Chapter 560: If I’m Lying, I’ll Get Struck By Lightning

Su Xingfu’s words were filled with emotions.
His face was brimming with regret, heartache, and conflict.
He looked like an innocent father who had suffered through many hardships for the sake of his family, only to raise an ungrateful daughter.
He beat his chest and stomped his feet, unable to hide his sadness and discomfort.

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His emotions swayed many people, making them feel that life had not been easy for him.

Some emotional reporters looked at Su Bei.
“Su Bei, you’re really going too far…”

“Yes, he raised you without any regard for the past.
How can you treat him like this?”

Su Bei turned around and looked at them seriously.
“I don’t blame you for not knowing the truth.
But if you know the whole story and can still say that, I’ll truly admire you.

“Su Xingfu, do you dare to swear that my mother cheated on you and I’m the product of her affair? Do you dare to swear that you have never done anything to let my mother down?”

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Su Xingfu immediately shouted, “Of course, I dare! If I lie, I’ll get struck by lightning!”

“Then please explain why Su Huixian is four years older than me.” Su Bei looked at Su Xingfu coldly.

“This…” Su Xingfu was at a loss for words.

In the public’s understanding, Su Bei was the elder sister while Su Huixian was the younger sister.
There was a one-year age difference between the two.
The information stated on both their identity cards and the official website was the same.

However, the truth was that Su Huixian was four years older than Su Bei.
When Su Bei’s mother, Chen Xiuzhu, found out about this, she was so angry that she fainted and it caused her to suffer a heart attack.
Later on, she was plagued by depression.

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Since young, Su Bei had always known that Su Huixian was the elder sister but she was forced to be the elder sister.
Therefore, Su Bei had never liked the mother and daughter pair.
She had no feelings for them at all.
She had always looked at them with a superior gaze because they were simply not worthy of any respect!

Su Xingfu calmed himself down.
“These are just your words.
It’s not the first time you’ve slandered Huixian.
I never held it against you on account of your mother’s early death.
Now, you’re still making irresponsible remarks and dare to lie about everything!”

He had already made up his mind to stand on Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian’s side.
He also knew that there was no evidence of what had happened back then.
The office that changed Su Huixian’s age had already moved elsewhere, so there was no way Su Bei could get any evidence!

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan stood in a corner.
They were not afraid.
After all, it was just a casual statement without any evidence.
Someone had to believe in Su Bei’s words for it to have any effect.

The DNA test report that Su Xingfu took out was solid evidence.
What could Su Bei bring out?

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Su Bei looked at everyone.
Traces of sadness could be seen on her beautiful face but she still held herself up well.

“Let me tell everyone a story.
Back then when Xu Zhiqin came to my house, my mother committed suicide due to depression and passed away.
I was four years old then.
When Su Huixian came, she was already eight years old!

“However, Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin changed her age to make her be three years younger than me in order to hide the truth.

“Later on, in order to reflect the change, they spent money to make Su Huixian change grades.
Eventually, this matter was forgotten.

“However, I’ll never forget this, and many people around me will also not forget this! I’ll never forget how desperate my mother was back then when she endured the pain of her illness and walked to the rooftop!”

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