am.

Although the world was ruined outside, I didn’t notice it while I was absorbed in the game for three days.


However, it seems that the situation reached this area relatively recently… around yesterday evening.

A terrifying number of “zombies” rushed in from the direction of Ikebukuro like waves, and by the time they passed by, the city seemed to be messed up.

I hear that it was like a sudden storm in the city.

The two evacuated to the school quickly when the “zombies” appeared in Shibuya, so they seemed to have escaped the difficulties somehow.


Immediately after the outbreak, not few people believed that the “zombie” case was a TV project with bad-taste and doubted it.

In fact, until around noon yesterday, there was a program where the entertainer made fun of the existence of “zombies”.

The feelings are painfully understandable.

Speaking of “zombies”, they are generally seen as fictitious creatures that exist only in the world of American movies or games.

The prejudice was stronger than I had expected, and when I saw “zombies” with my eyes this morning, I couldn’t believe it for a while.


“So that’s it…”


After listening to the story, I was deeply convinced.


“But according to Rika’s father, I heard that the Self-Defense Forces were starting to move as of the day before yesterday.
It shouldn’t stay like this for long.”


There is a reason.

It is a “zombie” that even I can deal with.
Self-Defense Forces armed with firearms will easily get rid of it.

However, there was only one thing I was interested in.


“…What about the ‘dragon’?”




The two looked at each other.


“Did you mention the ‘dragon’ in the news?”


Kousuke’s facial expression became strange.
It’s as if he doubts my sanity…


“Do you mean the ‘Dragons’ that appear in ‘Dragon Quest’?”


It looked a little more rugged than that… If I had to say, I think it looked more like Rathalos in ‘Monster Hunter’.”


“That… are you serious? This isn’t a joke?”


“Yes, I saw it from my apartment this morning.”




There are “zombies” that were considered to be fantasy until now.

Even if there was a “dragon”, it wouldn’t be strange.

It seems that the two people in front of me were finally able to accept that fact.

Their expression was frozen very quickly.


This case is not about to end.


I’m sure it’s just started.

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