Harem Academy

Derilea\'s daughter

second-generation warlocks side.

”Its just going to be the living situation, ” Willt tried to make the whole thing sound less annoying than it was. Personally, I didn see the problem, but it was also a thing tailored to me and my single status. With the gender distribution the way it was, the randomized situation would tend one or two guys sharing an apartment with eight or nine girls. It would help many to start talking to potential partners.

”Or, ” I, thusly, interjected, ”You could assert your dominance and just have sex with everyone else knowing. By the end of the year, everyone is going to be **ing on every surface anyway. ”

”Not everyone is as brazen as you are, Karitas. ” Willt firmly shook his head, clearly uncomfortable with the idea, ”I like clothed in public. ”

”Your decision, ” I shrugged. Personally, I was open to just having sex wherever, even in public. Not that I was some sort of exhibitionist. I just didn see what the big deal was. Sex was perfectly natural and I would do my damndest to satisfy whoever I was with, so I had nothing to hide. I snickered, ”Can you imagine the poor guy that has to share his room with another guy? ”

”Don jinx it, ” Willt warned me as the commotion died down.

”I hear many of you are dissatisfied with that situation, ” the camera switched back to displaying the white-haired maids face. Only for a moment, however, as she stepped back and gestured at a woman behind her.

She looked remarkably alike Derilea. The same straight, backwards combed, white hair, long enough to reach her lower back, pale skin, green eyes, pink lips and overall facial features. Even her bottom heavy figure was similar. The biggest differences were age and that this new woman wore the schools uniform, rather than a maid one. She still carried a silver salver with her and bowed diligently, however, giving her the same vibe as Derilea.

”This is my daughter Aclysia, she came first in this years entrance exams, ” there was a hint of pride in the otherwise diligent voice. ”As such, she will have the privilege to pick her own roommates for the next year and she will live in a facility more akin to that of the Silver Knights. If she so desires, she can share it with her friends or begin the assembly of her Anomalia, ” Although it was the norm, nothing stated that men HAD to be the ones leading a harem. I wasn quite sure if this was insinuating that Aclysia was a lesbian, wanted to share whatever lover she picked, or wanted to build herself a reverse harem. The third choice was incredibly unlikely to find a lot of participants; I wouldn partake in it, but more power to her if she wanted to try.

”We are willing to extend that privilege – if you come down here and give her a challenge or outright beat her in a battle. ” A few arms rose, one of them Arlethias, a brazen few not caring about the potential of public humiliation if it meant having a shot at a better lifestyle, but Derilea wasn done yet, ”Those of you that decide to take the challenge and lose will be automatically placed in the Wood Division for the next year. ”

There was a massive deterrent. Anyone who lived out in the shacks would have an incredibly hard time to convince the hot ladies to come home with them. Vice versa, women would have it easier to get back into the graces of some successful man, that was just the nature of gender differences, but it would still be a rather large roadblock in meeting higher profile individuals. It was also just a general inconvenience to live out in the sticks.

”Nobody then? ” Derilea asked, looking around carefully. She didn seem to expect any more raised hands. Instead, she found someone standing up.

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