Li Nanhang was a member of the Licheng Criminal Investigation Team.
Two years ago, he and Gao Yuan carried out an arrest mission and unintentionally seized two kilograms of heroin in the cars.
After the two interrogate the suspect, Wu Qiang, they also find out that he is a gang member of a drug dealer.

Li Nanhang meant to report the case and transfer it to the anti-drug team.
But Gao Yuan felt this was an opportunity to make merit, so he wanted to hide the matter and investigate it alone to strive for promotion.
Their Captain, Huang Gang, is about to be transferred soon.
If they succeed this time, the candidate to become captain is only two of them.
At first, Li Nanhang disagreed, but he couldn’t resist the stubbornness of Gao Yuan.
Their friendship was very solid, Li Nanhang also didn’t intend to compete with him and decided to hide the matter of Wu Qiang for the time being.

Gao Yuan didn’t disappoint him either.
Three months later, he found the lair of this group of drug dealers and caught them.
They caught the stolen goods and seized nearly a ton of drugs.
Unsurprisingly, Gao Yuan received the award for meritorious service and was successfully promoted to captain of the criminal investigation team.
Although Li Nanhang didn’t get anything, he was also happy to be able to catch such a giant poisonous nest in Licheng, and the relationship between the two seemed to be closer.

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Three months ago, Li Nanhang accidentally discovered that Wu Qiang and Gao Yuan were in contact and went to nightclubs together.
Because Wu Qiang cooperated with the police in handling the case and performed well during his imprisonment, he was released in just over a year.
Because the two of them had worked together once before, Li Nanhang saw that the two were connected, but he didn’t think there was anything.
It was just that a place like a nightclub was not something people like them should go to.
Li Nanhang did not leave but waited outside the nightclub door.
He wanted to wait for Gao Yuan to come out and ask about the situation or if there was another case he was secretly investigating.

He waited until late at night.
Wu Qiang had already left around ten o’clock, but Gao Yuan came out of the nightclub at one o’clock in the morning, wearing a mask and hat, and got into a black car.
Li Nanhang opened the door and just wanted to get off, but he found another group of people coming out of the nightclub.
A middle-aged man in a black suit, followed by four bodyguards, also got in the car before that car drove away.

Out of his intuition as criminal police, Li Nanhang noticed it was unusual.
He closed the car door, fastened his seat belt again, and followed the car up.

The car drove further and further away.
Li Nanhang knew that if he continued to follow, he would be exposed.
So he gave up his tracking and stopped at a remote place with poor light, waiting for them to return.

The car reappeared at four o’clock in the morning, and Li Nanhang followed it.
This time, Gao Yuan got out of the car two blocks from his home instead of returning to the nightclub.
Li Nanhang didn’t hesitate and still followed the vehicle closely.

The car did not go to the nightclub but to the Licheng Hotel.
When the man got out of the car, Li Nanhang took out his mobile phone and took a few photos before leaving.
Standing at the hotel’s door and watching the people get on the elevator, he pushed the door open and walked in.
He walked quickly to the elevator and watched the elevator stop on the 8th floor.
Later he pressed the button and took the elevator to the 8th floor.
Li Nanhang stepped out of the elevator, looked around the 8th floor, and then walked back downstairs.

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Li Nanhang walked out of the hotel and found the car.
He checked the surveillance camera at the hotel, and after making sure he couldn’t be recorded from it, he squatted down to check on the car tires carefully.
He found that there was mud on the tire.
The distance he followed was a flat road, without passing through the mud, which meant there must be mud where they went afterward.
He also found a shopping receipt with only half of it left on the tire of the rear wheel, which said Jiajia Supermarket.

After driving for about ten minutes, he came to a muddy place.
Li Nanhang got out of the car.
Under the light of the car lights, he compared the wheel prints on the muddy ground and found the same traces as the car.
Li Nanhang took out his mobile phone again to take photos.
After that, he got in his car and drove on.

After another ten minutes of driving, Li Nanhang came to the gate of the Jiajia supermarket and looked at the map.
The village where this place is located is called Majia village.
Majia village is an ordinary village.
It is located in the southeast of the suburb of Licheng City.
There is no scenic spot here.
Like other towns, most residents here rely on working outside to find a way out.
This group is definitely not here in the middle of the night.
Li Nanhang zoomed in on the map to check the routes and locations around Majia Village.
Suddenly, a place’s name caught Li Nanhang’s attention.
The Nanhe Chemical factory was located two kilometers east of Majia Village.
Li Nanhang searched the Nanhe Chemical factory on the Internet and found that the chemical factory had been forcibly shut down two years ago due to environmental pollution problems, and now it is an abandoned state.

Li Nanhang didn’t hesitate and drove directly to Nanhe Chemical factory.
He stopped the car one kilometer from the factory and walked on foot.
The gate of the chemical factory was closed, but there was a surveillance camera directly above the entrance.
Lin Nanhang didn’t go in that way but passed through a field and walked around the side of the chemical factory.
He also found the surveillance camera at the gate and on the other three walls.
If he wasn’t alert, he was so close to being discovered.

“Boom,” the sound of the door being opened, followed by the sound of a car engine, is apparent in the silent night.

Li Nanhang squatted in the tall grass, quietly watched the vehicle leave, and wrote down the license plate number that he could see clearly.
When the gate of the chemical factory was closed, and the surrounding area was calm again, he got up, returned to the car, and drove home.

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20 –

When Li Nanhang returned home, he sat on the sofa with a complicated feeling; everything that had happened last night was clear.
Nightclubs, Wu Qiang, strange men, chemical factories that were forced to shut down but still run secretly… all of it told him that Gao Yuan was not pure as he imagined.

“Eh, Lao Li, how did you sleep on the sofa?” His wife, Wang Hui, looked at him anxiously.

Li Nanhang put away his thoughts and said with a smile, “I came back late last night.
I was afraid of waking you up, so I slept on the sofa.
You go to sleep more.
I’ll make breakfast today.”

Wang Hui looked at Li Nanhang, distressed, and said, “I’m fine at home, so I can sleep anytime.
It’s you, you work overtime all day.
How can your body bear it? Sleep a little longer.
I will make breakfast and call you when it’s ready.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work”

Li Nanhang closed his eyes and faked sleep, his mind kept thinking about Gao Yuan.

After breakfast, Li Nanhang went directly to his team.
Seeing that Gao Yuan was already in the office, he pretended to walk in casually.

Gao Yuan saw that it was him, pointed to the breakfast on the table, and said, “Lao Li, have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, have some together.”

Li Nanhang shook his head and said, “Eaten, your sister-in-law got up early to steam the buns.”

“Envy! My sister-in-law’s craftsmanship is beyond words.
Lao Li, you are really blessed!”

Li Nanhang smiled and said, “If you are envious, you can find one too.
Don’t be busy all day, you don’t even have a girlfriend.

“I’m looking, why do you sound like my mother?”

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Li Nanhang said casually, “Look at your dark circles.
Tell me, honestly, what did you do last night?”

“What can I do? I’m single.
What else can I do besides sleeping at home.”

“No, I think I saw you when I went shopping at the mall yesterday.”

Gao Yuan’s eyes flashed and he said, “Seems? Then tell me where did you see me?”

“In front of Licheng Mall, I saw your car, and a woman was sitting in the co-pilot.” Yesterday, Li Nanhang did see Gao Yuan’s car, but Gao Yuan was not in the car.

Gao Yuan seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and said, “Then you must have seen it wrong.
I lent the car to Zhang Cen yesterday.
He said he was going to the airport to pick up his girlfriend.”

“I was wrong then.
I thought you were enlightened and knew how to find a girlfriend.
All right, you eat your food.
I’m going out to work.”
From this day on, Li Nanhang began to pay more attention to Gao Yuan.
He secretly checked the owner information of those cars, as well as the man who got into the car with Gao Yuan.
His name is Cheng Fangheng.
He is the behind-the-scenes boss of that nightclub.
Not only that nightclub, but the assets under his name also involve the real estate industry, and he is a famous figure in Licheng.

A month ago, Li Nanhang finally found evidence of Cheng Fang Heng’s drug trafficking in Gao Yuan’s computer, but when he downloaded the file, he was knocked unconscious by Gao Yuan.
Upon waking up, he was taken to the outskirts, tied to a large tree, with Gao Yuan standing not far away with his back to him.

“Gao Yuan, turn back.
It’s not too late.”

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20 –

Gao Yuan turned around.
He threw the cigarette butt in his hand on the ground and crushed it out, and said with a wry smile, ” Lao Li, why is it you? Why is it you who discovered all this?”

Li Nanhang did not answer the question, “when did you start working with them? Two years ago, or earlier?”

Gao Yuan didn’t answer, but took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, took a deep breath, and exhaled a long smoke ring as he turned twice in place.

“Lao Li, I have a lot of friends in the bureau, but you are my only best friend.
If you promise not to tell anyone about this or cooperate with me, I’ll let you go without saying a word.”

Li Nanhang knew Gao Yuan, he always said what he said.
Gao Yuan also knew him.
He always said nothing, so as long as Li Nanhang nodded, Gao Yuan would let him go.

Li Nanhang said calmly, “Gao Yuan, I’m a policeman.
From the day I put on the police uniform, I carry the responsibility of the police.”

Gao Gao took a heavy puff of a cigarette and threw it on the ground, growling anxiously, “Li Nanhang, what are you a fucking noble? Did you know that if you die, sister-in-law and your children will have no support? What do you want them to do?”

Li Nanhang did not speak but looked at Gao Yuan with firm eyes.

Gao Yuan irritably took out the cigarette case again, took out the last cigarette, and lit it, but the lighter couldn’t fire.
He cursed and threw the lighter on the ground and stepped on it fiercely.

He walked over to Li Nanhang and said, “Lao Li, you have been a policeman for so many years, and you are still renting a house.
Your wife and children have to live frugally every day.
Are you willing to be always like that?”

“The salary of the police is not high, but I feel at ease with every cent I spend.” Li Nanhang looked at Gao Gao’s eyes and said, “Gao Yuan, those cases of drug addicts and those who were tortured by drugs, what are they look like, you knew it the best.
Why are you still doing this?”

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