Chapter 344: God Is Listening

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Su Bei pushed her a little and she ended up sitting on the floor.
She said in a disdainful tone, “You’re really immoral.
You even took action against a fetus.
Aren’t you afraid that the baby’s spirit will come looking for you at night?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m not afraid of ghosts knocking on my door in the middle of the night,” Su Bei looked at her indifferently and replied.
“But you, on the other hand, don’t accuse others without knowing the truth.
Aren’t you afraid of being blamed by Bodhisattva?”

The woman’s expression changed.

“Also, let me give you a piece of advice.
No matter how young I am, I’m still an artist.
And no matter how old you are, it’s possible that you’ll be replaced at any time.
You should be mindful of your behavior.”

The aunty was even more terrified.
Indeed, how could a person like her compare to an artist?

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Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu walked toward her and said, “Su Bei, you’re really capable.
You can’t bully others, so you’re bullying the cleaner, right? I’ve never seen such a person who’s as horrible as you are.”

This was probably the only time in their lives that they were so protective of a cleaner.

Usually, the few of them would shout at her.

No wonder this aunt liked Su Huixian so much.
Su Huixian was really good at winning people’s hearts.

Su Bei looked at Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu.
“Kindness and love are free, but they’re not cheap.
Not everyone deserves them.”

With that, she strode forward.

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The few of them stood there looking at each other in confusion.

Su Bei knocked on Song Ruinian’s office door.

“Su Bei, you’re here.” Song Ruinian invited her in.

Qiu Minxuan was sitting on the sofa in the office, looking angry.
She must have been talking about Su Huixian’s miscarriage.

Song Ruinian asked Su Bei to sit down before saying, “I believe that you didn’t do it on purpose.
But the backlash this time is really bad.”

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“It’s not just bad.
Who can understand the pain Huixian is going through?” Qiu Minxuan said angrily, “Huixian is still suffering in the hospital.
But a certain someone doesn’t even care about her and hopes to get away with it.
Does she still have a conscience?”

Su Bei did not say anything, and Qiu Minxuan took it as her guilty admittance.

Song Ruinian said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, you have to apologize for Huixian.
What do you say?”

“I’m here to talk about this.
When the time comes, I’ll personally go to the hospital to apologize to Su Huixian.
I hope it can be a public affair.
That way, I can give an explanation to all the fans and everyone else.”

“That’s great!” Song Ruinian had been really worried that Su Bei would not agree.

It was great that she was so straightforward.

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Qiu Minxuan was also overjoyed.
In the end, she did not have to go through much trouble to get this done.
If Su Huixian found out, she would certainly be pleased with her.

“When do you plan to do it?” Song Ruinian asked.

Su Bei thought for a while and said, “Why don’t we do a live broadcast tonight at eight o’clock? What do you think?”

“Yes, that’s good.
The live broadcast will start at eight o’clock.
I’m sure many people will watch it,” Song Ruinian said.
“Arrange it with Minxuan and make it big.
Su Bei, we won’t take any action on you.
I’m sure you didn’t do it on purpose.
If you don’t apologize, we won’t be able to calm the gossip outside.
Huixian is hurt and sad from this incident.
We really have to give her an explanation.”

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