The fact that it took little old me to help push them together was something I would likely eternally tease them for. I had only entered their life at the beginning of the ascending school. An institution different from other schools within the 16-20 age group in that it taught, along with math, languages and basic civics, how to find and abuse structural weak points in the fabric of reality to hop between worlds. For most races, it took a special person to learn that art. Demons had the special gift that they could travel between worlds as long as they were called, even without awakening to the Dimensional Truth. The three of us were in the lucky club that did, however, come to realize how to penetrate the veil by ourselves.

As a friend, that they finally got together made me happy for both of them. As a man, however, Willt had my honest envy. With a chest that could make heads disappear in her cleavage and hips that strained the cloth of her black skirt tremendously, Arlethia was a true looker. Her black eyes narrowed, the red slit in the middle widening in contrast.

”Was it the pressure of the university years looming on the horizon, mhm? ” I couldn help but tease her. ”Did the lowly succubus fall to the uncertainty of fate, presented in a world full of the luscious female bodies?! ” My excited voice rose higher than it should have as my arms rose again and pointed at the many people passing us. ”Look at it, the Garden of Eden has nothing on this place! More women than Eve and many sinful acts to celebrate! ”

It wasn just Arlethia who had a drop-dead body, no; most of the crowd around the three of us consisted of magnificently cute and gorgeous women. From all the worlds that tethered to the cosmic maelstrom, they came here and dressed in the tight shirts and short skirts that composed the school uniform. The guys looked good too, but I didn care about them, a surely mutual feeling. Advantageous that the male to female ratio of this place was one to ten. Nobody was exactly sure why the Dimensional Truth manifested in such a skewed manner, but I didn care to question something so wonderful extensively. There was a saying about gift horses and mouths.

Grinding her teeth and clenching her fists, the succubus was barely holding back an aggressive outbreak. It was clear that I wasn the only one who had barely changed in the year we had been apart. ”Ah, I can see the truth in your eyes, creature of lust and darkness; you wanted to claim your man before the harem he builds is outside of your control. You want to be his Queen, it is as obvious as it could ever be! ”

”Yeah? Thats completely normal! ” the redheaded, red-skinned, red-pupiled demoness attempted to kick me in the chin. Her leg rose high, showcasing her flexibility. Regardless of how impressive that was, the attack was stopped when I blocked it with the back of my hand. Her skirt fluttered upwards. As a gentleman, I did avert my eyes. Not because I didn want to look, but because she wasn my woman to look at. If she had been single, I would have been all over that. ”Tsk, ” she made an annoyed sound and put her foot back down.

”I bet you had fun with those thighs, pretty thick, ” I immediately turned to Willt and dropped that line. A movement in my periphery alone was enough to make me jump on the spot. The leg-swipe went by under me. ”Arlethukinia, you should know me better than that. That was a cheap shot. ”

”I can believe you got even faster, ” she grumbled in response, standing straight and pulling her skirt back into position. ”You
e just a human, there is no way you should be able to be that much quicker than me. ”

”Hey, we got to Welldark, its not like we are average people, ” Willt put an arm around his love. For the moment, she was his only one.

”Indeed, we got to Welldark, ” I looked around once again, wondering who I would manage to win over to start my own harem with. There was just no end to worthwhile sights. Which ones of the many girls in this university would become part of my Anomalia? Given the gender ratio among those born with an awareness of the Dimensional Truth, male-dominated harems had become the norm generations ago and I fully intended to be in keeping with the tradition.

Places like Welldark, the Cosmic Universities, had three primary purposes. Number one was to educate future dimensional travellers in proper conduct. There were such worlds, Earth, for example, that had a God that didn want magic to meddle in its development too much (anymore). Knowing how to behave under each rule was paramount for survival and for keeping things generally peaceful. An angry god was not fun for anybody.

Number two was combat. This happened through classes, tournaments between students and, sometimes, competitions between universities. The cosmos was a vast and often dangerous place. Knowing how to defend ourselves was paramount to survival.

Number three was the forming of a harem or, what it was technically called, an Anomalia. It was a tradition fueled by a special set of powers one got access to once part of one. It was best to forge such a connection in the safety of the school years, rather than in the vast dangers of the wider universe. Especially since only other people in the know about the Dimensional Truth could join.

Strictly speaking an Anomalia didn have to be a harem, but it almost always ended up that way. There were conditions and circumstances that made it exceedingly likely.

”What I don get, ” Willt suddenly said, ”is why you went to this university of all places. Welldark is a good school, but with your grades and abilities, you surely could have gotten to Balelight. You could have been the first human in generations there. ”

”No, I couldn have, ” I joked and quickly continued speaking, not liking the topic all that much. ”No matter how hard I would have tried. That aside, I used divination to figure out where to go. ”

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