What just happened, Chris and Xavier found it funny, but to Lucian, it made him angry and upset. Even if he couldn fathom why he wanted to burn every living soul. It was an embarrassment to him even if he didn want to admit it. How can a man fool him? Finally, he thought he own someone but it turned out to be just a…..

He clenched his fist tightly as he stood up from the couch. Tucking his hands into his pocket, he attempted to leave the room, but Chris stopped him. This guy was always daring him.

”Haha…I know where you are going, but you have to kill me first for you to pass that door ” Chris pointed to the door as he held Lucians shoulder.

”Leave me or Ill kill you ” Lucian threatened even if it was pointless at that point. Chris would never let go even if it means death.

”Thats exactly what I said. Go on and kill me. ” Chris said still not letting go of him.

”Chris… ” Lucians voice became calmer but smokes were visible in his mouth.

”What do think? Ill let you leave from here. Do you want to shed the blood of the innocent? We are here and not there! Have some humanity! ” Chris hissed. Lucian immediately pushed him away making the guy fall flat on the floor.

”This is not new to me anymore, Chris! Shedding blood is my favorite thing… ” Lucians claws lengthened. He looked at his claws, admiring them while curving his lip to a corner.

”Theres more way to solve this, Lucian other than shedding blood. Lets humanly do this. Talk to us and we will find a solution for you ” Xavier folded his arms as he talked casually to Lucian. The devils gaze flew to him looking tensed.

”Human way can work on me! ” He hissed.

”It might! Don underestimate their power ” Xavier smirked. Lucian sighed and then, he sat on the couch with his legs crossed. Chris and Xavier sat opposite him waiting to hear his problem.

”I want to own Angelica forever. I want her to be my first property. I want to have her forever… ” Lucian let it out as if he has been dying to say something like this to someone. Everyone knows that he never owned anything, even the world. Whatever he admired or loved, they were stolen from him.

On the other hand, Xavier and Chris were astonished. They couldn believe what they just heard. Lucian wanted to own Angelica? That was strange and rare.

”Thats crazy, Lucian but are you sure? ” Chris asked still astonished by what he just heard. Lucian nodded.

”Well? The question is, will you be able to protect her from your enemies, or will you just let her die like the others? Will you give her the attention you failed to give others because you were a coward? Will….. ” Xavier paused when he saw the look in Lucians eyes. His eyes were red as if he has been crying. He looked weak compared to how scary he was minutes ago. Oh, no!

”I can protect her. She has to leave before they get to her ” Lucian said and then, he grabbed the envelope and disappeared. Xavier and Chris sighed.

”He will never change. He is still the same coward ” Chris looked offended and sad.

”Well, what are we friends for? We can help him and change his mind. We can let him see beyond what he is seeing. He needs us more than anyone ” Xavier smiled at his exploitation. Chris forced a smile.

”Do you know what Chris? Angelica might be of help. She can help with Lucians case. ” Xavier suggested.

”Lucian is going to send her out! How will she help? ”

”Not until he retrieves his money back from her Father. Till then, she can help ” Xavier smiled.

”What are you trying to say? You want Angelica to be with Lucian? ”

”Certainly well! If she will be the reason for Lucians smile and happiness, I will burn in hell to make them be together ” Xavier meant every word he said which caused Chris to smile.

”You are friend truly! I admire you ” Chris praised.

”Thanks for that! You rarely like anything I do, but seriously, Lucian has helped in many ways. Im willing to do anything to help him even if I have to fight with his greatest enemy ”

”Im with you in this. Lets meet with Selena ” Chris suggested and Xavier frowned.

”I don like her! ” Xavier hissed.

”Who cares? ”

”There again! I hate you ”

”I hate you too ”

They both left the office.


Selena, the demon who hated work immediately left the office to chitchat with Angelica. Perhaps the girl might not be boring to be with, but just meeting for the first time, she might be shy or protective of herself. She hated Lucian! Why? The guys rule was just too freaking hard to deal with. Before his wedding, he gave three rules to make it #1500 rules he has dropped for them.

She remembers, ” No one should chat with her or care for her. Im the only one entitled to care for her and chat with her. ” He added when he realized Xavier was about to say something ”Im the one getting married to her and not any of you ” Even if his wedding was to be a day ahead, his rules would never come out late. He was just too strict but whenever he needed something. He knew how to ask politely. Even if someone wants to resist, he had this talent for luring someone.

”Rule #1409, My house only welcomes you all twice a week. For the rest of the days, I want to be alone with my wife in this house ” Selena felt irritated as his voice kept echoing in her ear.

”Rule #1500… Don go anyway closer to her. Stay clear away from her. Don wave or greet her! ” With his tone, he sounded jealous.

”Why? Does she have a disease? ” Selena asked and Lucian frowned.

”Yes. She has this disease to make people fall in love with her. Just go closer to her and Ill make you swim in salt water ” Hearing his threat, Selena wished she was dead. She prefers to be killed than, swim in salt water. That was a dying torture!

”Rule #1501… ” Lucian started but was cut off by Chris.

”I think that is enough for now. I can feel my head spinning. Good night ” Chris said and then, he disappeared.

”I hate you and your rules, ” Selena said and left too.

”You are mean ” Xavier hissed and gulped Lucians juice.

”That was awesome ” He digested and then, he vanished. Lucian hissed and then, he left the Mansion.

Remembering all of this, Selena smiled.

”Lets break a rule, Angelica. ” She increased the speed of her car.

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