Through the screen, Tao Zhiyue could feel the huge impact the revelation had on the heart of this simple middle-aged straight man.

Tao Zhiyue thought it was quite funny, but he could also sympathise with him slightly, so he comforted HR while eating noodles.

[Tao: It’s okay.
When I didn’t understand these things before, I was played around by some who spun me around and made me believe fabrications.
The problem lies not with you; it’s just that some people out there are quite insincere.

[HR: No wonder when I asked my sister why she started drinking green tea, she looked contemptuous…]

 [HR: Doctor Tao, meeting you was a good thing.
Thank you! ]

Tao Zhiyue had begun to get used to the other party’s old-fashioned and sincere praises, which were actually quite comfortable to listen to.

 [Tao: Kitten giggles.jpg]

[Tao: How did you meet this friend? Do you two meet a lot in your work hours or in general?]

[HR: We met because of work in the company, but he has no direct relationship with me even in our career paths as I am not in charge of that part of the business.
After meeting him once at the reception, he has been pestering me…]

[HR: Ahhh, he sent me another message! Dr.
Tao, you really hit the nail on the head!]

[HR: He said that the bracelet was very important to him and that he doesn’t feel too good being unable to find it.
So, now he is asking if I could accompany him to buy a similar one.

[HR: If I hadn’t just learned the definition of green tea, I would definitely have agreed to his request //tears//]

Tao Zhiyue didn’t expect that he would hit the mark.

[Tao: Don’t be nervous.
Since you have no work relationship with him, you don’t have any worries.
Besides, he’s using all sorts of these emotional tricks on you.
In fact, I suggest that you reject him directly and don’t worry about hurting him.
He didn’t take your feelings into consideration when he was manipulating your emotions, so why should you care if he feels bad? ]

[Tao: But since he is a green tea by nature, he will probably pretend to be pitiful and innocent.
In turn, it might make you very depressed, leading you to think that rejecting him is an outrageous fact.]

[Tao: So I suggest that you attack tea with tea.

[HR:!! It makes sense— Dr.
Tao, teach me, quickly! ]

So Tao Zhiyue guided him very carefully as Big Brother HR was shocked.
It was as if he had opened the door to a new world and couldn’t wait to go find the target to practise his green tea skills.

Tao Zhiyue’s fingers were a little sore since he hadn’t typed on his mobile phone this intensively for a long time.

Fortunately, he finished the bowl of warm noodle soup and he felt comfortable both physically and mentally.
Tao Zhiyue touched his swollen stomach, settled the bill happily and left.

The beef in this shop was really well marinated.
It was soft, tasty and full of aroma; perhaps he would try to make it some other time.

The shadows of the trees were swaying and the street lights were dim as pedestrians walked with their dogs in pairs and trios.

Tao Zhiyue walked to the park facing the night.
He was so full to the point where he wanted to take a walk to digest the food.

The phone in his pocket vibrated and Tao Zhiyue took it out to check.
There, he saw that it was a screenshot of a chat record sent by HR.

[It’s Xingguang: That’s the bracelet that my mother gave me.
I’ve worn it for a long time, but suddenly, I can’t seem to find it anymore.
I feel really bad…]

[HR: I don’t feel that good either.]

[It’s Xingguang: … Brother, what’s wrong?]

[HR: I blame myself for causing you to lose such an important bracelet.

[HR: It’s all my fault.
If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t lose it and you wouldn’t have become sad either.]

The opposite party was obviously shocked, so it took a while to reply.
Tao Zhiyue couldn’t hold back anymore and he started laughing.

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