Harem Academy

Another challenge

a manner that better tamed her hair. ”An equal confrontation would be honourable. Demonstrate that you have correctly observed my Artefact and I will hear about yours. Fairness is a virtue. ”

There was a sharp undertone in that last sentence, a warning that she would let me have hell if I was lying about anything. ”Alright then, if you are fine with everyone knowing, ” I shrugged and weighed the copy of her weapon in hand. ”To put it basically, your Artefact manipulates time in two different ways. ” I glided the index finger of my left hand over the runes on the sabre, mine were only glowing due to the material the entire thing was made from ”The main blade is used to take you back a number of seconds, restoring your position and maybe even your Astral Capacity to that moment. ” That alone was already an outrageously good ability, so the people watching started mumbling once again.

A mumbling that grew louder when Esther confirmed what I had said so far. ”Correct, ” her tone was as direct and stern as always, softened by her velvety voice. The envy of people around was graspable. Any ability that restored Astral Capacity was immensely powerful. The resource was required for basically every action, offensive and defensive alike.

”The shorter blades ability, I am not quite sure about, ” I admitted. ”It seems you
e accelerating yourself or slowing the world down. Either way, I hope that Im wrong and that there is a bit more to it. ”

She slightly tilted her head, ”Why is that, good enemy? ” Although it sounded a bit antiquated, the way she called me good was just goose-bump inducing. It had nothing of the playful way people called dogs good, just a sign of respect.

”Because, if you keep moving quicker in comparison to the rest of time, you will age quicker. I would hate to see your gorgeous face wrinkle ahead of time, ” I answered outright with a flirtatious wink. ”The rest of your body, as well, I would love to see firm for as much of eternity as is possible. I love myself the size that jiggles and slumps a bit, but the sagging from age isn quite as aesthetically pleasing. ”

Most of the room was baffled. The usual reaction and also as stupid as usual. They were all thinking it anyway, I was just honest enough to put it into words. Much to my (very pleasant) surprise, Esther was chuckling into her raised hand, however. Something that only reinforced that adoration I felt for her since I first saw her.

”A crude reason, ” her tone broke a little, reflecting her amusement. Her singing accent continued on to make all of her words the audio equivalent of being presented with an oiled up ass for a post breakfast workout. ”You need not worry, neither do I seem to age in those instances nor am I of a species that will encounter that issue at any early point in the future. ”

”Splendid, the bags of hopes and dreams are safe, ” I mumbled, the magic engineering still carrying it all across the hall. Somewhere up there, I could guess that Willt was shaking his head in vicarious embarrassment. ”Well then, let me tell you what I can do, ” I weighed her weapon in my hand. ”My own Artefact… are my eyes, ” I revealed, pointing up to my head.

Just because Artefacts tended to take the shape of items didn mean that it was a hard rule. In very rare cases, they replaced a body part. That came with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Being unable to be lost in battle was an example of the former, having a massive dragon claw the latter. Lucky for me, mine was rather inconspicuous, for the most part.

”With them, I can manipulate space to a limited degree. I can materialize items from my imagination, teleport, create small distance portals, those kinds of things. ”

”THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT! ” I heard a certain red succubus scream from the top of her lungs. Smiling in her general direction, I gave her the nicest display of my pearly white teeth. It only caused a second, wordless roar of anger to emerge. She was such a cutie when she was angry.

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