On October 27, 3020, the identity of the deceased still couldn’t be identified, and the case reached a dead end.
Jiang Chengyan was entrusted by Ling Hua’an to go to Changping Gallery and discovered the fact that Jiang Changping was missing.

The woman looked at Jiang Chengyan with hesitation and said uncomfortably, “Comrade police officer, why do you want it? This is… Did something happen to my husband?”

Jiang Chengyan smiled and said calmly, “We are doing this just in case, you don’t have to be too nervous.
Maybe your husband just got caught up in something and will be back soon.
Don’t worry.
Since you reported the case, we will definitely do our best to help you find him.”
The woman nodded.
Obviously a little helpless, and said, “Then…then what should I do?”
“If it’s convenient, I need to go to your house.”

“Well, then now, I just happen to be free.”

Jiang Chengyan went home with the woman and collected some hair in the bathroom.  Put Jiang Changping’s toothbrush in the evidence bag, and quickly returned to the police station.

Jiang Chengyan went directly to the forensic department.  He found Su Ke who was eating, then he handed him the things he collected.
He then said, “Su Ke, extract the DNA and compare it with the deceased?

Su Ke looked at the thing in front of him and said, “Where did this come from?”

“I can’t explain this in two sentences.
You should eat it quickly, and then do the comparison after eating.”

Seeing that, Su Ke covered his lunch box and picked up the things from Jiang Chengyan then went to the laboratory.
But when he reached the door, he stopped and turned over to look at Jiang Chengyan, “have you eaten yet?”
Jiang Chengyan, who was following behind him, was stunned and subconsciously shook his head and said, “Not yet.
What’s wrong?”

“Leave this to me.
I will inform you immediately when the results come out, go eat now.”

“I’m not hungry.” How could Jiang Chengyan be in the mood to eat right now?
“Not hungry? Right then.
But, I’m hungry.
I  will eat again.” Su Ke walked back to his deck and sat down.
Jiang Chengyan laughed with tears in his eyes, “Alright, alright.
I will go eat now.
Don’t worry.
Anyway, no rush.
Take your time and work on it after finishing your food.”
Su Ke said with satisfaction, “that’s more like it.
Go ahead, I’ll do the comparison later.

Jiang Chengyan turned away and left the office.
He looked at the time then took out his phone.
He opened the address book and found Ling Hua’an number.
He hesitated a moment,  before putting the phone away again.
He looked at Yao Min, who walked in with a box lunch, and said, “Yao Min, is there a lot of box lunch?”
Yao Min was startled, “Captain, I went to your office and didn’t find anyone.
I thought you were going to work and would eat out, so I didn’t buy it from you.
I’ll call now and order another one from the captain.

“Okay, I’ll give you a red envelope1 later.”

Jiang Chengyan turned around and went back to the office, printed out Jiang Changping’s information, and checked it carefully.
If the deceased was Jiang Changping, then it became questionable whether Su Ke’s speculation was valid.
He hesitated for a while, then typed the word ‘enema’ into the search engine, and then press Enter.
The information that came out was basically the enema method given by the hospital.
He kept looking for it and found the information he wanted was on the next page.

Knock knock
His door office was knocked and Jiang Chengyan answered casually, “come in.”

Yao Min walked in with a lunch box, put it on the table, and said, “ Captain, your lunch box.”

“Well, put it here.” Jiang Chengyan’s attention was always on the computer screen.

“Captain, you…you…” 

Yao Min’s voice sounded from behind.
Jiang Chengyan turned around and saw Yao Min’s shocked expression.
He immediately reacted to closing the computer subconsciously, and explained, “it’s not like what you are thinking.”

Yao Min blushed and blinked, interrupting Jiang Chengyan’s words, and said with a smile, “Captain, you don’t have to be nervous.
To be honest, I’m a real fujoshi2.
I know everything.”

What are you thinking, little girl?”

“Captain, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.
But I really didn’t expect that Captain… you are actually the sister down below.”

Jiang Chengyan was annoyed, but Yao Min opened the door neatly and ran out.
Jiang Chengyan cried dumbfoundedly, “Get back here!”

The door of the room closed and opened again.
Yao Min came in and said, “Captain, you can ask me if you don’t understand anything.
You don’t need to search.
I definitely know more than the Internet.”
“Yao Min!”

Seeing Jiang Chengyan turning into anger, Yao Min was so frightened that she quickly shrank out.
Just as he was about to go out and call Yao Min, the phone on the table suddenly vibrated.
Jiang Chengyan picked up the phone and saw that it was Ling Hua’an’s voice message.
He hurriedly opened it and listened to his ear.

“Captain Jiang, what about the matter I ask you?”

“I went to the gallery this morning and met Jiang Changping’s wife, and she said that Jiang Changping was indeed missing and had reported it to the police.”

“Missing? Could something have happened to him ?”

Jiang Chengyan hesitated for a moment and replied, “It’s hard to say.
But don’t worry, we’ll do our best to investigate.”

The phone alert sounded, Ling Hua’an clicked on the voice and listened then replied, “Then I’ll trouble Captain Jiang.”

Putting the phone on the table, Ling Hua’an looked in Yan Yu’s direction and said, “The reply is thirty seconds late.
It seems that Jiang Chengyan has already thought that the headless corpse is Jiang Changping.”

Without waiting for Yanyu to speak, the incoming message notification sounded again, “No trouble, serve the people.3“
Yan Yu said lightly, “Then are we still involved in this case?”

“Since the contract has been signed, of course, it must be managed to the end.
He checked him, we checked ours.
There was no conflict.
In the end, he still had to collect the net.

“Then, where should we start?”

Ling Hua’an was silent for a while and said, “His fingerprints were destroyed and his head was hidden, so it’s obvious that they didn’t want people to know his identity.
The killer must be someone close to him, so let’s start with his network of connections.”

Yan Yu got up and said, “Okay, leave this to me.”

“Don’t be in such a hurry.
Just stay and eat before you go.”

“Okay, what do you want to eat? I’ll go make it.” Yan Yu’s cold eyes flashed with streams of light.

“There are tomatoes and beef in the fridge, just make two bowls of noodles.”

“Then wait a moment, I’ll go make them.” Yan Yu walked towards the familiar kitchen.

Ling Hua’an thought about it and went to the kitchen, taking out two eggs from the refrigerator.

“Hu’an, what do you want to do, I’ll help you.”

“No, you are busy cooking.”

Seeing Ling Hua’an insisting, Yan Yu didn’t say anything more and started to process the ingredients.
Ling Hua’an took out the egg cooker, fumbled to take some water, and poured it in.
He put the egg on it, closed the lid, and pressed the button.
While cooking the eggs, Ling Hua’an peeled off a few more cloves of garlic.

The completion beep sounded from the egg cooker, Yan Yu looked over, stopped Ling Hua’an who wanted to get his hands on it, and said, “Leave it to me.”

“No, it’s not the first time I’ve done it.
You go back to what you’re doing.”

Yan Yu didn’t speak anymore, but took out the eggs from the egg cooker one by one, put them in a bowl full of cold water, and brought them into Ling Hua’an’s hands, saying, “Okay.”

Ling Hua’an said amusingly, “Yan Yu, don’t be so considerate all the time, I can do a lot of things myself.”

“Yeah.” Yan Yun answered, he just did what he should do as usual.

Ling Hua’an shook his head helplessly and brought the bowl to the dining table.
He started to peel the eggs and put them into the masher machine.
Then he put the garlic cloves and a pinch of salt before mashing them together.

After that, he scooped it with a spoon and put it on the plate.
To season it, he poured sesame oil on it.
The garlic egg is ready, which is Yan Yu’s favorite dish.

After Ling Hua’an finished making the side dish, the noodles that Yan Yu cooked were almost ready.
Beef brisket noodles with tomatoes served with spicy sauce and pickles with additional garlic egg.
The lunch set is complete.

“Yan Yu, eat less spicy food.
The weather is dry and it’s easy to get sick.”

“En, only a spoonful.” Yan Yu raised the corners of his mouth and showed a gentle smile.

“The hot sauce I made this time is hotter than usual.
Just half a spoon.”

“Okay, I will listen to you.” Yan Yu poured back half a spoonful of the chili sauce he had dug up.

Ling Hua’an nodded in satisfaction and ate the noodles quietly.
Except for the sound of the bowls and chopsticks colliding, no other sound could be heard in the room, but it made Yan Yu feel particularly at ease.

After eating, Yan Yu as usual cleaned up the dishes, he stopped Ling Hua’an who wanted to enter the kitchen.
He has the habit to brewed tea and bringing it to him before leaving.

“Yan Yu, be careful and protect yourself.” Ling Hua’an can’t help to utter it.

“Don’t worry,  I will call you if there’s any news.”

Listening to the room door being closed, Ling Hua’an picked up his phone, put on his jacket, and fumbled out the door.
He took a taxi to Jiang Changping’s house.

“Heping district is here.” The driver reminded Ling Hua’an.

“How much?” Ling Hua’an asked aloud.

The driver hesitated for a moment and said, “25.”

“Laoban, he is not lying.” Wang Lei whispered in Ling Hua’an’s ears.

Ling Hua’an took out twenty-five Yuan from his pocket, handed it to the driver, and got out of the car after thanking him.
Under Wang Lei’s guidance, he went all the way downstairs to Building 5, took the elevator straight up to the 20th floor, stopped in front of Door 2001, and asked softly, “Is this place familiar?”

Ling Hua’an nodded, looked at Wang Lei, and said, “Wang Lei, help me keep an eye on Li Qiuran.
You can go wherever she goes.
If there is anything unusual, come back to the store and find me immediately.”

“Master, let me come out, I want to see my wife and son.”

You can’t go anywhere until things are cleared up.”

“Master, I promise not to mess around, just let me see them.
I beg you, Master.”

“Can’t you hear what I said?” Ling Hua’an’s voice was very light, but it was so powerful that it couldn’t be refuted.
The sudden sense of oppression surprised Jiang Changping, who kept his mouth shut.

Wang Lei also swallowed his saliva and said cautiously, “Laoban, do you suspect that the murderer is his wife?”

“It’s not impossible.”

“Impossible! How is it possible?” Jiang Changping couldn’t help but retort.

Ling Hu’an frowned slightly, “ I only said it was possible.
Whether it was true, or not it still needs to be investigated.
Don’t worry, I promise to help you find out the truth, and I will definitely do what I say, but you have to be mentally prepared.”

Jiang Changpin fell silent….


The author has something to say:

This is a story.
There are feelings, but not love brains, and each person’s existence has its meaning, so let’s clear the thunder



Talking about wechat sending money method. ↺ It was actually translated as ‘rotten girl’.
But I choose the word to become fujoshi instead ↺

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