Chapter 800 Not Su Bei’s Handwriting

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Only Lin Yu stood up.

‘Boss, can you not appear in such a place? You’ll cause my fan count to drop drastically.’ Comparisons were odious.
“Boss, why are you here?” Lin Yu hurried over to Feng Ze.

In front of this man, the cold and handsome Lin Yu seemed like a lackey.
“I’m here to visit Da Bao,” Feng Ze said in a calm voice that reminded one of the skies above.

Lin Yu nodded.
No wonder he was holding a small doll in his hand.

It turned out to be for Da Bao.

However, Da Bao did not seem to like dolls.

But who could say for sure? After all, Boss and Da Bao had been friends for a lifetime.
Perhaps they were different when they were together.

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Lin Yu quickly said, “Su Bei is over there.
I’ll call her over.”

“No need.” His calm tone stopped Lin Yu in his tracks.

Feng Ze only sat down and did not plan to see Su Bei.
Every time she saw him, she would look like a little rabbit seeing a big bad wolf.
There was a hint of fear in her eyes.
Rather than seeing Su Bei like that, it was better not to see her at all.

He just had to look at her.

Lin Yu had a lot to say, so he sat down beside Feng Ze.
“Boss, you should be more proactive.
Didn’t I tell you that many times? Why do you always come so late? If you don’t take action soon, Su Bei will really be Lu Heting’s.”

Feng Ze gave him a cold look.

Lin Yu felt a chill run down his spine.
Did he say something wrong? He didn’t say anything wrong.
Why was this man’s gaze so scary?

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Lu Heting was so scary, and so was Boss.
What had he done wrong? Feng Ze picked up the documents for the proposal and frowned while going through them.

After that, he picked up his pen and wrote down a few comments.

When he was done, he calmly looked in the direction of where Su Bei was filming.

Meanwhile, the others all looked at this man at the same time.
They wanted to know his identity, whether he would stay, and whether he would join the cast!

The makeup artist felt that she was about to burst with inspiration.

Su Bei was a little surprised.
What was going on today? Why did it feel so weird? Why couldn’t the crew film properly? What was with these people? Why were they all gathered in one place?

When Director Guo was finally satisfied, she was exhausted.
She took the towel from Xiao Bai and started to wipe her sweat.

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Lin Yu hurried forward.
“Su Bei, come quickly, come quickly…”

“Why are you here?”

“Look who’s here to see you!” Lin Yu had always been more proactive in this matter than Feng Ze himself.
Anyway, he was a firm shipper of Lin Yu and Feng Ze.
No one could stop him from making a move.

Su Bei looked in his direction.
“Who is it?”

She didn’t see anyone?

Lin Yu excitedly pointed at where Feng Ze had been sitting and was about to say something when he turned around.
He saw that the seat was empty.

“Hey, hey…” Where did Boss go? Wasn’t he there just now?

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Su Bei picked up her proposal and smiled at him.
“I’m done.

When she got home, she placed the proposal on the desk and went to take a shower.

When Lu Heting returned, he flipped open the proposal and saw the handwriting that did not belong to Su Bei.

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