Chapter 214: Chapter 214 In Cooperation with Her Childish Game

Finally, Su Bei settled Lu Heting on the bed, and she was sweating all over.

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When she came out, Aunt Chen was looking at her with a smile.

Aunt Chen really liked Su Bei.
Su Bei was not rushed, arrogant, or harsh.
Besides, she always had some plans in her mind and could think of ways to solve problems.

She didn’t understand why Lu Heting didn’t bring her back to the Lu family and also didn’t take her to see Mrs.
Besides, Lu Heting even asked her not to mention this thing in front of Mrs.
Lu for the time being.

She really couldn’t understand these young people’s thoughts.

Gun Gun ran over to see his daddy for a while, and then came back to bring him a glass of water seriously.

Su Bei was amused by his action.
What a good son! She could imagine that his mother must be a well-educated and reasonable woman, gentle and generous, and very good-looking, so that she could have a son like Gun Gun.

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Of course, even though Su Bei was a little envious, she was not that envious.
After all, her Da Bao was also very excellent!

Lu Heting had a strong body.
After taking the medicine, he took a nap for a while and recovered most of his spirit.

He opened the door and walked out.

Su Bei was sitting on the sofa and Gun Gun was taking a nap beside her.

Seeing the figure of Lu Heting, she immediately stood up and asked, “Why don’t you sleep a little longer? Oh, you must have woken up from hunger, right?”

Reminded by her, Lu Heting really felt hungry.

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Indeed, he hadn’t eaten well for several consecutive meals.
It was Lu Hang who bought him the food and then he ate the food casually.

“Aunt Chen went out.
I’ll heat some food for you.
Aunt Chen has cooked your favorite dishes.” Su Bei quickly put the dishes into the microwave.

Seeing the midnight snacks she had packed last night, she shook her head and was about to throw them into the trash can.

“I just want to eat the food in your hand.”

Su Bei raised her hand.
“Are you sure? It’s last night’s food.
And the oden is not delicious after being cooked for a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter.
I just want to eat that.”

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“Well, it’s up to you.
I’ll heat it up for you.”

Soon, Su Bei served the hot food and said with a smile, “Then enjoy yourself.
I need to go check on Gun Gun.
He is sleeping on the sofa.
I’m afraid that he will fall down.”

Lu Heting looked down at the food on the table and smelled it.

While he was eating, he suddenly heard the serious voice of Su Bei, “Don’t move!”

Lu Heting raised his hand in cooperation with her childish game.

“Bang! Bang!” Su Bei pressed down the thermometer in her hand, which was used to check Gun Gun’s temperature.
The thermometer was very convenient to show the body temperature as long as she pressed it.

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“38.4 Celsius degree.
You are much better! I declare that you have a preliminary recovery, but you must take a series of effective measures such as eating, drinking water, bathing to ensure the final recovery.”

“Yes, sir.” Lu Heting cooperated with his wife’s game.

With satisfaction, Su Bei returned to Gun Gun and picked up her schedule, drawing circles on it.

The house was full of peace and happiness.

This was something that Lu Heting would never get tired of.

A loud noise came from upstairs.

Lu Heting looked at the frowned Su Bei and asked, “What’s this sound?”

“Upstairs is under renovation.
That has been ongoing for quite some time.
Aunt Chen told me that they just removed the old decoration and hadn’t started their new projects.
So it might take a few months to finish it.
Other people bought a new house.
We can’t stop them from decorating, right?” After Su Bei said to him, she continued to look down at her schedule.

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