d he was a human – the descendant of a warlock that had stumbled into the Dimensional Truth. I looked him up and down with my sky blue eye, checking if he had changed in any way since I had last seen him. He had long, straight hair of a brown colour and a long, handsome face. If there was one thing a bit off about his looks, it was the red-tinged goggles with their tiny round glasses that sat on his nose. All around, he had an aesthetic fit for the eighties on Earth.

”I mean, he totally can, if he wants to look like a pretentious ass, ” the woman next to him added. She was relatively short, but that was by far the most usual of her unusual qualities. Red skin, dark red hair, horns and a thin, spade-tipped tail, all marked Arlethukinia Brimerischtueria as a succubus. As was common for those creatures of sexuality, she was attractive as all hell. That went for her face and her figure. She had large breasts and a general level of thickness to her, without actually being fat in any way.

I opted to ignore her words and instead inspected Willt a bit closer. ”Did you buff up over the last year? ” I asked him with genuine curiosity. I remembered him being a bit slimmer, not that the extra bulk pulled him out of the lanky category. He was also shorter than me, but I was above average in that regard and that left Willt at a pretty normal height.

”Well, I had a lot of physical exercise…, ” he blinked twice, and nodded towards the short and stacked succubus next to him, to signal what he was too shy to say out loud in public. Her tail possessively wrapped around his wrist and she smiled.

”No waaaaay, ” I mockingly shouted, stretching the last word like a gossiping high school girl. ”You finally confessed, Arlethia? How did you muster the courage? How much did you have to drink? ”

”Shut it! ” she shouted at me, pulling back her dark red lips and revealing her pearly white fangs. Their colour contrasted strongly with her deep red face. Her demonic complexion almost successfully hid the fact that she was blushing. Almost.

The two of them had known each other for almost their entire lives. Amongst the many demons Willts father had contracted in his day, one of them was a succubus. In a somewhat unusual development, they stayed platonic friends. Willts father eventually moved to Hell, bought a house close to the succubus, both had their families and kids. The oldest kid of each family became friends early on.

Well, friends was a nice way of putting it. When I had arrived in Hell, the two shared a lot of memories and time, but Willt repeatedly told me that he had no idea why she was always so adamant about hanging out with him. Arlethia (which was what normal people who didn want to spend 3 minutes pronouncing ridiculous demon names called her) presented a slightly different story: that of a lovestruck succubus that had no idea how to talk to the nerdy guy.

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