erly. The attempt made me half stumble and fall into the cleavage of some girl. It was a very soft landing, bountiful in its warmth and depth. A single heartbeat I could feel, then I was shoved back. I hastily apologized.

”My lady, I meant not to be so crude, ” I stated with a little bow that I hoped would be either elegant or funny. Either could serve as a conversation starter. ”Although, if you would let me repeat the feeling, thatd be a kindness. I would be happy to discuss this over some coffee. ”

”No, ” the woman in question shot me down and I was subsequently ignored. That wasn too surprising and I backed off. If she wanted to search for someone less upfront about their desires, then that was her prerogative. Personally, I did think that people that were present on Welldark and not at least somewhat openly perverted were not being honest with themselves.. All of these people would become part of a lifestyle that employed harems as the baseline. Behaving like they were not interested in the erotic in the slightest irked me. They could have just stayed at home and not bothered with learning about the Dimensional Truth, if that was the case.

Admittedly, she did react better than many true prudes. I had not gotten myself slapped.

”This is why you are still single, ” Alrethia giggled at my conduct like the schadenfreude filled demoness she was. ”Feel up a lady and then go straight to cheesy pick-up lines. How about you behave like a normal person sometimes? ”

”This is the normal me, ” I grumbled, feeling the sting of truth at her words. It wasn like I never had any luck with the ladies. Quite the opposite. To be fair, flirting with succubi was a lot easier than the average woman. Regardless, it was hard to find the right mixture of sexy, openly depraved, loyal, and mindful to stomach my philosophising yet perverted personality. I was willing to bend to get better along with someone, I was young and I was open to bettering myself, but I couldn fundamentally change who I was.

If there was any place to find such a woman, or multiple women, it was a place like Welldark.

I concentrated back on the presentation just in time to catch the tail-end of the third mandatory class. ”…The battlefield training has a required minimum of two semesters in total. As you can see, you can be done with the mandatory classes and graduate in just one and a half years. The recommended duration of your stay is three years, but we won keep you longer than necessary if you are eager to leave. ”

Most courses, ranging from alchemy to zoology, were set to relay their knowledge over a six-semester duration, with classes of increasing difficulty, thus the three-year mark. Personally, I aimed to get the forced classes done early and then pick up some things I had fun with and could pick up ladies at, with a dash of professionalism through combat training at the side.

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