[Tao: Remember what you said to me yesterday?]

[Tao: Don’t care about what other people think and just follow your own heart.]

[Tao: If you think that will make you happier, go ahead and do it.]

It was almost 9 o’clock when Tao Zhiyue returned home from his stroll, but this night without doing any housework was very relaxing.
He didn’t turn on the computer as he took a shower first and went to bed to play with his mobile phone.

Although he felt like he lived a fulfilling day today, he was rather used to surfing the Internet before going to bed.
After all, he would feel that something was amiss if he didn’t check the daily news on the forum.

Tao Zhiyue swiped the screen in a relaxed mood.
Even if he saw a post that would normally raise his blood pressure levels, he merely swiped across it with a smile.
When he turned to the entertainment section, his eyes were caught by a particular posting on the trending sections.

[Title] Here he is, here he is— the well-known tea star Xia Moumou(3) is here again with his signature tea art.

(T/N: The author didn’t mention if this was a guy or a girl, for now, we assume it’s a guy.
And also, the Moumou in chinese can sometimes be used as a ‘John Doe’ situation, but in case it’s the name, I’ll leave it as it is for now.
Will make any changes if the facts are checked in the future)

Host: As we all know, Xia Moumou’s only masterpiece ‘Tea Flower Boys’, a sequel, was added today.
This was a no-prize quiz: Which poor male celebrity would be dragged out by the heartbroken starlights to insult next? [Screenshot][Screenshot][Screenshot]

[Xia Xingxi V: I lost a very important thing and I also lost a very important person.]

[Xia Xingxi V replied: It’s nothing, so stop guessing alright? I was the one that wasn’t good enough.

[Xia Xingxi V: Thank you for always being there, my cutest Stars/Hearts(4)]

(T/N: Fandom name)

Tao Zhiyue glanced at the screenshot casually and felt that the taste of the tea had, for some reason, exceeded the standards since the tone of most of the comments below were full of mockery.

Today’s green tea concentration is really too high. Tao Zhiyue couldn’t bear it any longer, so he didn’t bother to look further into it and quit the post casually.
After he browsed the forum for a while, he soon fell asleep.

The moonlight was hazy, but everything was silent at night.

Tao Zhiyue turned off the light and nestled himself under the thin quilt before falling into a deep slumber.

At half past 10, his phone screen quietly lit up.

[HR: Good night, Doctor Tao, I wish you the sweetest of dreams.]

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