. Who knows if shes dead ” Chris exclaimed and the car screeched to a halt. They all lost their balance.

”Not that, Chris!! She can be dead ” Xavier shivered.

”And is that why you did that? Oh, man? Are you scared of humans? ” Chris asked and Xavier shook is head…

”No! Im scared of their barks ” He said and Chris chuckled.

”You guys are wasting my time. I have a meeting to attend ” Lucian said and they both turned to him.

”Really? Are you leaving her with us? ” Chris, who was carrying Angelica, asked.

”If not you, then who? ” He asked with his usual good voice.

”You are mean. You
e suppose to be on honeymoon and here you are talking about work ” Xavier hissed and then, Lucian teleported out of the car. The duo gaped.

”What the hell? That dumbass! ” Xavier cursed while Chris laughed.

”Lets go before she dies ” Chris murmured.

”She shouldn die! ” Xavier said, and then, he started driving again.

After driving for a while, they finally got to the mansion, usually nicknamed as ”The Lucifers Lion Den ”. Thats what people called his home, but Chris preferred it to be called as ”Lucifers Hell ”. When you get it, theres no coming back. No human ever entered his home and came back alive. Even if he wanted to sleep with a girl, after satisfying himself, he would strangle the girls neck and make her sleep forever in his grave.

Now the question was, will Angelica be an exception to all those girls he killed.

Carrying the girl in his arms, Chris teleported to an empty room as he laid the girl on the bed.

”Shes sleeping ” Selena appeared from nowhere. Her sudden arrival startled Chris and Xavier.

”What are you doing here? ” Xavier, who never liked her, asked causing the girl to roll her eyes.

”Lucian told me to come and check on her ” The girl said and Xavier hissed.


”I never knew he cared. Perhaps his humanity is starting to return ” Chris mocked, causing Selena to giggle.

”Well, I can wait to tell him with you just said ” Selena said and Chris shouted out in disbelief.

”What? Don . ” He said, more like a command.

”Well, I guess you don know how to beg ” She smirked and then, Chris sent pleading looks to her.

”Can you, please? Don tell him ” He asked a little nicer causing the girl to giggle.

”Thats my boy ” She proudly said, causing Chris to frown.

”When will she be awake? ” Xavier butted in!

”I don know how humans life work ” Her voice became thick.

”Oh jeez, I can feel goosebumps prickling on my skin. Is this marriage going to end well? ” Xavier asked as he threw himself on a sofa beside the bed. He looked into their eyes, waiting for a reply.

”I prefer that we don butt in his affair. It might not end good ” Selena said.

”Im not butting in…. Im just a little scared ” Xavier defended himself and Chris sighed.

”Ill be in my room. Inform me if shes awake ” He said and then, he disappeared out of their sight.

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