Chapter 429: Bad Apples Are Still Apples

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“It turns out that men are quite particular too.
At least they like the same type.”

Stepping on Su Bei and Lu Weijian, Cai Anying’s fame rose rapidly.

Cai Anying was actually a little nervous.
“Sister Min, my photo with Mr.
Weijian is photoshopped.
Do you think he’ll really allow me to ride on his coattails?”

If she really offended Lu Corporation, the consequences would be dire.

Qiu Minxuan did not take it seriously at all.
Weijian is used to this industry.
He has a close relationship with the entertainment industry.
At most, he can just clarify things.
It’s impossible for him to really do anything to you.
Remember, if he doesn’t respond, it’s a waste not to take advantage of your popularity.
If he responds, it’s a huge success! You have to know that the number of fans Mr.
Weijian has is hundreds of times more than yours!”

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Cai Anying agreed with Qiu Minxuan.
This was the reality of the industry.
If you move forward steadily, you might not make a splash.

No matter if it was the good or bad kind, she had to gain popularity first.

Bad apples were still apples.

After Tang Xinru, Yue Ze, and Su Bei had a rational discussion, they decided not to pay attention to Cai Anying’s actions.

Since she was willing to put on a one-man show, she would perform it alone.
Su Bei and Sheng Tang would not take such clownish behavior seriously.

At the same time, Sun Man also looked for Liao Xintong and complained about Su Bei suppressing her.

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“I asked her to swap with me but she refused.
Don’t you think she’s cheap? When she saw you, she was willing to swap.
When you weren’t around, she stubbornly refused.”

Liao Xintong was flattered but thought that Su Bei was too snobbish.

However, she said, “The opening is different from others and involves a lot of work.
She probably had her reasons for not changing.”

Sun Man was not convinced and said, “Xintong, I think Su Bei is deliberately not showing you any respect.
She’s relying on Mr.
Weijian’s care right now.
Even if you had appeared at the scene, she wouldn’t have shown any respect.
I brought up your name and she said that even if you were there, you can’t be compared to Mr.

Of course, Liao Xintong would not easily believe such provocation.

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However, did Su Bei really have something to do with Lu Weijian?

The Lu family was extremely difficult to join.
Did Su Bei have the ability to do it?

Sun Man wanted to step on Su Bei, but did she have the confidence?

Liao Xintong immediately gave Lu Weijian a call.

“What’s the matter? Why are you calling at such a time?” She could hear the sound of typing from Lu Weijian’s side.
It was obvious he was gaming and in the middle of a fierce battle.
“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“Wait, Mr.
Weijian.” Liao Xintong went straight to the point and asked, “Mr.
Weijian, do you like Su Bei? Are you pursuing her?”

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Lu Weijian was so shocked that his keyboard was tossed to the side and he kicked the computer’s CPU, causing the screen to turn black.

He jumped up.
“Who said that? Who spread this rumor? Identify the person!”

Su Bei was his sister-in-law.
Did he dare to pursue Su Bei? Did he want to die sooner, or did he want to live a life worse than death?

If Big Brother heard this, he would definitely beat him up!

Hearing his exasperated tone, Liao Xintong could not help but laugh.
He was indeed just a man who was obsessed with gaming.
How could he like women?

“Sorry, I just saw the news on the list of trending topics so I just asked out of curiosity.
If you want to scold someone, go scold those unscrupulous marketing accounts.”

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