Harem Academy

Hot and Sexy Aclysia

slightest. Her amber eyes stayed aimed at Derilea. All she did was fold her hands behind her back and waited to be addressed.

”Oh my, we seem to have a challenger, we don get that every year, ” Derilea spoke with a happy smile on her face and gestured for the woman to approach. I could easily guess that Derilea was hoping to show off her daughters capabilities.

The woman with the tricorne moved wordlessly. Turning on her heels, she stepped forwards with the sharp grace of a honey bee. A display equally threatening as she seemed necessary for the completeness of nature. That beauty, sharp and elegant, outstanding even between all other women around her, charmed me. I felt like I was looking at a singular dark blue rose in a field of bright flowers.

Her path brought her up to me and we exchanged a glance. Slit pupils met my blue eyes. In order to meet my gaze straight-on, she had to raise her neck just a little bit. I was about half a head taller than her. I was immediately struck by something. A tuck at the heartstrings, the singing of chords in my soul and the less romantic release of chemicals in my brain. There was more to that than just desiring her body. Although it certainly was a factor, it was more than just a pretty face that had me interested in her.

”I feel like you won need me wishing you good luck, ” were the words I smilingly presented to her, as I made room to let her pass. I wanted to say more, but this wasn the time. She stood there looking at me for one more second, with what felt like curiosity. It was hard to discern, as her stoic expression didn change and her red lips remained sealed. Then she passed through the gap I made for her.

”Satan, ” Arlethia whispered, ”Willt, can you try talking to her after she ends up in the shacks? Would love to have her in your Anomalia. She is sizzling hot. ”

”You can most certainly try, but I advise against it, ” I told the two of them. ”If you want to, you can compete with me. Don think thatd end in anything but disappointment for you. ” I used my most charming smile to take the edge out of those words, this was still bantering among friends. With a kernel of truth to it.

”Yeah, like you will suddenly land with someone like her, ” Arlethia rolled her eyes as she made fun of me. I didn honour that with a response. She already knew that I had landed with more than one attractive woman in the past, while her boyfriend had struggled to even notice the signals coming from his childhood friend. Instead, I focused on the screen that showed this woman as she entered the ring.

A blue energy field, made up of hundreds of hexagons, flared up as she passed through it. Some kind of barrier to prevent stray attacks from hitting the observers. With long strides, she advanced over the tiled floor, tall boots cladding her feet. They were not a bit sexual, but marching boots made for military purposes and long marches through difficult terrain.

”This is your last chance to back down, ” Derilea warned, more out of tradition than necessity.

”I will not retreat, ” the raven-haired woman spoke and her voice was like evenly spread honey on freshly baked and buttered bread. Sweet, smooth, and determined with some sort of unidentifiable accent to it that made each sentence an individual line in a slow song. It reached the entire lecture hall through the enchantments on the ring. ”I made my decision. Theres no value in delaying things. ”

Derilea and her King, Taurus, glanced at each other, nodded and then vacated the platform, leaving it to the unnamed woman and Aclysia.

It was fortunate for everyone that the headmasters daughter had not taken after her father in any aspects of her looks. She was purely in keeping with her mother, from the white hair to the green eyes and the maid-like behaviour. Indeed, the only way those two seemed to really deviate from each other was age.

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