Zhitong Game Company, 5:58 p.m.


Tao Zhiyue looked over the code he wrote today again and then clicked on the pile of unread messages accumulated on Dangdang*.


Is it the name of a business messaging system in China like slack or discord?)


[Planning-Wang Heng: Yes, there is no problem.
Brother Tao is awesome.


[Planning-Wang Heng: Today is another day where no bugs can be found.jpg]


[Front-end-Tao Zhiyue: Okay, then I’m getting off work~]


Two minutes passed by quickly.
At six o'clock, Tao Zhiyue turned off the computer, fastened the lid on the glass water bottle, picked up the reusable shopping bag* left on the table, and happily clocked off.


( *I'm guessing here.
I was thinking is this his bag or is it actually a foldable reusable shopping bag? )


The programmer, Xue Huacan, who sat next door to him looked at him in surprise: “Xiao (“Little”) Tao, are you leaving?”


Tao Zhiyue smiled: “Yes, the supermarket will soon run out of food any later than this.”


“How can you leave? We still have the project we have to send out by tonight.” Xue Huacan frowned.


Tao Zhi remained patient: “I have checked and confirmed all the parts I am in charge of, and it's not related to any of the modules you are working on.
My work is done.”


Xue Huacan's brows furrowed even tighter together, “This time the contract is very tight.
There are still a lot of functions left to be changed.
Stay for overtime.
I will send you the new requirements——”


Tao Zhiyue interrupted him with a puzzled expression, “Is the time very tight? How come I saw you swiping through videos in the afternoon at Station D…?”


Xue Huacan: “Cough! I was looking up interfaces made by others!”


So Tao Zhiyue looked at him with a face full of encouragement, “You really worked hard and studied for most of the afternoon.
Then, you must have an idea about how the function can be changed.”


Xue Huacan, who could only acquiesce to his words: “Of course.”


 “Then you work hard, bye.”


    Tao Zhiyue didn't give him a chance to continue talking, turned around, and walked away, leaving a chic back.


The other employees, watching the excitement not far away, couldn't help but make envious sounds.


“The King of Dumping (his work) has finally met his match.
Alas, I really envy Tao Zhiyue.
He's been here for less than 2 months, and he's never worked overtime.”


“If you are Tao Zhiyue, you can do it too.
He writes his code fast and well, and never has to rework it.
I heard that he didn’t go to Dachang because he didn’t want to work overtime.
Since he came, I don’t think the main programmer, Lao Li’s hair has been falling out much.
Lao Li used to grab HR every day to ask if anyone had come for an interview.
Those who came out of the (programming) training class would not even be spared.”


“The version I heard is that he and Mr.
Guo have known each other for a long time? Otherwise, he wouldn't come to our company to make this kind of broken game..
It doesn't matter…
Speaking of hair, I really want to ask what kind of shampoo does Xiao Tao use? The girl from the art group of the company next door only asks him out to hangout.
Is it because he is the one with the thickest hair in our group?”


“I think the main thing is to look at the face (his handsome face), and he refused all of them anyways.”


“…………… Gotcha, don’t talk about it anymore.
My heart is already hurting.”


The topic went further and further away, and Tao Zhiyue knew nothing about it.
He took the bus to the supermarket near his home, thinking about the evening menu in his mind.


Toward the end of the day, the supermarket was crowded with people.
In front of him were colorful vegetables, fruits, and poultry meat, pink to ripe tomatoes, leafy greens with dew, yellow and green peppers, live fresh shrimps, popping out of the fish tank, and soy sauced, red, cooked food* that exuded a seductive smell—-Tao Zhiyue took a deep breath of this tempting fragrance.


(*This area needs to be checked for accuracy)


It's good to be alive.


No one knew that Tao Zhiyue died once.


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tao Zhiyue.
He was quiet and sensible when he was young, with excellent grades and a harmonious family.
After graduating from the country's No.
1 university for computer programming, he successfully entered a big, web company that everyone admired as a code farmer (programmer).
He worked hard to earn enough money to settle down in the big city and make his parents proud.


As a result, before he had the down payment (for a house), he unexpectedly died.


Apart from working like crazy, Tao Zhiyue had no other hobbies, and has never been in a relationship because of his sexuality.
The only concern he had was his parents.
Fortunately, before his death, his mother happened to be pregnant with a second child.
Even if he is gone, the second child can be there for them in their second half of life and give them some consolation for his death.


Tao Zhiyue was actually very relieved regarding his sudden death, so when he opened his eyes and found that he had come back to life in a novel world, he was full of question marks.


Especially when the plot of this novel appeared in his mind, it torn him apart (metaphorically).


This is a dog-blooded danmei novel called “Being Spoiled by a Cruel Disabled Boss”.
The main character is Shen Nian, who has a weak temperament and a delicate and beautiful body; he was bullied by his adoptive parents for more than 20 years until he met the cruel and indifferent, disabled president, Huo Ran.
From then on, Huo Ran became Shen Nian's backer, and Shen Nian became Huo Ran's only weakness.


With the help of Huo Ran, Shen Nian got rid of his adoptive parents' family, and even discovered his own real origins.
It turned out that he was the leftover young master of the wealthy Shen family.
Shen Nian was immediately welcomed back to the Shen family.
Everyone was slapped in the face, countless men and women admired him, and the relationship between Shen Nian and Huo Ran reached a crisis*.


(* This part I'm not sure…
Something about a crisis but I don't quite understand.
I suppose their relationship had a conflict.)


Later, Shen Nian cured Huo Ran's leg with his own medical talent, which proved his sincerity and feelings.
Soon after, the two went abroad to register for marriage, and lived happily ever after.


Tao Zhiyue couldn't accept this plot full of the taste of an old-style, bitter TV drama, but an even more terrifying thing was to come.


There is also a character named Tao Zhiyue in the book, who was an orphan since he was a child, and became Huo Ran's first love when he was in college.
Unexpectedly, the two of them encountered a car accident while traveling during the passionate love period of their relationship, leading Huo Ran to protect Tao Zhiyue at the cost of disabling his own legs.


But after Huo Ran was squeezed out by his family and lost power (from being disabled), Tao Zhiyue left him without looking back.
From then on, Huo Ran's temperament changed drastically, until Shen Nian appeared and healed his cold and broken heart.


The snobbish Tao Zhiyue actually came back to find Huo Ran after he learned that Huo Ran had inherited back the group.
He wanted to get back together, but the soft and weak Shen Nian stood in front of Huo Ran, scolding Tao Zhiyue.
This made Huo Ran truly love him.
And the more Huo Ran fell in love with Shen Nian, the more he also wanted to bring Tao Zhiyue to complete despair.


Huo Ran began to retaliate against Tao Zhiyue crazily.
He caused a car accident and let Tao Zhiyue taste the same pain he had suffered.
Shen Nian accidentally exposed Tao Zhiyue's cold-blooded behavior, and netizens who were filled with righteous indignation crazily scolded Tao Zhiyue.
He was ruined: he lost his job and lost the ability to take care of himself because of his injuries.
And so he finally committed suicide in dismal.


Tao Zhiyue whose pupils were constantly shaking (from the plot): …scared.


Tao Zhiyue didn't know what opportunity gave him the chance to live again.
He didn't have too many regrets about his death—the only thing might be that he hoped he would not have to work overtime in this next life, that he would eat on time, exercise his body, and try to live 'til 99 years old.


As an ordinary social animal who has never seen the world, it is too exciting for him to face such ups and downs of fate and a collapse of logic all of a sudden (of this kind of dog blood plot/world).


After Tao Zhiyue calmed down, he found that he was in the second half of his sophomore year.
He had no memory of “Tao Zhiyue”, and he didn't know if he had met Huo Ran yet.
His understanding of the world comes entirely from the description of the novel, but the novel does not describe the story of the cannon fodder supporting role and Huo Ran in detail; it only says that they met in university and Huo Ran fell in love with him at first sight.


At that time, Tao Zhiyue was full of anxiety* towards the ruthless Huo Ran in the story, and also felt apprehensive about the unfamiliar world of the novel.
He felt that if he stayed here for a second longer, he might be drawn into this terrible dog-blood story.


(*Supposed to be “jealousy” but I don't think that's right?)


For him who has regained this new life, living in peace and stability is more important than anything else.<

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