Chapter 785: The Secrets Of The Heavens Must Not Be Revealed

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The young man was none other than Lin Yu.
However, he had put on a little bit of makeup, so no one could tell that he was handsome at all.
When he saw Mrs.
Yue coming over, he immediately said, “Aunt, Great Immortal is really smart.
Before this, my dad was sick and couldn’t recover.
It was Great

Immortal who guided me to transfer my dad to a different hospital.
It’s the same illness and the same medicine.
But my dad, who used to sit in a wheelchair, can now walk on his own!”

“Really? That’s great.” Mrs.
Yue believed in such things.
The more mysterious it was, the more she believed in it.

This was Su Bei’s conclusion from the information Yue Ze had given her.

“But Great Immortal is just someone with good fate.
It doesn’t matter how much money is offered.”

Yue said anxiously, “Great Immortal, you have to help me! I’ll kneel down and kowtow to you! You have to help me no matter what!”

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“Since you and I aren’t fated, I wouldn’t give you a reading.” Su Bei, who was disguised as Great Immortal, said.
Her words were deep and unfathomable.
Once she spoke, she carried the aura of an immortal.
“But when you were 20 years old, you saved a cat.
That cat had a spirit, and you did a great job, so

Tm willing to make an exception and give you a reading this one time.”

Save a cat? Mrs.
Yue had already forgotten about it.
Now that Great Immortal mentioned it, she remembered that it was true.

Yue Ze had heard about it once before.
Since Su Bei wanted to dig deep into his family matters, he gave her this clue.

Yue immediately felt that the Great Immortal was capable of knowing this piece of information.
She immediately said, “Yes, yes.
Great Immortal, please help me.”

“Ican help you, but from the looks of it, your glabella is dark, your white hair has increased, and your cheeks are turning yellow.
Your son must be facing a disaster.
Your son is in trouble.
Has he been in poor health since he was young? Did he undergo surgery when he was 17?

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He often fainted when he was 20 years old and gradually recovered after turning 21.
Now, he was over 30 years old.
Although he had recovered and had a successful career, his marriage did not go well.

“The condition of this son of yours isn’t too good! ”

Yue nodded immediately.
Lv Shan and her son had the intention of marrying into the Yue family.
Wasn’t this Yue Ze’s misfortune? This was also the Yue family’s misfortune! Great Immortal was really amazing.
He could tell at a glance even though she did not say anything.

Furthermore, she even described all of the previous incidents accurately.

Su Bei said, “Has your son been suffering from headaches recently? Dizziness, dark eye circles, and fatigue?”

“Yes, yes, yes.
That’s how it is.
He’s troubled and restless.”

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$u Bei understood in her heart that this was not truly the case.
With a mother like her meddling and causing unrest in the household, how could Yue Ze not be in such a situation?

Su Bei said, “He might have a disease that’s difficult to resolve.
In this world, only by finding the person who matches his birth characters can his calamity be resolved.”

“A compatible person? Please give me some pointers, Great Immortal.” Mrs.
Yue was so scared that she wanted to kneel down.

“The secrets of the heavens must not be revealed!” Su Bei said, put away her things, and left.

Yue was shocked out of her wits and immediately called Yue Ze.
“Son, where are you?”

“At the hospital.”

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“Ah? What’s wrong? Are you really sick?” Mrs.
Yue felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.
Wasn’t it all because of Lv Shan?

“No, it’s just a health check-up,” Yue Ze replied casually…

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