Chapter 826 Full Of Emotions

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The words ‘Emperor of the Great Xiao Empire’ pulled some distance between the relationship of Xiao Jing and Ni Huang, who were actually cousins!

It brought her even more pain!

Xiao Jing carefully observed her expression.
Ni Huang’s eyes were filled with pain.
It was the sorrow of being suspected by both parties.
However, there was also determination.
It was the determination she had in her heart to give everyone a peaceful and prosperous life.

Wasn’t it Xiao Jing’s dream to bring peace to the people? Han Feng was stunned for a moment.
The current Ni Huang was either Su Bei or the real Ni Huang!

Not only had she completely grasped the essence of this scene, but she had also completely led him into the performance.
This kind of carefree feeling made Han Feng involuntarily indulge in it.
His mood changed, and he no longer used the external acting method.
He became even more reserved and profound.

He finally reached out to Ni Huang, who grabbed his hand and led him over.
They found the trail, and she escorted him to safety.

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Xiao Jing got on the horse he had already prepared and extended his hand to Ni Huang.
“Follow me back to the Great Xiao Empire.”

“You won’t be able to get far if you take me with you.
I don’t want to shirk my responsibility either.
Please just promise me that you won’t start a war.”

Ni Huang’s voice was very desolate as she looked at the fireworks and wolves in the distance.
She also looked at the boundless desert with corpses strewn across the border.

Xiao Jing followed her gaze and was shocked for a long time.

“Go, Big Brother,” Ni Huang said in a low voice.
She called out the name that she hadn’t heard in a long time, and her mood suddenly changed.

Xiao Jing’s heart was filled with grief.
He extended his hand toward her and refused to retract it for a long time.
He recalled that when he was young, he had brought her everywhere to play.
The person he loved the most was this cousin of his.

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Now, he preferred to think of her as a warrior who fought with the rest, a general who had the same dreams and aspirations.

“Let’s go!” Ni Huang lashed the mount with her whip, and the horse finally led Xiao Jing away.

“Cut!” Director Guo said with satisfaction.
“Not bad, not bad.
Let’s do it again, Han Feng.
The part where you shouted ‘Wild ambitions!’ was too emotional.
It’s different from Xiao Jing’s persona.
Let’s do it again.”

Han Feng agreed to it because he was well aware that he had not filmed that part properly.

Su Bei, on the other hand, had obviously given him a huge shock.
A model-turned-actress could actually go into character so easily.
She was really talented.

Su Bei smiled at him and said, “Senior Han, I still have something on tonight.
Please do your best in the next round.”

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Han Feng replied, “Of course.”

He could tell that Su Bei’s ability was definitely not limited to this.
She was probably really in a hurry.
Otherwise, she might even suppress him in terms of acting skills and make him have a bad take.

Han Feng did not dare to underestimate Su Bei anymore.
He displayed his greatest ability and reshot the scene.

As for Su Bei, she easily reshot it as well.
The two actors were evenly matched.
Director Guo was even more satisfied with this shoot.

As this was a group scene, Su Bei also had scenes with other actors as well as scenes with Rong Xiu.
Su Bei did not screw up even once.

Rong Xiu also had a whole new level of respect for Su Bei.

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When an actor who liked acting and had the ability to shoot their scenes well met people who could act with them, it was like playing a game of table tennis or something.
To be able to meet someone who could rally with them was a very satisfying feeling.

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