y, I threw myself on the bed and grabbed the phone.

”Mom ” I rolled my eyes as I saw the name written on my phone screen. Hesitantly, I picked up the call.

”Yes, Mom, ” I said casually without asking about her health or how she was. Well, she felt unbothered by my rude behavior.

”Hello, Baby. How are you? ” She said from the other line.

”Its tough as a newly wedded wife, but Im coping, ” I said

”Thats good dear. Ive always known you as a fighter in difficult times ” Melina chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Was I supposed to take that as a compliment??

”As you know well, mommy ” I faked a laugh

”I want to meet you in our home. I have something important to discuss with you ” Her tone instantly got serious. What was the discussion going to be about?

”But Mom, I won be allowed to leave this place ” It was a fact. That psycho husband was be meaning me till death.

”Don worry…Ive spoken to him. Hell let you ” My mother assured me and I sighed. The phone hung up.

I whispered a curse to myself as I grabbed my phone and left the room. With the way she sounded, I had to hurry. No breakfast!! In no time, I got to the first floor using the lift. The weird creatures were sitting around the table again with those boredom looks in their eyes. Well, it wasn time to be admiring beauty. I turned to my husband and walked up to him.

”Ill be leaving, ” I said in a gentle voice. I was waiting for a reply, but I didn get one. Twitching my lip, I sighed

”Okay then, Ill leave, ” I said and turn around, but then a voice stopped me.

”Ill like to drive you to your home ” I turned back to the table and a guy was grinning at me. I looked confused.

”Im Xavier, Mrs. ” He said as he stood up from the chair.

”I bet that you will lose yourself, ” I said and he smirked.

”Hehe… Im not foolish. ” He muttered as he smiled. My heart ached as I started to daydream.

”Ahem…can we go? ” He asked and instantly, I nodded. They all just looked so weird and beautiful. They were the epitome of beauty, especially that cruel thing I got married to. It would have been better he if was ugly with that ugly attitude

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