Chapter 335: Protect Her

This man was standing tall and upright.
Among the crowd, his aura was powerful and extraordinary, repressing everyone’s clamor.

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Many young women could not take their eyes off him.
Even in the entertainment industry, such impeccable facial features and perfect facial lines were not common.

He protected Su Bei and said coldly to Su Xingfu, “No one is allowed to wrongly accuse Su Bei for the things she didn’t do.
If you have anything to say, talk to Su Bei’s lawyer.”

His cold tone and powerful aura stunned Su Xingfu and made Xu Zhiqin stop shouting.

Du Luo was stunned for a moment.
He could tell that this man’s extraordinary aura far exceeded his own.
However, even with his reputation in S Country, he did not recognize this man.

Had Su Bei already fallen in love with someone else?

Lu Heting’s face made all the women around him infatuated, especially when he stood up for Su Bei.
He was so powerful that it made them swoon.

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Like an autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves, Lu Heting quickly dealt with his opponents.
When he lowered his head and looked at Su Bei, his expression was full of love and heartache.
“Let’s leave first.”

Lu Heting protected Su Bei and walked past the crowd.

Looking at their backs, Du Luo felt a little disappointed.

After Lu Heting went out, he asked Lu Hang to delete all the photos taken by those people.

He did not want others to gossip about Su Bei anymore.
With such parents, she was already bitterly disappointed.
All he could do was reduce her pain.

No matter how powerful Lu Heting was, it would still be difficult for him to put up with her family’s attitude.

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For some people, kinship was warm, but for others, it was the most painful weapon…

Lu Heting did not know how to deal with Su Bei’s family.

Lu Heting carried Su Bei to the car and put her in the backseat.
Then, he took off his clothes and covered her with them.

“I’m fine.” Su Bei smiled casually, but there was still some pain in her eyes.

Lu Heting hugged her gently.

Su Bei did not reject the hug.
At this moment, any warmth seemed so precious.

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“I didn’t push Su Huixian.
I’ve long been unconcerned about her relationship with Du Luo.
How could I be jealous of her? If I pushed her and caused her to have a miscarriage, it wouldn’t do me any good.
I’m going to terminate my contract anyway.
I won’t even have any conflicts with her regarding resources anymore…”

“You don’t have to explain.
I know.” Lu Heting’s heart ached.

The way she explained it to him really hurt him.

She was afraid that others would not believe her.
Even when she was with him, she could not help but explain seriously, hoping that he would believe in her.

However, she really did not need to explain.
Lu Heting would always believe her.

How much had she been hurt in the past that she became so insecure and anxious to gain the trust of others?

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Su Bei lay in Lu Heting’s arms.
Actually, it did not matter whether others believed her or not.

She was just afraid that Lu Heting would not believe her.
Maybe his trust had subconsciously become very important to her.

She had not realized why she felt this way about him yet.

Du Luo persuaded Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin to go back to the car.

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