Lucian was astonished. He couldn say a word as he looked at the girl standing before him. He wished he could punch her face because of the embarrassment, but he couldn . That face was too beautiful to be destroyed by him. He needed something ugly and hard. Knowing that those annoying brats living with him were laughing, he wished he could disappear or kill them all but he can .

”You might be wrong about that ” Lucian started trying to justify his criminal act but I cut him off. I wasn done with him yet. Uttering these words, I could feel something rotating in my stomach. Will I truly be considerate? Perhaps so.

”I really can believe that as rich as you are, you desperate to retrieve money from a poor old man. You are downgrading your status. What will be the difference between the both of you? ” I said and his eyes widened. Immediately, his hands were pulled out from his pockets. He looked angry and bewildered by my statement. Well, I cared less.

”Since this marriage isn lasting for long, I need my permission to go back to school. There, I can find a reasonable, romantic, kindhearted husband that will care for me. You are just too scary ” I hissed as I folded my arms above my breasts. I looked proud because I was able to shut down this scary demon. But then, I could feel my blood pressure rising as he instinctively stared into my eyes as he moved closer. My blood boiled. I put down my hands and sweat started dripping down my face. I could barely breathe as I was unable to cut the connection between our eyes. I was bound to keep staring. Then, he was so close to me that I could feel his very hot breath on my hot body. This was torture. Very cruel torture.

”You plan on going to school to replace me? ” I heard his cold voice, right now, the nerve I had was crushed by a meteor. I dare not say a word. Why did my words affect him so much?

”Answer me!!! ” He yelled out and instantly, I shook my head. I won replace him until our Contract was over. I can stand him anymore. I can !!

After hearing my reply, he stepped back. I finally breathed, but I was scared to death. Immediately, I ran away not daring to look back. He is truly a Devil!!

”That sounds jealous, Lucian! Why get jealous when you are planning to get rid of her ” Chris raised a brow as he threw Lucian that question. The man paced back and forth as he ran his finger through his hair. Slowly, he was regretting what he just did but was still upset that the girl insulted his status. How dare she compare me with her father? He thought as he placed his hands on his waist.

”Hehe…That girl is a bitch. I love that savage. I think its best if she studies law. I never thought about that. ” Xavier laughed as he wiggled his eyes brows. ”So whats your choice, Lucian? Are you planning on signing the contract or keeping her with you? ” Xavier asked trying to force words from Lucians mouth.

Without saying a word, Lucian left the house without even dashing them a glance.

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