Chapter 523: Helping Others

“Mister… Mr.
Lu…” Lu Hang ran forward to greet Lu Heting.

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“Make arrangements for today’s work,” Lu Heting said kindly and generously.

“Okay, Mr.
Lu.” Lu Hang forced himself to calm down and rushed to Lu Weijian during break time.

Lu came to work today with a big smile on his face.
What should I do?” Lu Hang asked nervously.

Lu Weijian was also in a good mood.
He crossed his legs and whistled.
Seeing him like this, Lu Hang stopped in his tracks.
Did something good happen to the Lu family?

Lu Weijian patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go on, experience the power of Bei Bei.”

“So Mr.
and Mrs.
Lu are…”

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“I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, but Bei Bei is definitely going to shine brightly,” Lu Weijian said proudly.

Lu Hang had no choice but to leave.

Today, the top executives of Lu Group came to the top floor for a meeting.
They soon arrived at the top floor of the company, and only these people in Lu Group were qualified to meet Lu Heting.

They were all trembling in fear and feeling nervous.
They didn’t even dare to talk to each other.
They were reciting the contents that they would be reporting later and thinking of the possible questions Lu Heting would ask.
They were uncertain how difficult and tough the meeting later would be.

However, as soon as the door to the meeting room was opened, they saw Lu Heting reading some work materials with a smile on his face.
They had never seen such a smile on his cold and defined face before.
It made him look so handsome, but it also made them worry.
They wondered if his abnormality was part of a challenge.

“Let’s start,” Lu Heting said in a rare gentle voice.

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With their hearts in their mouths, the senior executives took their seats in an orderly manner.

Su Bei went to Sheng Tang Entertainment Company.

Yue Ze had already told Tang Xinru about Su Bei’s matter.

Tang Xinru looked relieved and asked, “Have you arranged a time to meet Su Bei?”

“Not yet,” Yue Ze replied, “I believe she’ll contact us soon.”

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The woman sitting on the side spoke up at this moment, “Perhaps when she recovers, she won’t think of coming here anymore.”

Yue Ze glanced at her.
This woman’s name was Tang Yue, and she was the other vice-president of Sheng Tang Entertainment Company.
She was Tang Xinru’s cousin, and they were rivals.
The things that they competed for included but were not limited to work, company authority, family property, subordinates, and even men.

“Su Bei is not that kind of person,” Tang Xinru said firmly, “I believe she’ll make the right choice.”

She knew all too well that Tang Yue was also very interested in Su Bei.
She had been reading Su Bei’s information in private but could not find anything useful.

Tang Xinru didn’t understand why her cousin wanted to compete with her in this aspect.
It was beneficial for both parties for Su Bei to stay in Sheng Tang.
There was no need to make such a clear distinction, right?

“It’s not a matter of morality when it comes to fame and fortune.” Tang Yue had a smile on her face, but her words were not pleasing to the ears.
“With Su Bei’s popularity, there are countless people who want to poach her to their company.
Now that she has recovered, she can go anywhere she wants.
How would Sheng Tang be her only choice? I previously told you that you would be doing all the hard work for another company by offering her the three-month-long contract.
Now, another company will reap the benefits.”

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