”What a glorious day! So wonderful the sun shines on my life today that I got out of bed without coffee! ” Enthusiastically, I threw my hands into the air, attempting to hail the occasion itself. My white hair was waving in the soft, artificial winds that blew through the crafted landscape. From the mountain in the distance, to the forests and the grass, it all looked natural. A true masterclass in world-crafting.

The asphalt under my feet was the smooth road to a new segment in my life, leading up to a gothic university. A set of buildings of primarily deep purple, grey and black colouration, dominated by tall clock towers, decorative arches and tall windows. It beckoned me to explore the secrets laying in its splendour. ”So, this is Welldark, ” I continued to talk, after glancing over my shoulder. ”Its even larger than I thought. A vast complex of arts and crafts and people. More than enough room to unfold my many desires and satisfy my curiosity. ”

”Maybe Itll even fit your ego, ” a groan behind me interrupted my monologue. ”Karitas, when will you ever be done playing the philosopher? ” the same voice continued to berate me. It was distinctly female and fundamentally seductive, although that was somewhat diminished by the chastising undertone. ”You know you sound pretentious A-F, right? ”

I stood frozen, taking a moment more to just breathe it all in. The many women and few men passing by gave me odd glances. There were almost as many shapes to their pupils as there were colours to their eyes. Nods, gestures and giggles were inspired by my presence, tiny movements accentuated by horns, ears, tails, fantastical and animalistic features.

My fellow students passed by, in their various shapes and forms. All were humanoid, a pair of arms, a pair of legs and one head, but few were actually just human. Be it the simple addition of pointy ears or the complete replacement of flesh and bones with slime, the predominantly female crowd was rich in desirable diversity. Welldark was famous among the Cosmic Universities for attracting people from all kinds of worlds.

”What, did you expect that he suddenly fixed himself over the last year? ” A second voice, male, asked the initial speaker that had so rudely interrupted me. His voice was less mocking and meek, almost getting drowned out by the chattering.

”Nope, but I had hope, ” the first voice pointed out. ”Its been a year, I thought he would grow up. ”

”You two are cunts, ” I declared and dropped my hands, putting them into the large pockets of my black cotton pants. They combined with a high-quality, red shirt to make up the school uniform of Welldark university. With the hands, my overacting of the situation also dropped. ”Seriously, can a happy man not try to have some fun by being sophisticated about the path of his life? ”

”Not in the open, you can , ” said the man. His name was Willt an

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