g to the project in Jinbei City, complained to Huo Zhendong from time to time.
He didn’t care about the project, but he just wanted to escape where he was.
He wanted to go out and be free, so he couldn’t care less where he ended up.


Upon seeing what Huo Zhendong said, Huo Ran’s eyes lit up immediately.


Doctor Tao was in Jinbei City and Huo Ran also knew his work address— No.
7 Psychiatric Hospital of Jinbei City.


Under Doctor Tao’s guidance yesterday, he managed to scare away Xia Xingxi who had been pestering him for an entire fortnight.
From now on, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about someone knocking on his door in the middle of the night.
He wanted to go to the hospital to thank Doctor Tao in-person.
He was not an official patient and he didn’t pay either, so what should he do to show his gratitude?


Amidst his wild thoughts, he was even thinking about what to write on the pennant that he planned to give Doctor Tao.


Huo Ran stared at the typing at the top of the dialog box, unconsciously holding his breath.


If Doctor Tao wasn’t the type to reject meeting with online friends, Huo Ran would like to treat him to a meal.


It wasn’t till 5 minutes later that the message Doctor Tao had typed out painstakingly finally arrived.


[Tao: The weather in Jinbei City is very good now, so it will be very comfortable for you to come here.
After you’re done with your matters, you can walk around as well since there are a bunch of delicious snacks here and there.]


[Tao: But I’m not very familiar with this place, so I can’t recommend you a good place to eat, drink or have fun etc.
However, I do remember that there are recommended posts in the travel section of the Sky Forum, so you can take a look at what’s good.]

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