Then, finally


I froze in fear when I saw Selena inside the room with her eyes gleaming with anger. My throat instantly went dry.

Immediately, I withdrew my hands, I was so close to touching the picture.

Selena sent killing glares to me, and then, eyes wandered around. It seemed like she was searching for something. Oh, no… Searching for a weapon to kill me? I naively thought and then, I heard her scoff.

”I won be the one to do the killing…Your husband would! Weren you told that this last floor is banned for entry? ” Selena put both hands on her waist as she breathed out.

”Why? This place is just too cool…But this picture.. ” Attempting to touch it, Selena pulled me back causing me to fall on the floor. What the hell? How did she get to me so fast and how dare she throw me like that? Right now, I was angered for no reason. It was a rule and I had to abide by it.

”Listen to young girl, from today onwards, I don want to see you here… Don step on Lions tail ” There was no hint of a joke in what she said. She was dead serious.

”Whos the lion? ” I asked and then she smirked.

”Your husband…You can dare him! Lets leave now ” Instantly, she pulled me up as he yanked me out of the room. She uttered no word to me until we reached the first floor.

”Where are you two coming from? ” Lucian walked into the sitting room with a brown envelope in his right hand. I raised a brow. Honestly, I don know what to do. Was I supposed to greet him? Holy hell!

”Good afternoon, ” I said causing his gaze to be on me.

”I asked a question, ” He said curtly causing me to clench my fist. How dare he? Well, it was my fault! Why can I just stay numb?

”She went to the last floor ” Selena finally let go of my hand as she went to the couch to take a seat.

”What were you doing up there? ” He walked closer to me with his eyes not leaving mine. I could feel my heart cease for a moment.

What this?

”Nothing. I was just looking around ” I stepped back as he walked closer to me. Then, he pulled me closer to him, my nose bridge was touching his and his eyes were inserted into mine. I couldn close my eyes, I was bound to keep staring.

Is he going to kiss me? ” I asked myself and then, I cursed myself Why would you have such dirty thoughts? Now, I realized that I was completely stupid. I was in a messed position like this and I could still think of naughty things.

”Looking around, huh? Well, look so well because youd be leaving as soon as your father returns all my money ” I heard him say as he pushed me off him. I staggered backward still affected by what he said. Leaving soon? return his money?

”What the hell are you saying? ” I asked him. He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked me deep into my eyes.

”I can stand you anymore…I don want you anymore. So, Im calling off this marriage and returning you to your family but first, the money I spent, I want back…Even if you have to work to get it ” He said and my heartbeat accelerated. What the hell? It felt like my world was crumbling.

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