After what just happened to Selena, no one dared to speak again. A perfect silence reigned, only what could be heard was the sounds of the plates and spoons. Even though I was now part of the family, I needed to distance myself and keep shut when I wasn permitted to speak. I can even prove to myself that I would be able to sleep in the same bed as my husband. This was ridiculous. I had many things to think about and yet, I don know where to start.

I wanted to talk to Lucian, perhaps, he could be of help.

After breakfast, the maids started taking the dishes away while the strange men and women started to take their leave. Maybe they were going to work, I couldn tell. Their outfit could tell, but knowing how strange they were even to their looks and speech, it would be hard to predict their next action.

”Why are you staring? ” His cold voice rang like an alarm in my ear and immediately, I was jolted back to reality. I looked around, and I noticed that it was only remaining the both of us in the dining room. Oh hell, what to do? I wanted to tell him something, but how do I start and what exactly do I want to say?

”Good Morning ” I started, possibly this might get him interested, or at least, perhaps he could get those cold, dark looks off his face. Even if I wasn convinced that it was possible, he had to do it because it was scaring me.

”You are not just seeing me. Just speak! ” I could feel a lump in my throat as I could barely swallow my spit. Now, he looked offended due to my greetings. Whats the probability that he was going to grant my request?

”Ahem. ” I cleared my throat ready to speak. ”I want to go back to school, ” I said as I looked deep into his dangerous eyes that were filled with unknown mysteries. After letting that out, I saw him smirk at my request, which baffled me the more.

”School? Does married women go to school? Or are you planning to cheat on me? ” He stood up from the chair and tucked his hands in both sides of his pockets. I stood up along with him, mystified.

”What the hell are you saying? Cheat on you? Do you know what you are saying? ” I tried to sound calm because we just got married and misunderstanding won be good at all, especially with this man.

”What do you mean? That I am speaking gibberish? Then, prove me wrong. If you keep attending classes, what time would you have for your husband? ” My jaw dropped immediately after those words came out of his mouth. Time for him? It wasn even my will to get married to this kind of man! Although, I don hate him because he never did anything wrong to me. It would be pointless for me to grow hatred for him because it was my Dad who gave me to him and being a cruel and conscienceless man, he didn know the value of life.

”Make time for you? For all I care, you can sleep around but what matters here is my education ” I said with my hands folded on my upper breast. Within me, I have said something good but turning around to look at him, I could feel my knees wanting to paralyze. He looked offended or worse, angry by what I just said. What was so wrong?

Did he expect me to give my body to him? That will never happen! Whats so wrong? He never liked me and the same with me! I don care if he brings women home, but what I want is to go to school. I can afford to be uneducated when my friends and mate will. Thats Just the freaking point!

Suddenly, he took a step closer to me, which made my heart thud faster.

”What are you trying to call me? A womanizer? ” His face was so close to mine that I couldn breathe. Unable to hold my breath, I stepped back, and then, exhaled.

”Stop talking as if its your first time. ” I pouted my lip and then, he choked my neck. I was caught unalarmed as I watched him gnash his teeth. I was forced to hold my breath as sweat came out of my body.

”Don ….. ” Lucian was cut off by Xavier.

”Let her go, Lucian. You will kill her! ” No one could tell how he came but instantly, Xavier pulled his hand away, causing him to stagger backward. Releasing his hands off me, I could breathe. I panted. If not for him, I would have loosed my sanity. How could he? Was this the way he was going to treat me? Is he a killer?

”Control yourself, Lucian, ” Xavier said as he held Lucians shoulder. He was staring daggers looks at me, but why? I didn say anything wrong. It was the truth!

”Mr. Galloway is waiting for you in the company ” Xavier whispered in Lucians ear. Hearing the name, he hissed, and then, he walked away.

”We will take our leave. If you need anything, you can ask the butler or the maid ” Xavier said and gestured a smile before he left. Finally, I was left alone in this big mansion. Despite being left alone, my thoughts didn let me be. What happened between us kept flashing back in my memory. The thought of giving my body to him or loving him looked disgusting. I wanted to throw up. Does he even know love? Can he ever be in love? His kind will never value relationships.

”Do you need anything, maam? ” a voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned around, and I saw a lady who was in her mid-twenties bowing down before him. I blinked confused.

”What did you say? ” I omitted what she said. Honestly, I didn hear a thing.

”Do you need anything, maam? ” She repeated and my mouth formed o

”Oh… nothing. Im good ”

”Okay maam, ” She said and was about to leave when I stopped her.

”Whats your name? ” I asked.

”Trisha, ” She said with a smile. I nodded upon hearing her name. She also looked beautiful, but not like the other girl she spoke with during breakfast. That girl was beauty herself.

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