Standing before the altar, I could feel my heart dying slowly because of the uneasiness I was feeling within me. All my life, I dreamt to be with the man that I love, and I cherish. I dreamt to be with the man who would call me his love, his life, his breath, and his everything but right now, my dream was shattered. Although, I never knew what it felt like to be in love, Ive never been in a relationship but the love my father and mother shared between themselves, it made me daydream about my love too.

My 18 years of age just completed, and my father arranged a Rich Business Tycoon for me to get married to. Not arrange, I was sold to him for some unknown reason. A man who everybody gossiped to be a killer, a cheat, a fraudster, and a devil! Regardless of what people said about him, my dad gave me to him in the aspect of another unknown thing. This bothered me, a lot. I thought my parents loved me, but I was wrong, they were patiently waiting for me to complete 18 so that I could get out of their home. Well, no big deal, my heart will never give any room for trust anymore.

”Your groom is wasting time. Did he forget that today is your wedding? ” The priest mumbled as he checked the time on his wristwatch. I sighed upon hearing that. How would a groom forget his wedding? Perhaps, he is a psychopath! I muttered and suddenly got startled when the door of the hall was kicked open.

Due to shock, I instantly turned around to see the crazy jerk. Turning around, I could feel my heart fighting against its heartbeat, immediately I set my eyes on a tall man walking down the aisle.

Scanning him, his hair was perfectly done, his eyes….the strangest eyes Ive ever seen in my whole 18 years of existence. His nose bridge was perfectly built with his dainty little pink lips. His face was manly built with perfect skin color. The suit he was wearing, made him look more endearing and compelling to the eyes. Currently, Ive lost my senses as I couldn get my eyes off him. I didn even notice that he was already beside me.

”What are you staring at? ” My soul almost flee from my body as I heard his stern voice. How could a handsome man like him have that kind of voice? His voice was too cold and unpleasant to the hearing.

”Now, lets proceed since the groom is here ”

”What! ” I turned to the priest and, then, to the strange man whose aura was killing me. Staying close to him made me feel like I was experiencing hell…why? Now, this priest, ”The Groom ”.

”Are you the groom? ” I was resistant to asking, which caused the man to glare at me.

”What do I look like if not the groom? ” He said with made me gape. That voice again! I was irritated.

”Mr. Lucifer and Mrs. Angelica Galloway… Do… ” Immediately I heard Mr. Lucifer, I shouted out in shock. Presently, I wasn even ashamed because my sanity has gone beyond coming back.

”Who is Lucifer? ” I asked, which made laughs echo behind me. The audience was laughing. Who were they laughing at? Me or the name?

Lifting my head, I saw his eyes looking at me intensely. I could feel my throat burn due to his killing glare.

”Thats his name, Mrs. Angelica, ” The priest said, and I gulped hard. This was confusing. His name was Lucifer. Meaning, Im being wedded to the devil?

”Call me, Lucian ” I finally heard him say, and looking at the priest, he nodded.

”Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Angelica Galloway, Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to each other in marriage? ” I could feel my head rotate in an unknown motion as I heard what the priest just said. It was never my will to be here.

Still thinking, my heart skipped when I heard his voice again.

”Yes ” He answered and then, the priests gaze was on me. He was waiting for my reply…. Why did h

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