“So Gao Yuan killed you? But why did you follow Liu Changyuan?”

“It wasn’t Gao Yuan.” A complex emotion flashed across Li Nanhang’s face, and said, “It’s Liu Changyuan.
Somehow Liu Changyuan also came that day.
He was the one who shot and killed me.”

“Why did Gao Yuan interact with those people? Did he answer you that day?” Jiang Chengyan couldn’t help asking.

Li Nanhang shook his head and said, “No.
He was silent for a long time that day and never answered.
I don’t believe he did that for money, there must be other reasons.”

Jiang Chengyan said with a serious expression, “Even if there are other reasons, the fact he has committed a crime and cooperating with a drug dealer.
I can’t understand and accept it.”

Ling Hua’an patted Jiang Chengyan’s hand to comfort him, looked at Li Nanhang, and asked, “I heard you say that Liu Changyuan and Gao Yuan are working together.
Did the five people in the car the day before that day know anything about them? What’s their relationship?

“I’m not sure about that.
I don’t have these guys in my investigation.”

 “If you already know where the evidence is, why are you still looking for us? Is there anything we can do to help you?”

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Li Nanhang looked at Lin Shao, and Lin Shao answered, “I heard that Officer Jiang and Gao Yuan are old classmates.
How is your relationship?”

Jiang Chengyan answered truthfully, “Gao Yuan and I are college classmates, our relationship was not bad when we were in school, but after graduating from college, we got less contact makes our relationship not as good as before.”

Lin Shao nodded, and then said, “Officer Jiang, did Gao Yuan make an appointment to invite you to dinner before you leave?”

“Yes, what are you going to do? ”

Lin Shao said bluntly, “officer Li once downloaded the evidence of Cheng Fangheng’s drug manufacturing and drug trafficking.
It was a football-shaped USB flash drive.
Later, Officer Li saw it, and it had been hanging on Gao Yuan’s keychain.
We hope you can take the opportunity to have dinner with him and If you have the chance, get that USB flash drive.”

Jiang Chengyan frowned slightly and said, “Since it is such an important thing, it’s not so easy to get.  Besides, my identity is still so susceptible.
What I can do is try, and don’t be too hopeful.”

Lin Shao smiled and said, “We are already grateful that Officer Jiang can help, it doesn’t matter what the result is.
You must ensure your own safety.”

“Even if you find that USB flash drive, you can only convict Fang Heng.
What about Gao Yuan?”

Li Nanhang replied, “I have photos of Gao Yuan and Cheng Fangheng’s dealings there and his account information in RS Bank.
As long as Fangheng can be convicted, Gao Yuan will not be able to run away.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and said, “Where is your body, and has the police found it?”

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“It was buried on Lingshan before.
Lin has managed to get them to find it.
Now he is in the autopsy room.”

Jiang Chengyan frowned and said, “With the temperature of Licheng, even a body buried in a mountain for a month will definitely be corrupted.
“Moreover, Liu Changyuan and Gao Yuan are both police officers and very familiar with the case handling process.
The warheads and shell casings may not be easy to find on the scene.
It’s probably not easy to convict Gao Yuan.”

“As long as Gao Yuan is convicted, my death will not be a secret.
I believe Gao Yuan  will tell the truth.”

“Okay, we will try our best.”

Ling Hua’an looked at Jiang Chengyan and said, “Captain Jiang, before someone else is killed, let’s make it today.
Call Gao Yuan and ask him to go out.”

“Hey, Chengyan, you know, I’m a bit busy here.

“Gao Yuan, my vacation ends today.
So if nothing is happening at the police station, I’ll return tomorrow.”

“The case has been investigated clearly, so we don’t need to bother you anymore.”

“Do you have time this evening? I want to meet with you before I leave.”

“Hm…” Gao Yuan paused for a while and said, “Chengyan, I’m really sorry, because of Liu Changyuan’s affairs, we are so busy here.  I have something else to do at night.
Well, if you don’t mind, we can meet at a restaurant across the  police station.”

“It’s okay.
We are all police officers.
I understand.
You decide the place and time.”

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20 – cafeno20.wordpress.com

“That’s fine.
It’s half past five now.
Then we will meet at Licheng Hot Pot City across from the police station at seven o’clock.”

“Okay, we will leave later and make sure to arrive on time.”

After making an appointment with Gao Yuan, Jiang Chengyan hung up the phone, “It’s done.
At seven o’clock, in Hot Pot City across from the police station.”

Ling Hua’an nodded and said, “please check how far this is from the police station?”

Jiangchengyan searched the route and said, “it’s not far.
It takes half an hour by car.”

“Let’s go now to buy some gifts.
It’s not good to meet friends empty-handed.”

The two left, and Lin Shao saw them out the door.
Ling Hua’an looked at Lin Wan’er beside him and said, “Miss Wan’er, I wish you all the best in your next life.”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “I also wish Mr.
Ling and Officer Jiang grow old together.”

Ling Hua’an held Jiang Chengyan’s hand without any hesitation, and said with a smile, “Yes, goodbye.”

Lin Shao stopped the two of them, took out a small football-shaped object from his pocket, handed it to Jiang Chengyan, and said, “Officer Jiang, this USB flash drive is exactly the same as the one in Gao Yuan’s hand, take it.”

Jiang Chengyan took the USB flash drive and said, “Okay, Mr.
Lin, so thoughtful.

Without saying more, the two left the antique shop, walked around the neighborhood, bought some gifts, then called a car and rushed to the agreed place.
At around 6:50, they came to the door of Licheng Hotpot City, went in, and asked for a private room.
They ordered some tea while waiting for the arrival of Gao Yuan.

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20 – cafeno20.wordpress.com

About ten minutes later, the private room door was knocked on.
Gao Yuan pushed the door and walked in.
He said with an embarrassed smile, “Chengyan, Sorry I’m late.”

“It’s okay.
We’re police officers, it’s nothing.  Come, let me introduce him to you.
His name is Ling Hua’an.
He is my friend.”

Ling Hua’an nodded with a smile and said, “Hello, Officer Gao.”

“Hello, Mr.
Ling… since you are Chengyan’s friend, you are also my friend.
When you come to Licheng in the future, just look for me if you need anything.” Gao Yuan said politely.

“All right, don’t stand still.
I know you’re busy.
Let’s order quickly.
We don’t want to delay your work.”

The three of them took their seats, Jiang Chengyan called the waiter to order and added a few more dishes after Gao Yuan ordered.

“Gao Yuan, we haven’t seen each other for six or seven years.” Jiang Chengyan found the topic casually.”

“What’s seven years? It’s been eight years.
We graduated at twenty-two, now we’re already thirty.”

“It’s been eight years! Time flies.
Do you have a girlfriend yet?”

“Not yet.
Are you still unclear about the nature of our work? I work overtime for most of the month and can’t even care about myself.
How can I find a girlfriend? ”

The two chatted with each other, and the food came soon.
Jiang Chengyan wanted to order some drinks, but Gao Yuan stopped him because he had to work overtime later.

Ling Hua’an got up and said, “I’m sorry, Officer Gao, I’m going to the toilet.”

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Seeing this, Jiang Chengyan also followed and stood up, saying, “Hua An’s eyes are not good.
I’ll send him over, Gao Yuan you eat first, we’ll be back later.”

 “Okay, I’ll wait for you guys to come back.”

Jiang Chengyan helped Ling Hua’an out of the private room and entered the bathroom door.
Ling Hua’an asked in a low voice, “Captain Jiang, have you seen the USB flash drive that Li Nanhang said?”

“I see, it’s hanging on his key, but he doesn’t drink, and I can’t find an excuse.
I can’t say, ‘The gadget on your key is so beautiful, why don’t you give it to me’.” Jiang Chengyan smiled bitterly.

Ling Hua’an laughed lightly when he heard the words, and said jokingly, “Captain Jiang is so thin-skinned, he definitely can’t tell.”

Jiang Chengyan blushed and snapped, “Hua’an, at a time like this, why are you still teasing me?”

“All right, leave this to me.
You watch for me at the door.”

Jiang Chengyan was stunned and immediately said, “okay.”

Ling Hua’an walked into the toilet, took out a paper talisman, and recited the incantation silently.
The paper talisman ignited spontaneously.
Inside the small bathroom, a figure appeared out of thin air, with small eyes, a mustache, and a coat.
It was the messenger Hu Si.

Ling, we met again.

Hu, I have to trouble you with one more thing.”  Ling Hua’an said his intention straightforwardly.

Hu Si responded and then followed Ling Hua’an to the private room.
He went directly to Gao Yuan, took off the key hanging on his body, and handed it to Ling Hua’an.

Jiang Chengyan was stunned and quickly reacted by picking up the key and replacing the USB drive on it.

Hu Si smiled, took the key, hung it on his body again, and said, “Mr.
Ling, the matter is done, then I will leave first.”

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20 – cafeno20.wordpress.com

Hu, take care.
The reward will be delivered tomorrow.”

After Hu Si left, Gao Yuan regained consciousness.
He just felt his head was a little heavy.
He pinched his eyebrows and said, “I don’t know if I’ve been too tired recently.
I always feel a little dazed these past two days?”

Jiang Chengyan pretended to be concerned and said, “Gao Yuan, your face is not very good.
You’d better not work too hard.
Go to the hospital when you have time.”

“It’s okay, I know my body well, but I’m a little tired.
After the case is over, I’ll take a rest for a few days.

“The other day, I also encountered a difficult case.
I worked overtime for more than half a month in a row.
I really couldn’t hold on.
As soon as the case was closed, I immediately applied for a vacation.”

“We all do the same in this business.”

Jiang Chengyan chatted with Gao Yuan as if nothing had happened, and Ling Hua’an listened quietly.
Only when Gao Yuan talked to him did he say a few words.

An hour later, Jiang Chengyan offered to leave, and Gao Yuan didn’t stay any longer.
The three said goodbye at the entrance of Hot Pot City.
Gao Yuan went straight back to the police station, while Jiang Chengyan and Ling Hua’an went to the Lin Family Antique Shop.

After handing Lin Shao over the USB flash drive, the two returned to the hotel.

They focused on traveling for the next two days and did not ask about Gao Yuan again.
It was not until a month after the four of them returned to Huacheng that Ling Hua’an learned about the information from Lin Shao.

Lin Shao directly sent the evidence he had anonymously to Han Peng, the chief prosecutor of the Licheng Procuratorate.
All judicial departments attach great importance to drug cases, and Han Peng is no exception.
He reported non-stop and soon set up a special investigation team and verified the authenticity of the evidence.

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20 – cafeno20.wordpress.com

Half a month after establishing a special investigation team,  Cheng Fangheng was arrested with Gao Yuan involved. 
Gao Yuan could not deny the fact that Liu Yuanchang had killed Li Nanhang with conclusive evidence.

The reason why Gao Yuan walked on the path of crime was related to Li Nanhang.  In fact, the two of them secretly investigated the Licheng drug trafficking Group and exposed it very early.
During the tracking, the two followed an unfinished building.
Gao Yuan asked Li Nanhang to have a look outside and went in to check it himself.
Li Nanhang disagreed, but Gao Yuan insisted and walked into the unfinished building with a gun.
Who knew that as soon as he walked in, he would be caught by Cheng Fangheng, who had been on alert for a long time?

Cheng Fangheng persuaded Gao Yuan to cooperate with him, but Gao Yuan sternly refused and decided to die.
But Cheng Fangheng didn’t intend to kill him, instead, he took out his mobile phone and handed it to Gao Yuan.
On the screen was Li Nanhang, who stayed outside with a sniper who pointed his gun at him.

Cheng Fangheng threatened that if he didn’t cooperate with him, he would immediately kill Li Nanhang.
Gao Yuan and Li Nanhang have gone through life and death several times.
Their relationship was very deep, and his willful actions led to the current situation.
He would’ve chosen to die if he were himself, but Li Nanhang still has his wife and children.
If he died because of himself, Gao Yuan would never feel at ease in his life.

To keep Li Nanhang safe, Gaoyuan agreed to cooperate with Cheng Fangheng, but Gaoyuan only promised to help Cheng Fangheng to perish his nemesis, Sun Qi. 

Sun Qi is also an active drug dealer in Lincheng.
The two have always been at odds.
Recently, Sun Qi not only robbed Cheng Fangheng’s supply of goods but also continued to expand his territory.
This undoubtedly touched Cheng Fangheng’s bottom line, so when Fang Heng knew that Gao Yuan was investigating him, he thought of using him to get rid of Sun Qi’s plan.

According to the information provided by Cheng Fangheng, Gao Yuan soon grasped Sun Qi’s criminal evidence, took people to his nest, and seized nearly a ton of drugs.
As a result, Gao Yuan was promoted, and Cheng Fangheng also got rid of his thorns.
This is a win-win situation.
Gao Yuan thought it was all over, but Cheng Fangheng threatened him with a video of the two having cooperated.
Although Gao Yuan was furious, he had to choose to continue to cooperate with him.

translated by Cafe No.
20 – cafeno20.wordpress.com

In fact, the first person to discover the secret of Gao Yuan was Liu Changyuan.
Liu Changyuan has been a policeman for more than ten years, but because of his academic qualifications, he has never had a chance to be promoted.
His wife also has diabetes, and his son wants to study abroad.
His family situation is simply unable to support it.
His cousin Li Kun, the same group of people who stopped Ling Hua’an’s car, did some forced buying and selling1.  With him as a cover, he could also make some profits.
However, those profits could not be compared with the vast profits of drugs.
Therefore, Liu Changyuan almost didn’t hesitate and decided to join the gang.

Because he held Gao Yuan’s card, Liu Changyuan quickly got what he wanted.
He also dragged on Wang Ming and Li Kun didn’t care about the little fuss.
That day, Li Nanhang was knocked unconscious by Gao Yuan.
Liu Changyuan saw everything from the beginning to the end and followed them out of the city.
Although Gao Yuan had subdued Li Nanhang, he had no intention to kill him.
He was almost persuaded by Li Nanhang.
When Liu Changyuan saw something was wrong, he pulled out a pistol and killed Li Nanhang.
When Gaoyuan saw that Li Nanhang was dead, he took out his pistol and wanted to fight him desperately.
The two fought to the death, but in the end, Gao Yuan gave in.
He knew that he had no way back.
The two cleaned up the scene, and worked together to get Li Nanhang to Lingshan and buried the body.

A month later, Li Nanhang’s body was still undiscovered.
Liu Changyuan put his heart back in his stomach and imagined a better future with a lot of money.
Who knew that Liu Changyuan was unlucky and bumped into Ling Hua’an and the others? Fortunately, he and Wang Ming sent out the police, but they didn’t expect Jiang Chengyan to be a police officer either.
Liu Changchun was afraid that he would be exposed, so he had the idea of silencing them, and that’s how what happened afterward happened.

Ling Hua’an told Jiang Chengyan what happened, and Jiang Chengyan was silent for a long time.
He sighed and said, “once one step was wrong, it leads to another wrong step.
If  Gao Yuan had not been eager to make some contributions, perhaps none of this would have happened.”

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