Chapter 302: Su Zhuoqian

It was the first time that Lu Heting was criticized like this.
Da Bao’s compliments did not make him feel good at all.

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“But I want to know more about other things, such as your character and temperament.
Well, from what I’ve seen, your relationship with Lu Weijian and the fact that you can easily come to the top floor of Lu Group means that you’re still decent in other aspects.
I’ve learned what I need to know,” Da Bao said with a nod.

He was worried that Su Bei would not be able to find out the truth about Lu Heting, so he took the risk to personally look into him.

Who could have expected that the finance system of Lu Group would pose such a difficult hurdle?

Now that Da Bao was seeing Lu Heting face-to-face, the man earned extra brownie points in his heart.

After all, how could he harshly evaluate a person who looked exactly like him?

Lu Heting liked this smart child very much.
However, if Da Bao also had the same background as Gun Gun, he might not be able to accept this child.

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He bent over, looked into Da Bao’s eyes, and said coldly, “Tell me your name and the person who told you to come here.
Also, why did you approach Su Bei? Have you seen her in person?”

Da Bao raised his head and was calm when facing Lu Heting’s serious gaze.

He said slowly, “My name is Su Zhuoqian, or you can call me Da Bao.

His surname is Su? Lu Heting came to a realization, and if it was as if a guiding light was being shone on a dark path.

The answer popped up in his mind.

A hint of relief flashed across Lu Heting’s face as he blurted out, “Are you Su Bei’s son?”

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This answer was far beyond Lu Heting’s expectation.
In the beginning, he had thought that Da Bao was just like Gun Gun, who had been snatched away without him knowing and raised by someone else.

However, some people, including himself, had sharp intuitions.
Even if their minds were originally shrouded in thick fog, they only needed a small clue before they could connect the dots and get the answer.

“How do you know that?” Da Bao asked curiously.
With just a few words and a name, this man accurately guessed it.

He knew very well that Su Bei had not told Lu Heting about his identity yet.

Da Bao’s answer meant that he admitted to being Su Bei’s son.
Lu Heting did not know why he could be so certain of the answer.
It was just a hunch he had.

It was because Da Bao looked so much like her, and his surname was Su.

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In the five years she had been away, Su Bei had given birth to a son.
She had given birth to their child.

It was no wonder Su Bei was trying so hard to find out if he had a new family and a woman he loved.

It turned out she had come back with her son!

That woman was so tight-lipped!

Lu Heting’s obsidian eyes lit up.
Su Bei had brought back a son.

This was the real reason why she came back.
She wanted to reunite with the father of her child so that they could be a complete family.

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His dark eyes widened, melting into a bright spring color.

Su Bei’s child was his!

He quickly connected the dots.
The child that Su Bei and Lin Yu had brought with them last time was Da Bao.

It was just that he had not seen Da Bao’s face at the time.
He was just making wild guesses then.

Afterward, when Da Bao was playing games, he used a voice changer.
Lu Heting never thought that he would be a child.


Lu Heting said, “Yes, I’m very satisfied.”

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