Groaning, I rolled back and forth on the bed, still wanting to sleep some more. The weather was just too suitable for good sleep and the bed was so large as I kept rolling with my eyes closed. I never wanted to wake up because Ive never slept so peacefully as I did today. Suddenly, I felt the ray of the sun on my face, causing me to sit up on the bed with my eyes opened widely.

Yawning out, I looked at the sun as a smile crept on my lips. Looking around, I noticed something unusual. This wasn my house either, my school hostel. Where the ** am I?

”You heard me well, Angelica. I am all those things and, definitely, In one body. Believe it, Angelica ” Those words echoed In my ear.

”Mrs. Angelica, do you take Mr. Lucian for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part? ” Oh no, that was right! I was at a wedding. Not a wedding, my wedding!! Upon realizing all these things, I immediately crawled down from the bed and dash out of the room.

Walking out of the room, what I saw baffled me greatly. The magnificent view made me stop breathing as I kept looking. Currently, I am thinking I was in paradise but remembering that the man I married is an ally to the Devil, I thought otherwise. Honestly, this palace looked like a castle. Ignoring the fact that he was a rich man, I have visited many rich mens houses, but theirs couldn be compared to this. These golden paintings and beautiful art. The beautiful golden lights and the floor looked so beautiful. This wasn tiles. This was something else.

Walking slowly through the corridor which I don know what the ending would be, I touched the wall, still amazed by the view. Who would have thought that in a lifetime I would live in a palace like this? I rolled continuously, still attracted by the view.

”Oh no, miss! ” I heard a voice immediately I bumped into someone. My face was on his chest as my nose inhaled his rare scent. What perfume was this? Whatever it was, it was meant for only rich men.

Separating my body from his, I gazed up to look at whom I bumped into.

Oh no! Another breathtaking guy! Oh, Devil!! Don let me commit adultery!! ” I screamed within me as I clenched my fist trying to stop myself from doing something nasty.

As if he heard my thoughts, he chuckled with made me frown. What did I do to warrant this laugh? I asked myself, even if I knew I wouldn be receiving any answers.

”So, you are awake, ” Chris said, and I nodded obediently. One thing I don understand, why did I answer him? Wasn it obvious that Im awake? Or wait! Don tell me that Im sleepwalking again!!

I slapped myself to be sure that I wasn .

”Easy girl! You are not sleeping walking. And besides, I asked in case you need more sleep, and we were waiting for you downstairs ” He said like he was rapping. One thing I admired most In him was his eyes and hair.

”Who are we? Why am I? And why are you guys waiting for me? ” I asked and he sighed.

”We are having breakfast, and where you are? You can ask your husband that. Lets move! ” He suddenly frowned as he walked past me. He was moving in another direction, somewhere I didn notice while I was admiring the paintings.

I ran just so I can keep up with him. Now, what annoyed me was the endless steps. My legs were starting to hurt.

”Next time, you can take the lift ” I heard him say. What was this man?

”Stop thinking loud!! Suddenly, he yelled out, looking annoyed.

”Why shouting? ” I heard another voice. Looking over, I saw strange people gathered around a long table. Looks like there were having breakfast.

”Breathe ” I heard the one who I got wedded to say to me. Oh yes, I forgot to breathe due to the breathtaking sight. They all looked…..

”Im losing my sanity ” Chris voiced out again as he covered his ear. They all looked at him confused.

”Just block her out. You know, disconnect ” Xavier smirked as he stole a chip and ate it.

”Im not a Bluetooth ” Chris retorted curtly

”Who cares if you are a Xender? ” Xavier smirked again, causing Chris to groan loudly.

”Just keep that mouth of yours shut, or Ill shut it up myself ” Chris threatened while Xavier laughed.

”Common lets eat. The person we are waiting for has finally arrived ” Selena said, causing Xavier to signal to me telling me to join them. I obeyed as I motioned to them. I sat in the empty seat beside Lucian.

Knowing that my thoughts had many effects on them, I tried to stop thinking. This didn seem weird to me because most of my friends studied the same course at school. They could tell a persons next action, and all read minds. I believe!

”Someone just got wedded. Whats your name? ” Knowing fully well the type of person Lucian is, Selena made up her plan to trouble him. She was fully convinced that he wouldn show his madness before his newly wedded wife. And all those **ing rules he made, there would surely be an adjustment, all for the sake of being newly wedded.

”Angelica ” I answered in a low tone. Somehow, before these people, I felt like I wasn in their Class. Not just because they were rich, but because they looked beautiful. No words could describe how breathtaking and awesome they all looked. And besides that, they all looked educated, unlike me that I am not through with schooling.

”Angelica. Angel ” I heard the mysterious ladys voice. Her eyes were the most beautiful eyes Ive ever seen.

”You are not in the position to nickname her. Only her husband has the right! ” Xavier hissed, causing Selena to frown.

”I wasn talking to you and besides, the husband isn saying anything ” Looking over to Lucian, he was concentrating on his food.

”How old are you, Angel? ” Selena smiled.

”Im 18 years, ” I said, and the girl spat out her food. Was something wrong?


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