Huo Ran, “…”


Huo Ran felt like he should also wear a mask.
Otherwise, he might not be able to maintain his facade of calm expressions.




The troubles brought by Xia Xingxi came to an end and the flower-sending madman could temporarily be avoided while he was on his business trip.
Regarding Jiang Nansheng, Huo Ran hadn’t figured out how to talk to Doctor Tao about him.
But for a brief moment, he felt like there didn’t seem to be many topics of conversation between him and the doctor.


How would Doctor Tao spend the weekends off?


After thinking about it for a long time, even the friends who were playing around with Huo Ran noticed that his mind was occupied.
They stopped to ask him if something happened.


Huo Ran blurted out, “What do you usually do on weekends?”


The friend seemed to express his confusion, staring at Huo Ran as if he was mental as he dribbled the basketball in his hand vigorously, “Play!”


“…” Huo Ran palely explained, “No, uh, I’m not asking you.”


His friend took a sharp step back, looking into the air in front of him in horror.


Huo Ran struggled for a while and apologised to his friend honestly, saying that he was out of shape today and stopped playing.


For the first time, he really felt that it was troublesome to be unable to access the PP app from his antique phone.


No longer in the mood for basketball, Huo Ran decided to go home and read a book.
After all, he hadn’t relaxed with a book for a long time.


…and then he switched on the computer along the way to see if anyone was looking for him.


Huo Ran got home and took a shower and rushed to the study impatiently, his hair wet and dripping

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