Chapter 1 – The Morning of Awakening


-You must survive for a certain reason.

-I will guide you until the day there’s no longer any need for your existence.




It was a winter day when I woke up with a shriek.

It seems I’ve fallen asleep with my legs beneath the kotatsu while holding the video game controller.

I stayed just like that, for around ten seconds.


…Was that an auditory hallucination?


After concluding it as such, I went to the world of the comfortable second nap…

As I was about to fall asleep once again.


*knock**knock**knock knock*


I heard annoying knocking sounds.

I got up thinking it was probably a delivery, after I wore my glasses with sluggish movement, I noticed that the game I was playing before falling asleep (A game where you kill zombies) was still open.

What’s displayed on it was,




That kind of ominous message.

Ah, not good.
Such an ominous thing in the morning.

For the time being, I turned off the game machine.

With the word “grumpy” plastered on my sleepy face, I crossed the 1LDK room to open the door to the person who was persistently knocking on my door.


It’s probably a delivery man.

I casted aside my maiden’s shame and opened the door with a drowsy look.

And then,





The person in front of me was dressed as a Zombie.


“…Oh dear.”



I gently closed the door.


I thought that maybe I saw it wrongly, and looked through the peephole to confirm it.




There, I saw a Zombie that looked more energetic than before.


I wondered if today was Halloween.

I wondered if I had any neighbours who would dress up in such a crazy costume.

That’s what I absentmindedly thought about.



It’s possibly Tanaka from next door.


Not wanting to join an early morning costume party, I secured the door chain just in case, and returned to the living room while yawning.

Even though t

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