Chapter 830 What Can You Make Me Shop For?

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When Su Bei was not around, she often fought with Tang Xinru.
After Su Bei returned, she realized that fighting with Su Bei was more fun.

Perhaps she was destined to be aggressive and predatory.

Of course, she had taken a fancy to the Du family.
It was also because she thought Du Guoshou had helped to resolve the dispute between the Tang family and the Ou family.
Old Master Tang never had the opportunity to mention that matter.
It was because of the small gift from Lu Heting that the matter was resolved, not because of Du Guoshou.

Tang Yue thought that it was because of Du Guoshou, and so did Du Guoshou.

Su Bei’s Jingbei Square was obviously not as lively as Central Square.
The geographical location had already determined things.
It was impossible for it to have so many customers who could casually stroll around.

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However, this did not mean that the customers here did not have enough spending power.

On the opening day, just with Feng Cheng’s craftsmanship alone that could repair all kinds of jade and jewelry, he had attracted countless rich ladies and socialites.

They had already found out that they could repair their beloved jewelry in Ruyi Studio.
They couldn’t wait any longer.

To them, time was nothing.
The most important thing was to repair the jewelry that was most important to them.

When they arrived at Ruyi Studio, they were shocked by the jade jewelry in front of them.

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During this period of time, Feng Cheng had opened up all the raw stones that he previously bought.
Most of them produced the best jade.
Using his unique crafting and designing skills, the jewelry that he made was all of good quality.
It made the eyes of these high and mighty women light up as they browsed through the selection and inquired about the price.

Feng Cheng was still unable to speak, so Zhuo Liping had found two young attendants who were smooth talkers.
They could make the wealthy ladies extremely happy.

On the other hand, Su Bei was sitting in her office.
Lin Yu appeared out of nowhere and sat down in front of her.
“Su Bei, you have so few people outside.
It’s so quiet.
I went shopping at Ruyi Studio just now and found two pretty good pieces of jade.
But where else can I go after shopping there? Those rich ladies and young mistresses can’t possibly just come to this studio when coming here to shop, right?”

“Then I’ll accompany you out for a walk.” Su Bei stood up and made an inviting gesture.

“Okay, let’s see what you can make me shop for.” Lin Yu followed Su Bei and walked out.

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Without waiting for Su Bei to introduce the place to him, he said, “On the left are all the luxury brands.
Not bad, there’ll be people shopping here, but there may not be people shopping here every day.

“The right side is filled with skincare and cosmetics brands.
Customers could come here to buy them, but there’s no need to.

“And downstairs, there are all sorts of clothing and cosmetic brands that are pricier.
But who will buy them?””

As he walked, he commented, “I’m not trying to criticize you, Su Bei.
It’s not that simple to

the guests stay.
F*ck, what is this?” “The vegetables here are all organic.
They were planted naturally and are being specially taken care of.
We don’t use fertilizer or artificial chemicals.
They are natural and safe.
They’re the best ingredients to cook hotpot with.
The taste is also very good.”

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This was the outer area of the square.
Everything here was planted to produce the freshest vegetables and fruits.

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