Chapter 812 Suppressed By The Situation

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It wasn’t easy to have the number of their shippers reduced.
Every time Lu Heting saw it, he would delete the comments from the shippers on Weibo.
Lu Heting didn’t want to add to the situation.

Previously, Lu Weijian and Su Bei’s fan group was also shut down by Lu Heting.

Therefore, very few people remembered that there was such a fan group.

Lu Weijian howled.
“But those people are too much!”

“Contact Han Qiangsheng and the relevant departments.
Immediately!” Lu Heting ordered.
“And book a new restaurant!”

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“Oh, I see.
Brother, you’re the best.
We’ll solve the problem from the source.
I’ll contact him right away.” Lu Weijian understood and immediately ran out to make a call.

Su Bei, who was standing in front of Manager Pang, waved her phone and said with a smile, “Manager Pang, I can leave.
But you don’t mind me complaining to your management, right?”

Su Bei had already written a complaint and sent it to the relevant departments.
She was not angry.
In life, it was inevitable to encounter all sorts of problems.
It was not worth it to be angry at everyone and everything.

However, she would not so casually let this incident go.
After all, writing a complaint did not take much time.
If doing it once did not result in anything, she would write another complaint.
If that did not work, she would make a call.
She did not believe that the relevant departments would just stand by and do nothing!

Seeing how naive Su Bei was, Manager Pang and Han Junting laughed at the same time.
Han Junting said mockingly, “That’s up to you.
Do you really think that he’d be afraid of such things after running this restaurant for so many years? Su Bei, you’re in the entertainment industry.
Why are you so naive?”

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Manager Pang didn’t say anything, but he clearly agreed with Han Junting.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s useful or not as long as I’m happy.” Su Bei put away her phone.
At this moment, she felt that the most important thing was not to fight with this restaurant but to discover a useful talent.

She was referring to Assistant Manager Zhuo Liping who was about to leave.
Su Bei was currently looking for an upright person to help her manage Jingbei Square.

Su Bei had seen many people who were smooth-tongued.
However, it was not easy to find someone who followed the rules and did not fear power.

Han Junting sent such a good talent to Su Bei without any reason.
With a smile on her face, Su Bei did not say another word to Manager Pang and the rest as she walked away.
“You’re crazy!” Han Junting watched Su Bei leave happily and couldn’t help but mock, “I’ll see how smug you can be the next time I see you! If I won’t step on you again the next time, my surname won’t be Han!” Manager Pang also complimented, “Miss Han, you’re of noble status, so there’s no need to lower yourself to the level of an actress.”

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“That’s true.” Han Junting tidied up her clothes.
The Han family had prospered in the past few years, so she really didn’t want to argue with Su Bei.
However, looking at Su Bei’s arrogant and overly beautiful face, she wanted to ruthlessly stomp on her.

‘Su Bei, don’t fall into my hands next time.’

Manager Pang pressed the elevator button eagerly.
Before the elevator arrived, a group of people wearing uniforms and hats walked in from outside the door.
They were all dressed in custom-made clothes, which made the atmosphere look solemn and oppressive.

Su Bei, who had yet to leave, was stunned by the scene.

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